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Coco & Nuts 

These two new characters have been out in Japan for two year or less, but they have not really been introduced outside of Japan, so I’ll introduce them here. They are called Coco and Nuts and they are twin brothers. 

The older brother, the one with the red bow is called “Coco” ココ and the younger brother, the one with the blue bow is called “Nuts” チヮツ. They were born on July 25. I think they are Cappuccino’s brothers or sons.

Here are some pics with there’s Japanese  profile.

 CocoNuts Profile

Nuts & CocoCoco & Nuts icon

I’ll post their story in Japanese with pictures next week.

Source: http://www.sanrio.co.jp/characters/cinnamon/profile/index.html

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First off all, the picture was edited by Kel for me, a reward for putting a comment on one of her blog post.


This is 2 Sanrio Valentine’s Day cards pack that I bought a couple of days B4 the Valentine’s Day of 2009 (I actually saw 5 different kind, but I liked these 2 much better).




Kitty White Vday Tatoos

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