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Dear Diary,
A while ago I talked to Pink and Mimmy, and Pink told me to check if I had family from Daisyville. And I do! So that must be the reason for my new appearance! Pink also said that she or Lily can do a revealing spell on me to see if i’m really a Sealholder like she is. Awesome! Well here’s some pictures of me now: And here’s one of me before:
. My appearance really changed. But I still got my bunny ears! Kinda. Anyways, I can’t wait ’till Pink and Mimmy get back from their Journey.


4 Responses to “Dear Diary #1”

  1. WOW! Now THAT’S a difference.
    I can’t wait until they return too! Think we should throw them a welcome-back party?

  2. Ohh, that would be a great idea!

  3. You do look different! Oh, and thanks, that’s really sweet!^^ Oh, and, um… Do you have something in your eye?

  4. *Giggle* Well, my mom always said I was cute in front of a camera!

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