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 On the day of Oct. 8, 2008 I decided to take a vacation to Sanrio Land, something about being chosen as a founder. I woke up at 5:00am and got ready; I arrived at the boat at 6:00am and took off around 6:30am. The trip was fun there were lots of activities like videogames, music, movies, books, magazines, computers with internet connection, board games, etc. I did almost everything, the last thing I did was watch the new Cinamoroll movie. When I heard that we arrived I kind if fainted and started dreaming that I was at some houses at SanrioLand and different Sanrio Land inhabitants like Mimmy White, Cinnamoroll and Badtz-Maru were telling me that they are in danger and they gave me some instruction on what to do once I get to Sanrio Land. 

   I woke up and I found that dream really weird, anyway I got out of the boat with everyone else and there was a really cute bear called Panya, she was telling all of us that she’s sorry that we arrived at a bad time, but the whole Sanrio Land is in danger of an evil unknown force, some Sanrio Land inhabitants are in a deep sleep, confused, lazy, in need of help, etc. and some evil creatures began attacking.  Panya asked all of us to help restore Sanrio Land to the way it was and we all agreed to help. Panya gave all of us some new clothes, some gold and a PDA looking device in which we can communicate with others.   

   The first thing I did was find Wanwa she was crying because her book had some pages missing and that her friends Nyako and Bubbi had them I found them and they gave me the pages and I gave them back to them, after that I started helping other Sanrio Land inhabitants like Kyupi and U*SA*HA*NA.

   Second I found a bear named Sora she ask me to get her some plants in exchange for a wand, I said “Awesome a wand, so I can battle the monsters.” I searched for all the plants she told me to pick, I showed to her and the only thing she kept saying was “aren’t those plants interesting?” (Guess the evil forces were making her say the same thing over and over again). It was late so, I went to sleep at a hotel nearby.

   The next day I woke up and met with some friends: Ripplecloud, Starrfire7, Noliai, Kel, and some other people I forgot, (wonder why I didn’t see them at the giant crowded  boat thingy). I asked Ripplecloud on how to get the wand, but she told me to ask Sora and she still wouldn’t give me the wand, her quest did not even show up at my PDA, so I just kept exploring.

   On my third day I was about to quit and go back to my house when I heard a GM talking, so I screamed and cried really loud saying that it’s been 3 days and Sora won’t give me a want, then a bright flashing star showed up and led me to Sora and then it got inside Sora, Sora smiled and said “hi” and she gave me the wand quest, since I already had 80 of the plants she wanted she quickly gave me the wand. I finally have the wand, so beware owner of the evil mysterious and malevolent powers.


This picture was taken by “Starrfire7” hope she does not mine.


Here are some pictures of the Sanrio characters known as the Lloromannic, they are dark versions of there sibling Cinnamoroll                                                            (  Lloromannic is Cinnamoroll spelled backwards) The black one is Berry amd the pink one is Cherry ( she has a Gothic Lolita look).   They appear in one of the “Onegai My Melody” series, I think they appear in Onegai My Melody Sukkiri♪.        

Aren’t they cute??? 



 Lloromannic Plushies

 Lloromannic Shoes

 Here is there official Japanese website:


Sanrio is making a couple of dark/evil version of there Sanrio characters:

 Evil Hello KittyEvil Hello Kitty KuromiKuromi

I wonder if Kiki and Lala the 2 “Little Twin Stars” Will be next, they could be called “Evil Twin Stars” or something like that.

 Little Twin Stars

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