Sanrio Halloween

Kuromi and the Lloromannic saying “Happy Halloween” I made this picture last year, so I decided to publish it today. Tommorow I plan to add some Cinnamoroll Halloween pictures including two from my 2010 and 2011 calendars.

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Hello Kitty Mega Monster Cosplay Collection

Will fix soon

Here are some Cinnamoroll plushies with their Halloween costumes.



Source: Cinnamon Staff blog

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cn-manga-vol2.jpgThe release dates (dates could change without notice) for the  manga “Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll”  English version are as follow…

Volume 1: Jan. 3, 2012

Volume 2: Mar. 6, 2012

Volume 3: May 1, 2012

Vol. 1 overview

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for all ages.

Meet the puppy with a tail like a cinnamon roll!

Oh no! Milk has disappeared through a mysterious door and only Cinnamoroll can save him! Will he find the courage to help his friend and still make it back to Cafe Cinnamon in time for tea?

Pre orders are now available @ Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Tokyo 2011 was here and it seems that Sanrio’s own Cinnamoroll and Mocha are the mascots this year or just promoting/supporting the championships. Here are 2 pics:

Victorsaurus Cinnamoroll Gym

Victorsaurus Cinnamoroll Gym

For more info about this event please click on the link above.

Victorsaurus Cinnamon WarlordComing Soon: more Cinnamoroll stuff: manga news, more of my Cinnamon items, Cinnamon Halloween stuff and more.

Balloon Pants, Bear Toy, Pink Heart 
The latest series features extra cute designs and even more Cinnamoroll loveliness. On sale Oct. 19 2011 in Japan.

I find it cuter than the confused bow wearing Cinnamoroll theme that was released earlier this year.

Cinnamoroll Hearts Pants Bear

Victorsaurus CN 2011 Merch

 Source: Sanrio Japan Official Site

Cinnamoroll Stories #1: Milk Tries To Fly

Victorsaurus Milk

One day baby Milk decides he wants to learn ho to fly just like his idol Cinnamoroll.

Victorsaurus Milk

So he gets on top of a chair to see if he can fly.

Victorsaurus Milk

Once on top Milk tries his best not to be scared, He starts thinking of all the fun he can have if he is able to fly, he happily jumps because he knows he can fly.

Victorsaurus Milk


Victorsaurus Milk

OUCH, Milk falls and faints.

Victorsaurus Milk

Cinnamoroll finds Milk crying on the floor, Cinnamon picks Milk’s pacifier and gives it to the sad puppy.

Victorsaurus Milk

Cinnamon offers Milk to take him flying on top of him, Milk gets really excited.

Victorsaurus Milk

The End!

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On January 24, 2011 Cinnamoroll moved to the big city to work in an office, there he made some new friends and new adventures though he still hangs out with his old friends, here’s a picture of his working staff friends. I’ll try updating their name soon.

Cinnamoroll Staff Group

Female turtle: Kameko

Female rabbit: Kaiko

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