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Hi. I’ve been gone for a while again. Truth is, I’ve moved. Also, school work is piling on me as well, but that’s no reason for me to leave the blog, right? So this time I promise not to slack off this long again. Sorry everyone >.

Sorry I haven’t been updating much… but i’m still here everyone! I’ve been doing fine. I just need to check up on everything since I haven’t been blogging lately… well that’s all for now!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! :( l’ve just been busy! l’ve heard Pink and Mimmy are on their way back! I’m so excited for the ice cream party!!!

Just wondering… Are things running smoothly for everybody? I’m out collecting things for the ice cream party and the Carnival. Has anyone seen Pink and Mimmy?

Shinelly is not a seal holder, but a Sky Wizard! She might still be able to help us seal holders in some way! Anyway, Lily, Shinelly, and I are off to the candy shop and Pink said she might be able to go to the Carnival in town! We’re going to go sometime after Pink and Mimmy’s welcome back ice-cream party!  I’m inviting Mark, Pink, Mimmy, Lily, Vito, Spottie-Dottie, Shinelly, and Mariah. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone :( )

Here’s one quiz that Pink took a while ago and Lily took recently, I thought I’d try it out too.

You Are Cinnamon Flavored Gum

You are daring, active, and a little outrageous.You crave adventure and novelty. You like to mix things up.Your personality is extra spicy and larger than life.You love to have fun, and you are passionate about everything you do.You’re definitely a fiery person, and you don’t back down from a fight.

Most people love your fire - but you can be a bit too intense at times!

What Flavor Gum Are You?

And I found this one too.

Your Power Color Is Magenta

At Your Highest:You energize yourself and push others to succeed.At Your Lowest:You feel frustrated and totally overwhelmed.

In Love:

You are surprised by who you attract. You’re a love magnet.

How You’re Attractive:

Open and free spirited, people want to explore the world with you.

Your Eternal Question:

“What is my next source of inspiration?”

What’s Your Power Color?

Lily finished the revealing spell! When she casted it on me I started glowing! So we went off to Pink’s house to see her Mrs. Casey Bear. I also saw her brother Brownie. But I kinda made him upset and he squirted me with a water pistol.

Mrs. Bear found out that my element was Earth. I even brought a dead plant back to life! (Which kinda reminds me of my bracelet Pink gave me a while ago… It had a charm of a tree on it. )

I just called my Mom on the phone for permission to train my powers. (Since she is the the connection to my magic backround.) And she said yes! Pink, Lily, and I are going to be hanging out together! How cool!  Anyways, were off to my house to see if Shinnelly’s there. She turned human as well so she might be a seal-holder too. 

Shinelly! If you still remember being a raposa come to my house! I think Lily and I need to talk to you. Were at my house. I’ll send you the adress by phone! :)

Lily came by at my house and were going to be doing this all in my room.

I’ll post back when were done.

Lily’s here for the revealing spell because: me turning into a human, how I know that I used to be a Bunnny and the fact that I have Great-grandparents from Daisyville might lead to the fact that i’m a Sealholder. Like Lily and Pink are…

Anyways, I’ll type back when Lily’s done with the spell.

And I still can’t wait till Pink and Mimmy get back! Hopefully if I am a sealholder… I can go with them to the Realms of magic!

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