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Here are some pictures of some of my Sanrio stuff.

 Sanrio Stuff1

Cinnamoroll plushie

 Sanrio Stuff 2

Kuromi puffy stickers, Badtz-Maru stickers and Cinnamoroll stickers (I bought the one on the right 3 times)

 SAnrio Stuff 3

Mimmy & Kitty White composition paper, Chococat mini spiral notebook, Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars stickers, Cinnamoroll book cover which i’m using as a poster.

 Sanrio Stuff 4

Kuromi: notebook, folder, sticker, bubble head

Badtz pencil and wallet, Chococat key cap and pin

HK: pencil, gummy snacks, elephant cell phone charm, pin,  keychain/flashlight

 Sanrio Stuff 5

Not authentic/not official Badtz-Maru towel

You can view the cell phone charm much better here

16 Responses to “My Sanrio Stuff part 1”

  1. I spotted Kiki and Lala! ;) Nice collection!

  2. Pretty cool collection. ^_^

  3. Nice! I love Chococat also. I just haven’t bought anything Chococat yet. I usually find something HK I want instead lol.

  4. Cute!! I love Badtz-Maru & Kuromi stuff!! By the way, gracias por tu comentario =D

  5. These are adorable! Kuromi is super cute n_n

  6. *steals towel* XD

  7. hoho nice ^^

  8. in reply to your comment (sorry I took so long) so have you tried talking spanish yet? I know Chinese is not filtered currently :P And yes, I did see the Kick player button in the last two days ^^ Lucky us with awesome GM-super powers wahahahahahahaha!! What would have happened if I had kicked Cal or AVA?? LOL… shhhhhhh….

  9. I absolutely love your Kuromi stuff!

  10. I like the BADTZ MARU one!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wowsers, that’s a looooooooot. o.o Cool collection. x]

  12. Are there any specific ones you like the most?

  13. […] a look at Victor’s collection of toys he decided to blog about here in Sanriotown! He has a lot of them, even anime figures and stuff […]

  14. @Lizzyslocket, the ones I like the most are the Cinnamoroll plush, the HK keychain/flashlight and the Kuromi bubble head.

  15. Kuromi mechants!!!! Now, I really want them!

  16. OMG I love all your Kuromi stuff C:

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