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HK NurseSince i’m a nursing student and a big Sanrio fan, I decided to share this information about a Hello Kitty Theme Hospital that opened in Taiwan a while ago. This hospital is called the “Hau Sheng hospital” and it’s director is called “Tsai Tsung-Chi”. I really would like to work here, even though i’m a guy , I would not mind wearing pink since it’s my second favorite color.

What do u guys think about it?    Here are some pictures and a video.

HK Hospital1

 HK Hospital3HK Hospital2

 HK Hospital4

Some news about it can be viewed here: 1  2  3  4  5

22 Responses to “Hello Kitty Theme Maternity Hospital”

  1. Awwww, that looks soooo cute. ^_^ I didn’t even know there was a Hello Kitty-themed hospital.
    Well, I hope you’ll be able to work there someday. Good luck. ;)
    And don’t worry ’cause I’m a guy too. ^_^
    [Also, I wonder if they’ll be wearing some of those Hello Kitty face masks too. Just wondering.]

  2. thats cool ^_^

  3. Wow! Newborns are immediately exposed to Hello Kitty! XP When they open their eyes, the first thing that they will see is Hello Kitty!!!

  4. Ohh qque bonitoo!
    Me gusta tu blog!

  5. It sure would make a stay in the hospital less stressful!

  6. OMGG!! I wish I was born there! I bet you the women giving birth feel so comforted when they see hello kitty lol. This is just to cute! Lets just hope it doesn’t smell like a hospital, and that it smells nice.

  7. THAT IS SOO KAWAII!!!! Merry Chirstmas to you and Happy New Year!! Are you a TDI fan also?? It one of my fave shows other than Ghost Whisperer! And thank you for saying my pic. was good!

  8. Thank you for commenting me!
    Thank you also for posting this maternity section. It rocks! It is so adorable! I think it would make the experience of having a baby so much more comforting and also happy too!! I really like these pictures. These items are fantastic!
    In regards to my blog, and about MySpace deleting the playlists: Yes, I recieved the list of playlists to look up. That is how I found last.fm. However, I don’t like the look of the MySpace player. Nor do I appreciate the look of the other site listed that has one. The only other two on the list are what I was concentrating on, last.fm, and iLike. last.fm does not have a playlist for myspace. They have a radio that they say will imbed. But it doesn’t. It wouldn’t embed in three places that I did try to put it. I also enjoyed iLike. But all that I saw there were links to music videos. That is awesome, but again, not a playlist. So I am without a playlist. Therefore, I am going with a single player from myspace. That way, I have the option of useing a skin. I found three skins that I like. So it will be okay. But the multiple songs on playlists for me, went bye bye.
    Thank you once again!

  9. Oh my goodness look at the cute little babies! XD. I think it’s great, and pink doen’t look bad on guys unless it has lace linning or girly pictures on the clothes. I think it’s cool that your a nursing major, that takes heart. Merry Christmas to you. :)

  10. Hello Victor :) I Love these hospital it is awesome, I would like some day be able to have my first baby in there. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  11. That is Supah Kawaii! If I have kids, you know I’m going there! LOL By the way, thanks a bunch for those website suggestions; I’ll be sure to check them out!

  12. This is cool!

  13. Happy New Year Victor5

  14. O_O

  15. Thank you for all your comments before. :) I never got a chance to (kept forgetting ._.) express my appreciation. ANDD that’s a cute hospital. Happy 2009!

  16. o_O why is Shaymin a Pokemon?? :P *curious*

  17. Oh I see :) hee it’s obvious I have never watched that.. I watched parts of digimon but somehow I never did get to pokemon :P… not that they should or should not be compared together… just that my brain links them together :P

  18. i think its fabulous! i sooo wish they had stuff like that in the us … if i were gonna’ have a baby id sooo want to have one there! too cute to stand! XD LOVE IT !!!

  19. Omg soo cute!when i have a baby im ordering them to take me to that hospital so i can look at hello kitty to ease my pain haha.

  20. Waaaawww.. Cute hospital!! Where is the hospital?? I want go see it.. (I hope I can..) =)

  21. Hey victor, I love this page I wish the world was based on hello kitty things, I bet u the world would be a better place. NICE BLOG.

  22. Has Kitty’s poplularty grown so big that she had put to good use in materity leauges? LOLOLOLOLOL YOU LIKE PINK? YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT? You are a guy, for pete’s sake! Yuck! I hate pink, but you do have a great job! My mom is a nurse too! Yes… I still have parents

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