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This is my second and maybe last HKO Founder’s Beta entry and it’s just going to be pictures and a little description of them.

Me with the Grand Central Ticket after completing the Event for Hello Kitty’s birthday…poor Mimmy.
 HKO Grand Central Ticket

 Me inside the palace where Kitty White’s birthday is going to be…at least at the beginning, i’m relaxing with 2 of my favorite Sanrio characters (Cinnamoroll and Badtz- Maru). HKO Birthday party starting

Me and lots of others outside celebrating Kitty’s birthday and answering some quizzes.

 HKO Bday1 outside

Me and my guildmates , giving food to GM Abby for the “Food For Friends” Event.

Participating at a Food Event

 Me with my guildmates blocking an entrance at the harbour, to bad our leader “Magnificent” deleted our guild when she discovered we got 4th place at the “Food For Friends” event.


Me on top of a Cinnamoroll statue

 Me on top of a Cinnamoroll statue

My new look


The famous “Disconnected from server” message at the end of the Founder’s Beta.

 Good Bye Founder’s Beta

Good bye Founder’s Beta, all the players, GMs and all of the Sanrio characters,

hope to see you guys soon.

Coro Coro Kuririn_very sadCinnamoroll_very sadCharmmy_very sadDear Daniel_very sadKiki_very sadLala_very sadKitty White_Very sad

 Kurousa_very SadPurin_very sadAn Usahana characterMinna No Tabo_very sadBadtz Maru_Very sadKeroppi Hasunoue_very sadMy Melody_very sad

Purin normalCan I Have This DanceMy Melody singing

If you like HSM3: Senior Year, what’s your one favorite songHK Thinking

 Kiki sad Coming in a week or two, final entry of HKO FBLala sad

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