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Pink made me a charm bracelet. It was so pretty! One of the charms looked really intresting though… so I took a closer look at it then I looked at the mirror to see what I looked like and well it started glowing and…

Woah… and as you can see here my ears have been turned into an average hair band… I’ts probably going to take me a while to get used to this and there’s probably a way back to my bunny self, but thank you so Much Pink the bracelet is so pretty :) I’ll treasure it forever! *^^*

5 Responses to “Woah….”

  1. Oh…OH NO!!! I didn’t mean for that to happen. :(

  2. I’t okay… i know it wasn’t you the charm had a special power or something…

  3. Awkward.

  4. […] I have started noticing a lot of things going on lately that really have gotten me a bit worried.  The lovely bracelet I had made and sent to Usabunnbunn had some kind of effect on her, all I did was use some of my very precious beads to make the charms […]

  5. […] been missing from home and I’ve dropped by several times to check how she’s handling the new appearance in her life.  I hope I can get a hold of her […]

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