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Hopefully Back

May 4th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey everyone :),

 Sorry I have been so absent. Still busy with work, Oliver, and other games. Trying to figure out moving out stuff, and I start my 2nd job back at Gamestop in about a month or so, whenever the one girl gives 2 weeks notice. For now I have to go get ready for work! Try to be on more!



Busy Busy Busy

March 16th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey there :),

Yeah I’m not on much anymore sadly :(. I’m getting about 15-20 hours a week at work, some weeks a bit less, but usually I get around 18.  Oliver has 2 days off a week so I usually see him Tuesday-Saturday now, and I just got Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 about a week ago and Pokemon Soul Silver for the DS yeseterday. So not much time for HKO or SanrioTown.

Things are going well though :) moving out at the end of June with Oli into our own apartment, it’s gonna be so awesome lol.

Anyways I need to clean up and shower and such before he comes to pick me up later, see you all around!


Dancing Usagi

Hey, its been a while!

March 8th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey :),

 Sorry I haven’t been on Sanrio Town and blogging lately! Been busy :).

I had an interview for a second job at a cart in the mall, Piercing Pagoda. My friend Lauri works there and the manager seemed to like me :). I’ll hear back tomorrow if I have a second interview or not. I hope I do, along with the extra hours this seems like it’d be a pretty cool place to work.

 Oliver & I are doing amazing as ever :). Wait a minute I don’t think I posted about this… he said the L word :) yep, we’re saying I love you now. I’d been feeling it for a while but I didn’t want to say it before he did. But things are amazing. Earlier for example, he always calls me when he gets into town from work, between 6 and 7 usually. I was cold earlier and had to wash my hair so I took a nice long hot shower from 6:10 to 6:40 about. He called a bit after I got out and was like are you at work? I said I’d been in the shower, he said okay and we talked and such. He said he’d left me a voicemail trying to call earlier, but he’d called twice and left the voicemail as well :P so sweet that he wanted to get a hold of me.

Also his lease with his housemates is up in June, we’re thinking of moving in together but I”m supposed to keep that pretty private. He also had a puppy on reserve! My Mom’s boyfriends Dog had puppies, 3/4 Blue Heeler and 1/4 Australian Shepherd. The one Oli picked is the runt of the litter, his coloration is a bit like a Rottweiler, but his ears are pointy yet floppy and he’s way cuter than a Rott pup. The Dog loves him soooo much, and Oli loves that puppy so much already ;D. He can have it move in with him(us) in June :).

Thats pretty well it lately though. Oh! My friend Kumi from Japan is visiting. I saw her and her husband Tim today. It was so good seeing them, I’ll try to post pictures later! Gonna play more HKO now though ;) bye!


Dancing Usagi

HKO Day Update - 2/21/10

February 21st, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey :),

 So yesterday Slinky leveled up to level 14, yay go Slinky! *Hugs her Ardillion*.

I also got an offer today for the Hoverbell card I found, so I sold it for 3k :). Still working on the Boxpig and Pagurian cards though. Someone though wanted to buy Slinky, they needed an Ardillion. I said no way, not for the 5k you’re offering, or for any item or any amount of money. He’s my first pet, I’ll never sell him. Ever.

Right now I’m on the 3rd Melody’s Papa quest, getting some new Scissors, although my skills aren’t even high enough leveled to use these items… but I’ll keep them on me until I can.

Just waiting for my health to go up right now, these monters are kickin my butt! :P


Charmy Kitty

HKO Day Update - 2/20/10

February 20th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey :),

I’m actually playing HKO now, but my health is low so I’m sitting in East Stars Plains.

Currently level 19, Slinky is 13. I now have a Hoverbell, Boxpig, and Pagurian card to sell :/ hopefully they go soon. Working on the first quest for Melody’s Papa, making a Mushroom Axe :).  Finished the 2nd Materials Merchant quest as well. Also, all my plants (seeds level 5 and under) died a few days ago so I had to completely replant D:. However, this was a blessing in disguise. I was able to raise my farm level to 6 and have my farm planted all nice and orderly now, hooray! Also on Tuesday I played a GM event in Florapolis and won twice, 20 Happy Hearts total :).  Anyways though, back to HKO!

 PS. Happy birthday Mocha & Gabbi!


Streamers 2Dancing UsagiSteamers 1

Valentines Day Pictures

February 16th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

I snapped the ones of me before Oli picked me up, and the one I got of him goofing around I took after he’d already started changing :P he’d had a vest and a tie on for dinner. But here are some pics of me and my guy :).


Me VDay 1Me VDay 2Oliver on Vday

HKO Day Update - 2/16/10

February 16th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey all,

I didn’t feel very good for the majority of last night so I went to bed around midnight, but I hadn’t been on the computer for several hours. Had a headache and just felt achey all over and crappy.

But yesterday I did 2/3 Cupid Quests, I might try to do the last one today if I can get into a group. I did the first main Valentines quest… I think there was more than one. I gave out Chocolate Strawberries but people had other candy type things they were giving out so I think I only did the first part of that. If I can’t do the cupid quest I’m going to just do my regular questing with My Melody’s Grandma and the Hood. Off to start now :).



HKO Day Update - 2/15/10

February 15th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey there :),

Sorry I haven’t updated on this much lately, I’ve been playing right up to the point where I’m either exhausted and have to sleep, or I have to dash off and do something.

But I’m now level 18 :)! And I think Slinky is level 13, although I could be wrong on that. I finished the Love Bug Valentines Quests, going to log in soon and try to find a group for the Cupid Group quests. Finished a few quests in Paris, finished Melody’s Grandpa ones, now starting on the Grandma ones, need to get stuff to fix a red hat/hood for Melody.

I’ll hopefully post tonight with what I’ve finished :P.  I’m off!



Valentines Day

February 15th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey everyone :),

So my Valentines Day went very well~.

I got myself looking all pretty and Oli came and got me around 7pm, he looked amazing as well ;). We went back to his place for a few minutes so I could drop off my change of clothes for the morning, seeing as I didn’t want to be wearing a LBD (Little Black Dress) at 5am in the winter in Washington. We also exchanged presents. That brat! He got me more than I got him :( but I’m going to get him something else either later today or tomorrow. But I got him Superman The Animated Series season 3, 2 things of Chocolate, Sweet Heart Candies, and a card. He got me 2 CD’s, Fantasies by Metric, Reise, Reise by Rammstein, he also ordered the Korean movie Thirst for me, he got me a cookie shaped like a heart, and a red Valentines Day Dragon I’d been wanting for a few weeks… brat!! I’m gonna go out and buy him an Apocalyptica CD later tonight or tomorrow, along with some Dayquil :P since he actually NEEDS that.

But after the gift giving we went to Anthony’s, very nice Seafood restaurant down in the Marina, very nice. Our reservation was at 7:45, we got seated promptly, although we were next to a big party of people probably in their 30’s that were very loud, me and Oli acted far move adult like and respectable than they did. But Oli ordered Salmon and had a beer, and I ordered Fettucine Pasta with Dungeonous Crab…. SO YUMMY! It was amazing :) but I was way too stuffed for dessert :P.

Went back to his place after, put in the 2nd Zorro movie to which he crashed, understandably since he got up at 5am and had to do the same in the morning. I finished the movie, hadn’t seen it before, was better than I thought it would be! I’d like to get the 2 Zorro movies in a pack now if I can. But yeah, then we got up at 5am and he dropped me off before work.

This was my first Valentines Day with someone :) it made me very happy and I felt very special. Get to see him again tomorrow and spend Wednesday together :). Anyways, that was my V-Day~ hope you all had a good day as well! I’ll post pictures when I get them uploaded, I didn’t get any of us together sadly :( but I’ll get one soon :).


Heart Eyes

HKO Night Update - 2/10/10

February 11th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey all,

Sorry I didn’t update this last night, I got to bed after 2am and had to be up around 9 or 10 this morning!

Last night though a player contacted me. I’d been selling a Furtale card a while back and they’d wanted but, but I sold it. I went looking for another one for about an hour and a half but no luck on that front. I also joined the guild I Love HKO :) and I started doing the Valentines quests. Also going to try and get the supplies for the GM MorningBell Bouquet thing. Still level 17 and 12 for me and Slinky :).


Happy Usagi

HKO Night Update - 2/09/10

February 9th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Sanrio Town :),

I’m so Happy I finally got my Loyalty Points. Last night I tried to buy the Level 4 Farm Certificate, Air Garden, but the Item Mall was having issues with GM-Lychee and myself both reported.

Earlier today I tried again and the purchase was successful, so I now have a level 4 farm. I have finished up the quests in London an am now in Paris :) on the 2nd quest, the one right after you find Bagel an Scone’s friend. I have planted up through all the level 5 seeds in my farm, and I have some level 6 ones in my storage for when I level up. My farm looks a bit disorderly though, I’ll have to fix it at some point. I’m still level 17, and Slinky is still level 12 or so I believe. Going to play lots tomorrow hopefully and read.


Dancing Usagi


February 8th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com


I got my loyalty points distributed.

So tomorrow I shall play Hello Kitty, go to the gym, talk to Financial Aid at the community college, and rest. Gotta work out tomorrow though at the gym. Alot. Tired and gonna crash! Just spent the last 24 hours with Oli then went to work. Off to bed. Night



Sanrio Loyalty Points…

February 5th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com


So seeing as the Level 4 farm certificates in HKO aren’t available to buy from merchants now, I broke down and bought some Loyalty Points here on Sanrio Town by upgrading to more email space, which will earn me 9,000 points. I did this on Wednesday. I heard Loyalty Points get distributed Friday or Saturday depending. Well I had 322 points for most of the week, now I have 335. Is that all the update I get for the week? Wheres my 9,000 loyalty points I fucking bought? This is really getting on my nerves, I just want to play Hello Kitty Online but noooo. Hopefully I’ll have my points when I get home Saturday after spending the night at Oli’s. This is ridiculous.



Oli’s New Tattoo

February 3rd, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hey everyone :),

Monday night I got to spend the night with my boyfriend Oli and spend all of Tuesday with him. He dropped me off this morning (Wednesday) before he had to go to work.

But yesterday he got a new tattoo :)! Most of his Tattoo’s are superhero based, like Silver Surfer, Batman, Spiderman etc. This one however is of Mt. Shuksan (a mountain near our town, he works as a lift attendant and really loves the mountain) with a Bonzai tree growing on top. Here’s a picture :) I think it turned out awesomely, and he’s very happy with it. Now he just has to get it colored :).


Oli’s Bonzai/Mt. Shuksan Tattoo

Darn you HKO…

February 3rd, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com


 So, after waiting for quite a while now, the verdict on Level 4 Farm Certificates is in on HKO.

They will now only be sold in the Item Mall for Loyalty points. That is really effing annoying to me. I currently have 322 LP, it’s just so hard to earn them. I broke down and wound up buying for about 10 bucks more storage for my Sanrio Town email, but the points still haven’t been put on my account yet, as well as the points for just emailing, playing games etc for the day. I’ve never really paid attention to when the points get deposited, I just hope its soon. I want to play :( and the only quests I have available are the ones that require that farm certif! Sigh, so much for the FREE aspect of the game to some degree :/.




January 31st, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com


I’m stuck.


I have wandered around the whole of London looking for a quest and I can’t find any I can do. I just have the 3 that require me to have a level 4 farm certificate. URRRRRRRRGH.

Wanna play HKO :(.



New Hair Style

January 31st, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Ello Loves :3,

I found a new hairstyle I want! I get my hair done at the end of February, so its a bit of a ways off, but I’m excited.

This hairstyle is really cute. I’ll be keeping it the silvery blonde/black color, but the style will be like this. I won’t get it permed, but I’ll have the stylist curl it like the image and show me how to do it so I can either have it curly, natural, or I can flat iron it, without worry :).

Although this time I get my hair done will be a bit scary.

My normal stylist, Holly, I’ve seen her for 5 years now. She’s on maternity leave, just had a baby girl! Her name is Harper, I bet she’ll be super cute. But anyways Holly will be gone for a few months. So her collegue Sarah will do my hair this next time. Now my Mom got her hair done with her this time (me and my Mom both go to Holly) and her hair looked kickass. Sarah has also worked with Holly for years so she’s seen what my hair has been through and Holly wrote down instructions and formulas for my hair.

But still.

I worry! I’m sure it’ll be fine but worrying is in my nature.

But anyways here is a pic of the style I want, I found it on Rasysa.com, its a Japanese hair website. Can’t wait to get it!


Hair February 2010

Curling Iron…

January 31st, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com


 So, I got a curling iron for Christmas. I can’t remember the brand, my Cat, Bagheera is sitting on me otherwise I’d check. But I know its a 1 inch curling iron. The other night I tried to get those loose casual curls that alot of cute asian girls wear nowadays.

 I sorta did it…

I didn’t get the uber loose curls, slightly more tight, but I actually like the way that looked better. They aren’t super good looking, but I got a compliment on my hair today :) so I just need to practice more.

I think I can do it :) I’ll try some more tomorrow or Monday before I go to work.



I can do it!

HKO Night Update - 1/30/10

January 31st, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello all,

Hi there :) finally got some HKO in tonight! Sadly the Level 4 Farm Certificate is still not available to buy, so I can’t work on 3 of the quests I have in my que. But I got the key for the Stadium and talked to… the Frog guy :P I forget his name. But I finished up all his quests. I also did the few quests for Margaret. Now I’m doing one for Ohchan (sp?), but aside from that one, its just the 3 that I need the certificate for. I really hope that they fix it soon. I heard they went away when the Food For Friends 2 event started, so now that its over hopefully they’ll fix it soon, maybe next server maintenence? Who knows~ I just hope they do it soon or I’ll be stuck with only those 3 quests to do :(.

But no leveling up today I believe, got a new wand, Fiery Magic Wand I believe is the name… I like Fire >:D. Anyways though! Thats about it for HKO, I’ll try to get in some more playing time tomorrow. Oyasumi Nasai!



Last Few Days

January 26th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Yo ;D,

Okay my past few days…..

Well, last Monday was my Dad’s Death Date as I posted, so I went shopping :P. My Mom told me to go spend $100 so I did hahaha. First I went to Victoria’s Secret and shopped around. Wound up getting myself a black/nude lace bra and a dark purple silk nightgown, its very pretty. Finding a bra took some time though. I thought forever I was a 34B, then in August my best friend Cate made me get measured and the girls both got me at 34C, then in January I bought a bra, it didn’t fit, I come back and I’m now a 34D, goodness me :/!! It seems that during this time of year, for my size, there aren’t colors I like! They’re all like bright red, yellow, green etc which doesn’t look terribly attractive on very pale skin like mine. Thats why I liked the 34C one I sadly had to return, it was dark purple and satin, soooo lovely! But anyways, got the slip and the bra. Then I went to work, Kohl’s :P and got a blue shirt with a Geisha on it and a brown sweater, both for barely over 20 bucks, go me! That was the end of my money lol.

So that night I went to Oli’s to spend the night, he knew the day was gonna suck for me. Shopping made it a bit better but I was still sad, but he just kept being a goof and tickling me and doing silly things so that I’d smile :) he really made it a good evening.

Tuesday! Didn’t do much during the day, but in the evening I went to Oli’s and spent the night again.

Wednesday I spent the whole day with Oli, we went over to my place for a bit so I could shower and get clean since later that night we went out to dinner with my Mom :). His Dad was supposed to take him to the doctor to get his shoulder looked at, but he didn’t :/ sigh, his Dad…. anyways! For dinner. He was all nervous, but at dinner they just talked it up with each other and got along great, I barely got a word in! At the end of the night standing outside took us like 20 minutes to finally leave because they kept talking :P it was great aside from not being able to feel my toes. Anyways, then I went and spent the night again.

Thursday I had work from 12:30-6:30, it was also Oli’s little brother Austin’s birthday, so I went home for a bit after work which he was seeing family, then I spent the night again :P.

Friday! Almost there, bare with me lol. Friday he dropped me off at home around 12:30, I got clean and stuff before work from 5:15 to 9:30, he also got a  bed and transported it from his Dad’s place to his place, by himself, up 3 flights up stairs to the apartment. I couldn’t never do that :P. But he had a fullsize Futon, with like no padding, it was soooo uncomfortable god my back died in the morning. The bed is a twin, so smaller, but its sooooo comfy. But anyways, he went to a Pink Floyd tribute band with his friend TJ from 8-10, after work I went home and got dressed up, because after he was done he picked me up and we went to one of his friends parties. We didn’t stay long. It was the typical immature early 20’s party. I’m not much of a party person, and it just wasn’t Oli’s thing anymore. His friends TJ and DeLane were there though, both of them are cool. But anyways we went home, waited for the bedding to be clean and went to bed.

Saturday, he had work at his mall job at 1, so he dropped me off a bit before then. I was just going to do Laundry and relax, but my friend Matt finally had time to hang out, he kept moving back our hanging out time :/ but anyways we had lunch at a mexican restaurant, then went to the mall and bummed around for a bit. Went into FYE and introduced him to Oli, then after me and Matt were done I came back and visited Oli on his lunchbreak.

Sunday, had work from 5pm to 9:30, was reallllly slow, but a couple people I like were working too so it was okay.

Monday, today, I had a doctors appointment at 2:40, womanly issues, joy! Then I had work at 6:30-10:30…. SO SLOW! Oh my God I was bored to tears, ugh.

But thats me lately :P I wrote a lot. Ack. Gotta go back to the doctor tomorrow because they botched up one of my tests, hoorah! >:(. Oh well. Then I go to Oli’s in the evening. Anyways, byeeeeeee now.



HKO Night Update - 1/25/10

January 25th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello everyone~,

So I finished up the Dear Daniel quests today which I’m very proud of. I also got the railway stuff in London done :) happy times there. I can’t do most of the quests I have right now, because I need to have a level 4 farm certificate/farm, and they aren’t in stores for sale right now because of the last patch update :/ very annoying!!! >_<. I’m working on the ones I can though. Me and Slinky both leveled up, I’m level 16 now and he’s 11.

Today the whole freaking server went down! It was insane. I was inside the railway station trying to leave and I coudln’t. It finally let me into London and all the NPC’s and players were gone, and my pet, it was freaky! Then I logged out and tried to log back in, for quite a while, no luck. Checked the forums and the shoutbox was insane with all the people talking about the server crash. It got back up in about an hour or so, so not too bad though :).

I’ll do another post in a second that encompases my last few days here I think :) then say goodnight.


Writing Usagi

What Tree are you? - Ash Tree

January 25th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Ash Tree, The Ambition
Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with its fate, can be egoistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over heart, but takes partnership very serious.

I’d say that suits me pretty well :). Its based off your birthday, so if you want to know what tree you are, take a gander!

What kind of Tree are you?


Dancing Usagi

HKO Night Update - 1/24/10

January 25th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Fellow HKO Players :),

Not really up to much in HKO right now. The Food Drive event for the Haiti earthquake is going on right now, but since I’m not in a guild I can’t participate :( sad times.

Really all I did today was mine for Copper, for Copper Knobs and Copper Hinges, I need 112 Fine Copper for 2 combined quest, currently at 55, so I’m about halfway there :)! I’ll continue with it soon as I can.

Spent the last few days at Oli’s, trying to get a doctors appointment before work tomorrow, and gonna do stuff around the house Tuesday before I spend Tuesday Night through Thursday morning with him :P.

Tired! Gonna brush my teeth, floss, mouthwash, crash ;).

Oyasumi Nasai Sanrio Town!



Such a Sweety

January 24th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

My boyfriend Oli (Oliver) is such a sweety :). We had our first date on November 11th 2009, and officially are girlfriend and boyfriend as of December 8th 2009. Anyways, he was at work at his job at the mall (he has 2 jobs) and I happened to be there bumming around with my friend Matt. So I decided to pay him a visit. He smiled when I walked in, was happy to see me ;) but he got to meet Matt as well which was cool. But anyways I was just browsing a bit and he comes up to chat and goes:

“Oh by the way, I got us a dinner reservation at Anthony’s for Valentines Day.”

My reaction: “D: Really?! You sure thats okay?”

Oli: “Of course I’m sure *laughs* it’s Valentines Day.”

He’s so sweeeeet. Anthony’s is a really nice restaurant down by the bay, very lovely, very good food, very expensive.

I got his Valentines Day present today though. He gave me a list of few things, but I decided to get him Season 3 of Superman the Animated Series, he’ll like that one alot ;). My list for him is:

Thirst - Korean Vampire Movie
Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion - Anime Movie
Reise, Reise by Rammstein - German CD
Fantasies by Metric - CD

Wonder which I’ll get…. I’m also gonna get him some of those Valentines Day Heart Candies as well as some Chocolate Hearts from the best chocolate store in town ;).

I also bought myself a black dress last night off Forever 21, I’ll try and get a picture of us on Valentines day and post it on here :). But now I have to run off to work. Bye!


Heart Eyes

Slightly Sick

January 24th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello everyone,

Sadly, I’m getting sick again. My immune system isn’t very good for some reason, so I tend to get a bit sick every month or two. I haven’t been sick since November, so I’m about on time. I’ve had a sore throat for a few weeks but its kicking in stronger today since I woke up. I only work 8.5 hours this week, later tonight and tomorrow, so I should be fine and able to rest up lots.

However getting sick all the time really is inconvienent and not fun :(. True I don’t get very sick, but imagine if you will getting a little sick and not able to talk well and feel run down basically every month or two for a couple weeks. Not enjoyable.

Off to rest now!



HKO Night Update - 1/19/10

January 19th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Sanrio Town,

Today though! I got to level 15, started carpentry so I’m level 2, almost 3 on there :). Finished up a few more quests, including the culinary battle between Oyakata and his pupil, got a new Ax from Anthony, got some Paint for him as well. I got the guides for Copper Hinges & Knobs so I can work on the Derailed quest again, I need so many though @_@ its gonna take a while. I found a Furtale card (got it off a Furtale), hoping to sell it soon. Slinky is now level 10 still, but he’s about halfway there to leveling up again :).

Anyways, gotta go get ready to go to the boyfriends later :P, looking forward to seeing my Oli.

Oh, and Chococat rules ;D.



Death Date Year 1 Anniversary

January 19th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Sanrio Town~,

Yesterday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or just January 18th depending where you’re from, that is my Dad’s first Death Day Anniversary. He passed away last year in the early morning hours from stage 4 Lung Cancer. We’d only found out about it in July, they didn’t tell me till August because they didn’t want me to worry. He fought as hard as he could considering the circumstances, but I know he’s not suffering and in a better place now.

I still really miss him though.

My Dad was my best friend for many years, and I think I take far more after him than my mother both phyically (thin, blonde hair, blue eyes) and in the way we act.

He was 55 when he died, and the last thing he did was smoke a cigarette lying in bed. I hate those cancer sticks with a burning passion.

So if anyone reads this, and if you smoke, please do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and try to quit. Please.

Rest in peace Dad, you are missed by many and still greatly loved and thought of.



HKO Night Update - 1/15/10

January 16th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Sanrio Town~,

I didn’t update last night due to lack of time. I was playing Hello Kitty Online till about 15 minutes before my boyfriend picked me up to spend the night, and I had to finish getting ready during that period of time. Thus! Updating will happen now in the morning :).

 I started off at level 13 and got to level 14, rather proud of myself ;). My pet is now level 10 having gone up a level or two yesterday. I got the key for both Big Ben/Dear Daniel and Oyakata’s house, I also did the first quest that Dear Daniel sent me on, and I did the one for the Orange Doughnut that Oyakata sent me on. I finished the first part of the Derailed quest as I’d planned, but I now need to make Copper Hinges and Copper…. something else, both of which I don’t have guides for and can’t buy in London, so it’ll have to wait. I also got farther with Tenorikuma’s quests, getting him Coffee Fruit, getting his machine fixed, and giving him an Orange Doughnut. I’ll tell more about his next quests in the following paragrah.

I also did some remoddeling on the farm. I moved the trees so I would have room for the Tea plants, now I just need to save up about 4k more Money and I can buy a level 4 farm and start planting watermelon and the like. I have a quest going on right now for Tenorikuma requiring Watermelon, Cucumber, and Tomato’s I think. So that also will have to wait.

My friend Chris is in town for the next few days. I haven’t seen him for about a year and a half so I’ll be hanging out with him as much as I can before he leaves back for Montana. Not sure how much progress I’ll be able to make on HKO over the next few days, but I hope to atleast finish a few more of Dear Daniels quests as well as a cookoff one between Oyakata and his protige.

Anyways, off to have breakfast now :) see you Sanrio Town!



HKO Night Update - 1/14/10

January 15th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Note: I’ve decided to write about my HKO progress, mainly chronicling about my progress made throughout the day at the end of the night. However, if something happens during the day such as leveling up, getting to a new town, getting an item I really like etc, I shall post around the time said event occurs. I hope this helps me keep track of my progress :).

I just logged off HKO, its 1:05am on the 15th, PST. I’m still in London, but have now completed the first few quests. I purchased a few new seeds and am now growing Coffee Plants and Green Tea Plants in my farm. As plants die I will rearrange things slightly so I will have room for Black Tea, and Jasmine Tree plants. Once I reach level 4 for Farming, I will add other plants such as Watermelon, Tomato, Lettuce, and such. I need to see how big the Oat plant will be…

I made a new friend on HKO today :) her logon is HappyGirl… sort of. She was playing for her neice, who is young and was thus in bed but still wanted to make progress. Her account name was Dayzee I believe, so hopefully I can catch her online and add that account to my friends list as well.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get the first Key in London, finish the first part of the Derailed quest, and do the next part in the Super Secret Drink quest.

Now I shall get a little something to eat and go to bed, goodnight Sanrio Town!



Hello Sanrio Town

January 14th, 2010 by vampirehaku:hellokitty.com

Hello Sanrio Town :),

This is my first blog post, and I’m still pretty new to Sanrio Town online, although I’ve been playing HKO for a few weeks now. Anywho, guess I’ll get on with the introduction.

My name is Laura :) nice to meet you~. I’m 20 years old, I live in Washington state, about half an hour south of Canada. I work in two stores at my local Mall, although I’m not getting any hours from one now that the holidays are over :/. But, I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, friends, going on the internet, playing on my PS3/Gamecube/PS2/PSP/DS :P, shopping, and loving on my cat Bagheera.

 My HKO name is Leo, currently level 12 I believe… I need to check, could still be 11. Anyways I have a pet Andrillion (sp?) whose name is Slinky, he’s level 8 now I believe. I’m currently in London, newly arrived, so doing some of the new equiptment quests.

I’m going to include a picture of me as well :) its a few weeks old but still accurate! Hope to make some new friends on HKO, everyone have a lovely day!


PS. My HKO name Leo, those are my innitials :).



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