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Good bye SanrioTown blog, I really liked it here

I guess I won’t be writing in this blog anytime soon, I really liked it here, the community is great and all but it took me a lot of effort to keep everything so family friendly and somewhat suitable for all ages.
I have migrated all the posts to a regular blogger blog, and I’m planning on updating it.
My address is now
You can come by and comment if you’d like to.
If I write a blog entry that I find fit for this blog I will get a copy over here (Like things about tamagotchis and cute things.)
Till then, have fun.

Tamagotchi color plus, Could this get any cuter?

I know that “Old news is old”. That’s what my sister says all the time when I tell her something she knew from before, but my blog isn’t a news blog, so what I post is rarely up to date.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I would like to write a post about a little toy that I stumbled upon while looking at cute Japanese things on the internet (Notice how I became obesessed with Japan T_T). I didn’t really know that digital pets still existed, I thought they had just disappeared with our old LED Tetris games and the Macarena dance; But apparently, the japanese think differently.


BANDAI Japan has been improving their brand of the digital pet thingies known as the “Tamagotchi” for years now. And the news are Tamagotchis with a backlit colored screen. The descriptions I read state that the screen is a 1.52 inch TFT with 128×128 pixels which is a somewhat high res for the size. They come in different colored shells and you can raise different pets. I never owned a digital pet before but from what I read that this version has changeable backgrounds to correspend with the actions that your pet are doing (since the screen now is a TFT like most cellphone screens as opposed to the old LED screens). You get to feed them, bathe them and so on … Also you can take them out and there are some games you can play to earn money to buy them things. Judging by the appearance of the shell they are probably connectable Via infrared like the previous version.

The thing is they’re only available in Japan, or through import shops, but that means they’re only in Japanese which a lot of people actually don’t mind, they say it’s easy to get around. I don’t know how the price is now or if BANDAI will release it anywhere else, but if you want one you can try import sites or eBay.

I just don’t know how Japan manages to come up with such cute things, but why should I complain, it’s because of Japan that I started falling in love with cute things.

Read more about it here.

Update: I found this video on youtube with a link on the side for a survey or a petition to get an English one. Here it is if you want to participate.



Gothique can’t understand …

Disclaimer: The following post is all based on personal opinion, You migt agree or disagree with it in the comments section.

I don’t really know how to post this, I couldn’t put an introduction to it, I don’t even know if I should be writing it all in the first place, because I might be biased. People will start calling me Wapanese/Weeaboo after that, but who cares, I have been labeled from Psychotic to Freak by people that don’t even know who I am, and nothing really bothers me about it anymore.

I have already talked about the Wapanese/Weeaboo label many times, I even had a whole post about it titled “It’s not alway on the happy side”. After that, I watched many videos which were pro/anti wapanese, and both had things didn’t make much  sense to me.

NarutoI actually understand the rage against that label, I wouldn’t like to be called one myself, or be around someone who would love anything just because it’s Japanese, or go around imitating Naruto, or saying that anime is the bast thing in the wrold, or saying that they would love to live Japan because it’s better than their countries, especially if they come from a well developped country like the United States, which was blessed with a lot.

I mean, if I say that Japan is better than where I live (which is a third world country and going down very quickly T_T) I would be right, but not completely right, because like every country in the world (No exeptions whatsoever) it has its ups and downs, I would just say it’s better because its ups are more than it’s downs compared to where I live, but I could say the same about other countries as well, including, but not limited to, the USA itself.But, I see no apparent reason for the weird attachement to any country in that unexplainable manner, especially if it’s based on liking of a certain media or pop culture content (like anime, or Jpop).

Wapanese girlsNow, to the other side, the anti wapanese side is devided to three main categories, Asians (Japanese or not), Non-asians that have been through a Wapanese phase and Non-asians who haven’t. Of course some people put up their rants in a nice manner and made sense, and some of them had reasons to be annoyed (especially the asians that are always asked if they were Japanese) but others have put it in a weird way that made me wonder if they were even thinking about what they were saying.

EdwardOne of the most intriguing things I heard in a rant is that the Japanese don’t like anime. They don’t? I guess that this can’t be 100% correct, because if it was, then why are they still making it after all these years? And why are there anime based things? It’s not an easy thing to make in my opinion, and if people didn’t like it, I guess that production companies would waste money on it. On the same rant, something else was a little odd, it’s the matter that if we asked the Japanese about a cetain anime they would say it stopped airing long ago. Of course, it did, I even like an Anime that is 11 years old. But then, why would someone ask something like that in the first place? And last time I checked (which was a week ago) two of my favorite animes are still running, be it as episodes or OVA form. Of course not everyone there (or anywhere for all that matters) likes Naruto, but probably a lot of people liked it at a time (how else would people explain the huge amount of episodes).The same goes for manga.

pink pantherNow, this part is a little biased, because I prefer anime to recurring western cartoons (like the Simpsons) most of the time, although I’m a big fan of old american cartoons (like the Pink Panther, Tex Avery cartoons, Hanna/Barberra cartoons, and old Disney catoons like Mickey Mouse). Now comes the part why I prefer anime now, I’m not a kid anymore and new western cartoons are either too kid friendly or filled with superficial toilet humor, added to that the quality of drawings which has become flatter with time (something I can’t seem to explain). I know that some animes are exactly like that, but who said I watch them anyway. I really like the fact that some animeAlucard are targeted to teens and even adults (Hellsing, for example, was rated mature in some countries). The same ranter said that America had a bunch of good cartoons and comics like Captain America and some others, not everyone would like cartoons that old (some of them are even older than their fans :)) and that country specific, although some he stated are my favorites.

Talking about music, a ranter said that if you ask the wapanese to name 5 of their favorite Japanese artist they would state 5 of the most mainstream ones. I see no harm in that, I mean how is anyone supposed to know the underground music before listening to mainstream one? Oh, and speaking of that does anyone know about Moi Dix Mois?

GacktI won’t say a thing about Jpop/Jrock and Visual Kei, because music is a matter of pure taste. but I can explain why it was included in my playlist. Curiousity my might have killed the cat, but it also led me to Gackt, and Gackt has led me to the world of modern Japanese music (which is nothing like I expected it to be). I found the sounds of it fresh to my ears (Visual Kei mostly), especially when all the new music on the charts is either teen pop like Disney sponsered stars (which I won’t talk about) or Rap/hip hop (which one of my least favorite genres, Sorry fans). And the fact that I like bands older than my age like “Metallica”, Metallica“Aerosmith” and “Alice Cooper” makes the chance for new albums a little smaller than if i liked newer bands. So, pure curiosity led me to listening to Japanese music, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to and enjoy my not-Japanese playlist (which is much bigger), but not all times are fit for Metal. There is also the fact that I couldn’t resist Gackt’s androgynous beauty, and the naughty and sexy feel of his voice (but that is personal).

Of course, one of the parts that make no sense at all in the wapanese issue, is the one with the Japanese words thrown in the middle of English sentenses, especially that the Japanese language has a different sound and structure from English, What is wrong if you say cute (although I know the concept of Kawaii is a little different from the ordinary cute). And, the matter of the wapanese wanting to go live in Japan. Live there and work what? But who am I to judge? If I get a work opportunity there I’ll jump at it.

I know this post was long and biased, but as I said before this based on opinion and you are free to disagree with me. Just post a comment.

Nihongo Wakari Masen …

I just realized I haven’t written anything in a while … I probably developed a case of writer’s block or something. I don’t guarantee that this blog post will be of any interest but I thought I might write this just to see if anyone shares the same feeling.

NihonI admit that I like Japanese things a little too much ( I hope I don’t turn ito a Weeaboo T_T), including Japanese music (I have talked about Gackt once or twice here). There is only one problem, I don’t understand Japanese at all. You might be wondering what the problem could be. Well, It seems I am paranoid when it comes to things like that, whenever I hear or read something that I can’t understand, I find myself searching endlessly for a translation. In most cases I can find a website to translate text (like babel-fish, or any famous translation sites) but the videos and songs … that’s another story.

EnglishI have seen that funny advertisement about learning English, where a family is bobbing their heads happily to a catchy tune without realizing that the English lyrics weren’t family friendly at all. I found that ad funny and confusing in the same time.It was funny because I understood what the song said, and confusing because I am in the same situation with Japanese stuff. I do appreciate the efforts of fans translating lyrics and interviews, but how do I know if what is written corresponds to what is said. To all the fans, I don’t mean to offend you I know you make much effort, but I am paranoid like that.

SpanishI have experienced the same thing with Spanish songs before but it was slightly different, because Spanish resembles to French which is a language I’m almost fluent at. So, even if I didn’t understand what they said word to word, I had a general idea about what was going on. Still I don’t know any Japanese to give me guidelines of what’s going on in an interview or a song, so I have to rely on translation and hope it’s right. I really don’t want to end up like the guys in that ad I was talking about.

Now, It’s your turn to talk, Did you ever feel that way? Like, did you ever wonder if that translation of whatever language you didn’t understand was right or not? Feel free to talk about your experience with things you like in languages you don’t know, and how you feel about it. See you later =].

The thin, The fat and The dieting…. (a rant)

This topic doesn’t seem so good for bringing up in a blog, but I’m sure I’m not the only one nor the first one to bring it up. Lately, I have noticed that the size of the citizens in my city have increased. Yes, the size, not the number, Its just like being fat is the new big thing. I always thought that being fat isn’t such a good thing neither for your health nor your looks. I know that now you will think I’m perjudist towards the overweight. No, I’m NOT. In fact I have been overweight myself, and spent many years before losing a lot of weight (about 20lbs) (because of some kind of stress not a diet. It was a “Don’t try this at home”type of weight loss), so I know how it feels to be fat, how hard it is to dress fashionably, and how humiliating it is to be laughed at for something that you can do nothing about (at least not immediatly). I thought this would have ended when I lost my extra weight, but it seems that as I was thinning, everyone else was gainig weight, that now the table had turned. During college days, I was one of the smallest sized in my class (I’m only 5′1″ by the way) and although I was healthier than most of the people I knew, every one was still making fun of me but this time, because I was thin.

What is this matter all about? Why is it that when people make fun of a fat person it’s insensitive and bad for their feelings, but the other way around is ok? Are we supposed to have no feelings? I didn’t know feelings came with the fat ( just kidding). I know that an american stand up comedian (Chris Rock I guess) has raised the same issue and it caused a lot of contraversy. Actually,  I can relate, I don’t make fun of anyone’s body, I have been there myself and it wasn’t the nicest thing. But, why do larger people find it totally ok to make fun of me because I wear small sizes, why they find it fun to say that I don’t eat at all, or that my whole eating pattern looks like a diet. And what is funny about being able to go up and down the stairs many times a day? How did they even come up with these ideas? I won’t starve myself for all that matters, I’m not one of those media slaves who think size 0 is good, and I love eating as much as the next person, I even like some fattening foods, like pasta and pizza, and there is actually nothing funny about going up and down the stairs (It was necessary most of the time, beacuse our college had a 4 story building). I don’t know if it’s envy or hate or just meanness, but I find this mockery plain weird. How would they feel if, out of nowhere, I started making fun of their muffin tops, or their bellies or the way they start huffing when they go up a set of stairs? or how they walk like the penguin from Batman, or how I can fit myself and my best friend (she’s even thinner than me) together in their clothing or even worse, how wearing tight clothing makes them look even fatter.

I’m sorry to say that, but you are supposed to do something about yourselves, instead of sitting there and making fun of me. We’re still young (unless you consider early 20’s old) and you are already giving your bodies that burdon to carry. Come on, what are you going to do ten or twenty years from now? I know some of them are proud to look like that (because of some old sayings that if you are fat it means that you are rich, which is wrong and makes no sense) but aren’t they thinking of the future. I mean all of them want to get married and have kids. Don’t they know that this extra weight is going to make it harder for them. Well, Anyway ….

There is also another type of people, the ones who spend all their time dieting, but they are doing it wrong that they aren’t losing any weight. These never made fun of me but they always kept asking about the diet I used to get ]that weight off. I didn’t use any, and I wish I did, because losing the weight the way I did was accompanied but a lot of pain and weakness. Just go to a doctor and get consulted, he would give you a suitable diet and follow up, isn’t that what you want? From all the years I spent watching the fat and the dieting, I only found out that if you don’t seek medical attention you will never lose the weight. I still follow a prescription diet from time to time to keep my weight at watch. But, I figured out it’s futile to invent your own weight loss programs, most are useless and some are even harmful.

That rant was totally useless, If you a little on the plump side, please take no offense, I was just annoyed at those people making fun of me. Anyway everyone, eat healthy and spend more time in the outdoors, and no matter what size you are have confidence that you will get to the size you wish and enjoy life, and believe that your dreams will come true. Because we only have one life to live so why waste it in a bad health. See you later :)

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