Beautifully Guilty
Journal of Hiiragi Keiichi

Entry 09

AnnoyedI do apologize once again for the lack of updates. Jun has been pestering me to post here.

I’m afraid to ask, but I might as well get this over with.. What has happened in my absense? I hope the drama with My Melo has been solved, and if not.. I suppose I have no choice but to help.


24 Responses to “Entry 09”

  1. purin •ω• (@ripplecloud) Says:

    welcomed back!!! My Melody is still missing but did you hear??? Donut Pond is back! What do we do now??? I don’t know : ( *turns back home for pudding* I’m hungry!~

  2. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    Er, thank you. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Donut Pond though.

  3. iheartbadtz Says:

    Welcome back, Hiiragi!^_^ Where’s Jun? I miss your brother!

  4. Pink Bear Says:

    *Thinking* Oh no, his back?!!! @@!!!? Well maybe he won’t recognize me, now that I’m…human. *Shudders at the fact*. *Speaking out loud* Hello there sir you have a grand day. *Smiles and runs down the street so Hiiragi does not get good look at her face*.

  5. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    Jun’s still in America. If you want to tell him something, I’ll send the message along to him.

    *glances at the strange girl*

  6. purin •ω• Says:

    *comes back licking mango yogurt ice cream* Ahhh…. Purin loves soft food :3 You don’t know Donut Pond? Yay, finally I know something other people don’t XD See Keroppi send me a postcard of it before here -

  7. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    Interesting, I suppose.

  8. Pink Says:

    *Skipping down the road then accidentally bumped into something* Oh I’m sorry sir, I didn’t see you there. *Realizes who she’s talking to* OH IT’S YOU HIIRAGI.! @@ !*Feels like hiding in the ground as she is given a strange confused look* Oh…I forgot, you don’t know who I am. Well I’ll just leave you be. *Turns red and starts on her way again with head down low, wondering why fate has brought her face to face with someone she can’t really stand*.

  9. Lily Cat Says:

    Wow, it’s you! I’m a fan of your work, and I really think you have an adorable little brother, say hi to him for me please. :)

  10. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    A fan, hm? I’m flattered. And I will send your message along to Jun.

    … *just watches Pink leave*

  11. Says:

    Thank you. :)

  12. Mimmy Says:

    Hiiragi? Is that you? Why’re you wearing a rabbit costume?@_@

  13. Mimmy Says:

    Wait a minute! I got it! You’re really My Melody and My Melody really is you! Hi Mero!*waves madly*

  14. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    … *facepalms* It’s.. my Usamimi outfit.

  15. Mimmy Says:

    Oh.*face falls* What’s So you’re like My Melody’s really big brother then? So she’s your sister?@_@ I never knew people could have bunny blood…

    Oh! I’ve got gifts for you and Jun on my blog!^^ Not sure if you’ll like what I gave you.

  16. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    No. We’re not related in the least. It’s simply a stupid disguise she forces me to wear in order to help her obtain pink notes.

    .. Mn. We’ll see.

  17. Mimmy Says:

    She doesn’t know where to get pink notes? I’ve got some… but they’re yellow Post-its. You need some?^^

  18. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    That’s not what I meant.

  19. Mimmy Says:

    It’s not?:o What do you mean, then? Oh, I have an idea! Check my blog in a few moments, I have a plan!^^ *dashes off*

  20. purin •ω• Says:

    she *means Mimmy* has put up pink post-its on her blog for you :\ I think yellow is cheerier :3

  21. Hiiragi Keiichi Says:

    *just facepalms*

  22. Mimmy Says:

    Oh, does that mean I got it wrong?:( Time to hit the stores again, then. Check my blog in a few minutes, I’ll have your notes for you.^^

    Oh, and is Jun home already?*scuffs toe*

  23. Says:

    jun my darling go home please i….. i love you ………… please keiichi

  24. Says:

    tell me its jun crushed uta yumeno !!!!!!!!

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