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Jun’s Entry ★ 3

jun6.PNG Hey all. Hijacking Aniki’s journal again.

So, uh. What’s this I hear about crushes and stuff? Wow, people have crushes on ME? You guys shouldn’t fight over me. Destroying a friendship for love is totally not worth it.

Now that that’s out of the way.. What’ve I missed? Anything awesome? School’s been kinda boring for me but it’s exciting being in America!

8 Responses to “Jun’s Entry ★ 3”

  1. Mimmy Says:

    *SQUEAK* Jun!

  2. The Secret Diaries of Mimmy White » I Feel Silly Says:

    […] Jun and Lily talked to me about the situation, and now I feel silly for getting jealous. It’s not like Jun’s my boyfriend or anything, so I had no right to get upset at Lily. Sorry. […]

  3. Lily Cat Says:

    Oh*blushes but recomposes*, thank you for talking to Mimmy, I’m glad she understands now because I was missing her.

  4. Jun Says:

    No problem! I just hope I didn’t embarrass you guys.

  5. Mimmy Says:

    Yes, you di… Er, no, you didn… Oh, yes, you did! Er…

    Waaah! You saw me oraaaaange!

  6. Says:

    Oh no, you didn’t.

  7. muumi Says:

    jun-kun i love you

  8. It’s Lily Cat and that is that!!! » Concert success! Says:

    […] boy was that day great. I danced some much, and screamed along with the rest of them, I was hoping Jun Kun would show up, but all well, I’m glad to have had so much fun, now back to my new duties as a […]

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