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Jun’s Entry ★ 2

It’s me again! And this time, I got Mimmy-chan a gift, since the last guitar she got was the wrong kind.

(Jaan jaaaaan!)

Custom-made, babeh! Hope ya’ like it. Since I know how much Hello Kitty stuff ticks you off. I’ll teach you all the parts and what they do first, then we’ll start you off with some basic songs.

8 Responses to “Jun’s Entry ★ 2”

  1. Mimmy Says:

    *Squeals* JUUUUUUN! You’re sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!^^ You even got it customized for meee! And the bow’s nice and right! Hurray! You’re the best, Jun!

    Now, on to the next problem: how do I play the guitar without fingers?

  2. Jun Says:

    I’m glad you like it–

    … D= I DON’T KNOW.

  3. Mimmy Says:

    Oh dear… Well, that’s a problem.

    I suppose I can always take out my claws to try and play it (but that would scratch the lovely guitar).

    I have got to think of a way to do this!

  4. Jun Says:

    Well, just try playing it normally? Kuromi doesn’t have fingers and she can play the guitar.

  5. Mimmy Says:

    Kuromi can play the guitar?! Seriously?

    How? I mean, we both have paws.

    I think I need to ask her about that.@_@ Do you know where she is, Jun?

  6. my_mero Says:

    jun-kun, you’re so sweet nyaan. ^_^ how is your brother doing?

  7. Says:

    How extremely kind of you.^^.

  8. Jun Says:

    Mimmy: Not at the moment. Sorry.

    My Melo: X3 Why thank you. Aniki’s still moping, unfortunately.

    Beth: I try. *puffs out chest*

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