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Here are some pictures of the Sanrio characters known as the Lloromannic, they are dark versions of there sibling Cinnamoroll                                                            (  Lloromannic is Cinnamoroll spelled backwards) The black one is Berry amd the pink one is Cherry ( she has a Gothic Lolita look).   They appear in one of the “Onegai My Melody” series, I think they appear in Onegai My Melody Sukkiri♪.        

Aren’t they cute??? 



 Lloromannic Plushies

 Lloromannic Shoes

 Here is there official Japanese website:


Sanrio is making a couple of dark/evil version of there Sanrio characters:

 Evil Hello KittyEvil Hello Kitty KuromiKuromi

I wonder if Kiki and Lala the 2 “Little Twin Stars” Will be next, they could be called “Evil Twin Stars” or something like that.

 Little Twin Stars

18 Responses to “Lloromannic”

  1. Will I like an evil Purin??

  2. OHMYGOSH!!! IT is sooo cute!!!! I love ‘em!!!!

  3. They are cute! But I’m a little demonphobic, lol. :)

  4. OMG! They’re so adorable!!! I so love them! XD

  5. hi victor, sorry to hear sora is refuins to give you the wand. You may wanna check this page - http://blog.sanriotown.com/saros:mymelody.com/2008/10/11/quest-list-hko-founder/

    to see what quests you have missed. Good luck!

  6. so cute gothic lolita things ha ha I love kuromi

  7. Just saying hello. :)

  8. even dark or evil, HK is still cute!!!

  9. They are simply adorable! A bit spooky, but all so cute. :)

  10. me encantaron los personajes
    aunque la hello kitty diablita no mucho uii
    me gusta mas la hk tierna :D

  11. Lloromanic are not sanrio, are they? :P

  12. Lloromanic is Sanrio, and I seem to recall an Evil Twin Star I saw in Hong Kong. I forgot their names though…

  13. Devilish and cute at the same time! AWESOME!

  14. SOOOO CUTE!!! why can’t i find them anywhere in the us? are these exclusively in japan only?

  15. I think they are Japan exclusive for now, I have not seen them in the US or Puerto Rico. I did see a few stuff on Ebay.

  16. I am totally drooling over a few of these items. I am entranced by them. They’re awesome!

  17. YAY! LLoromannic! You know that I’m going Goth! YEP, Darkness makes me happy! What’s funny is that Berry is a girl name and he is a boy! LOL I want all of the merchants and go Kuromi! “does a little dance” XD. You are just my type!

  18. how can i get hello kitty as my profile pic

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