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Looking Back

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Was rummaging through my stack of papers from college and found something WORTH reading: a paper for my Theology class, June 27, 2006.

At age 20, you’ve supposedly just squeaked by the awkward stage of adolescence, where you search long and hard for that identity you never seemed to have. You’ve graduated grade school and high school, where you learn about Science, Math, Civics and Culture, and of course, Christian Living. You now know what “peer pressure” is, not because of your D.A.R.E. classes, but from actual experience. You’ve tried to love and probably lost it, and in turn, you keep trying to get Love figured out (the sad thing is, I think I’ll never know true love… but that’s another story). You’ve questioned what or who God is several times over and of course, the inevitable search for the meaning of life. Heck, you’ve probably lost your faith in the process. I have.

I’ve done all of this of course. All my years growing up have taught me all sorts of lessons. My perception of what’s right and wrong has modified itself too many times over. I’ve learned that there are so many incidents in life where circumstance dictates what’s right and wrong. Many situations are relative, and the line between right and wrong grows thinner by the day. Before you know it, you don’t even know where the line is. Even my perception of God is cloudy. To me, God is that Supreme Being, the Universal Spirit that is the sole purpose for everything that occurs. He comes in several names: Christ, Buddha, Brahma, etc. I think what all beliefs have in common is Love. God is LOVE.

I’d like to think I am spiritual, but I am not so religious. I am not a very devout Catholic. Honestly, I hardly pray at night. The only religious thing I am still doing is living a good life. I hardly attend confession and I haven’t opened the Bible in a very long time. I also do not believe that one will go to hell if he does not believe in Jesus Christ, because I believe in the natural goodness of people. I believe that a person can still be a good person even if he does not attend mass on Sundays, or if he doesn’t open the Bible. I’ve learned that there are 3 relationships you juggle in life: one with God, with others, and yourself. I’ve been focusing more on the latter two; I have yet to find a solid relationship with God.

Although my relationship with God is quite vague, I do have my personal convictions, and these beliefs are what I have stood for, and what guides my decisions.

  • I believe in TRUTH and HONESTY above all others. I try my best to avoid lying. I believe that the need to lie simply means there is something wrong with your relationship with that person. I try not to give myself any reason to lie to people. Goodness is Truthful, because we are naturally inclined toward the good. Everything follows from there.
  • I believe in doing things that make me GROW as a person. I believe in developing talents and skills, and making the most out of every situation.
  • I believe that it is good to stand back and reflect about things, to not always be swayed by the flowing river of modern living.
  • It is absolutely necessary to respect every person, no matter how incredibly annoying, or vile he/she is. The key word is TRY.
  • I have no right to complain about my life, for I try to keep in mind that there are millions of people who have it a lot worse.

Oh, I’ve changed… however my convictions are still standing strong. My faith, on the other hand,  has been reinvigorated. I don’t feel invincible anymore… which is good.

Ante up.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

High School was fun but… my fashion sense was WHACK. I dug up these old highschool pics. Check ‘em out:


Good Lord, my fashion radar was non-existent.

Big shirt

Baggy pants

WHY!? Now, I wouldn’t be caught wearing a shirt that’s goes WAAAAAY yond my waist.





This, on the other hand SCREAMS sexiness.



Quaffed Hair

Tommy Iommi Gibson SG

and this too:


Half opened long-sleeved shirt

ponytail hair

15-year old smile


plain blue shirt





Monday, January 28th, 2008

I miss school.

I may be forever branded as a dork for saying so… but yes, I MISS SCHOOL.

The projects, the deadlines, the crappy food, the awesome teachers, cutting class, free cuts, the borrowing of pens, photocopying ungodly amounts of notes, not listening, sleeping in the library, smoking in between classes (ALTHOUGH I’VE QUIT IT. Clean Slate for ‘08! Been smoke free since dec. 31. THANKYOU. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), sleeping during philosophy, being sent out during theology, ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE, creative writing, comics class…

I COULD list a whole lot more of things I miss about school but I think this site’s bandwith couldn’t handle it. I was browsing through my old blog a little while back and I came upon this. I wrote this little compelling piece of literature after I graduated college:

I was walking around katipunan earlier this evening. I didn’t know where to go. no one was replying to my incessant pleadings to kick back and have a beer. you know who you are. and once again, the mind tends to drift and wander and reflect and question. I’ve been studying (ergo, almost all of those my age) for around, give or take 19 years, (I started school when i was 2 and a half years old), and now, I’ve been yanked from the role I fill out as *insert name here* that I’ve been portraying for the past 21 years. Now, I don’t wake up to the routine anymore. the routine I’ve always ranted about, the routine I’ve always yearned to break away from. ironically (with a kind of masterful twist), I’m searching for that monotony. I search for it’s predictability and stability. You wake up, yosi, breakfast, yosi, bath, yosi, go to school, yosi, study, flirt, laugh, yosi, beer, blueskies, home, simpsons, aquateen hunger force, seinfeld, sleep. It’s simple. Throw in an occasional project or two and it’s fine. I find myself longing for the safety of routine. I never thought I’d worry about where I should apply for. Ever since I was kid, all I wanted to do was write and play videogames. Oh and advertising and marketing, that’s it. I miss the promise and safety of routine.

Man, did I make a point there! Thing is, as human beings, we are afraid of the unknown, the uncharted. Our nagging fear of not venturing out into distant lands urges us to stay where we are. To be content with and be happy with it.

To compromise.

Who knew I’d end up where I am right now… I’ve become the Bizarro version of my college self; that same version of me that thought of himself as indestructible, immovable and superior.


‘08 has become a pleasant surprise for me. I’ve changed, I’ve sacrificed and now, I’m doing things I never thought I’d be doing again. Details don’t matter. The point is, and bearing a quite striking irony, PRESENT ME is much, much better than OLD ME. If PRESENT ME and OLD ME met in a dank bar somewhere, OM would laugh at the face of PM. Mock him, insult him and basically say how much of a spineless worm he is. PM me, on the other hand, would just flash a very heart-melting smile (I RARELY smiled before) and just say…


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2007 At A Glance…

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

 I’d love to pay tribute to the year that was but, still reeling from the 4 day holiday, I’m lazy as heck to like make this as bonggacious as possible so here we go:

I invade Gawad Kalinga





Rock Out With the Band

Interview sa NU










And of course, there’s THIS.


2 guys, one hot summer day, a videocamera, an idea.

Hope 2008 brings as much, if not more, memories and moments and of course, INSANITY.


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Friday, December 28th, 2007

Ah 2007, thou hath been an enigma to me: the first three quarters were a quick, big beating. The last quarter, on the other hand, was rather interesting… which made me smile a devilish smile.




In any case, 2007 was eventful:

The January Screwjob: Walked from UST to Hi-Top Quezon Avenue. Wanna know why? Email me.

College Graduation: woohoooo!!!! the end of monotiny, the loss of the safety of routine…


Which then meant growing up and look for a job….


The Great Sabbatical: I was unemployed for 5 months and boy did it bum me out big time. Played a lot of games though. Fried under the summer sun. Lifted metal. Ugh.

My First Job: I wouldn’t have it any other way. The work environment is the envy of all. Everyone else can eat dung and die.

Gadget Overload:

Nintendo Wii


A best of a PC.

’nuff said.

And then there was….

Welcome to Bovine University.

Woohoo!!! 2008 = AWESOME.


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Motion City Soundtrack

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I’ve been listening to this band for a long time but this song really stuck to me. haha.

Let’s get effed up and die..
I’m speaking figuratively, of course..
Like the last time that I committed suicide.. social suicide..
Yeah, so I’m already dead on the inside,
But I can still pretend with my memories and photographs,
I have learned to love the lie.
I wanna know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent.
I wanna know how it feels to be useful and pertinent and have common sense.. yeah
Let me in, let me in to the club, cuz I wanna belong,
And I need to get strong, and if memory serves,
I’m addicted to words and they’re useless.
(In this department)
Let’s get effed up and die..
I’m riding hard on the last lines of every lie,
And the BMX bike of my life is about to explode,
I’m about to explode.
I’m a mess, I’m a wreck.
I am perfect, and I have learned to accept all my problems and short comings,
Cause I am so visceral, yet deeply inept.
I want to thank you for being a part of my forget-me-nots and marigolds..
And all the things that don’t get old..
Is it legal to do this? I surely don’t know.
It’s the only way I have learned to express myself through other peoples’ descriptions of life..
I’m afraid I’m alone and entirely useless…
(In this department)
Let’s get effed up and die.
For the last time with feeling
we’ll try not to smile
As we cover our heads and drink heavily into the nights
That still shock and surprise.
I believe that I can, overcome this and beat everything in the end
But I choose to abuse for the time being,
maybe I’ll win, but for now I’ve decided to die.
Sister soldier
You’ve been such a positive influence on my mental frame
If I could ever repay you,
I would, but I’m hard up for cash
And my memory lacks initiative.
God damn the liquor store’s closed,
we were so close to scoring
it hurts, it destroys ’til it kills..
I am tired and hungry and totally useless.
(In this department)


Heh, entering 2008 and I’m totally lost in the dark.

“kumakapa sa dilim”

What the hell I’m I doing?


I am tired and hungry and totally useless.

Nostalgia Diorama

Monday, November 19th, 2007

I’ve been rummaging through my old notebooks the other night and I stumbled upon a little piece of paper that sent a wave of nostalgia…

and I almost drowned.

Anyway, the year was 2005 and I wrote this during the summer for a certain someone. It’s as if I was watching a highlight reel of 2005 as I was reading this. Words DO have power indeed.

Our breaths invisibly embracing in the air
The volt of your eyes illuminates the darkness hidden
inside the gloomy corner
of what lies between my chest
Nebulas forming in our mouths
The smoke coming out matches the galactic magic
of nebulas appearing in what we call “space”
Lights in a borealis,
your own constellation
flecked (i cant figure out the word because the paper is dead and flakey) by dots of ash
flown on the jetblack of your pants
Lead ink, paper and eternity
Gray strokes and fire lines
construct images of our masterpiece
your grave unfolds into a
flawless sculpture made of kisses
we extract beauty out of obscurity
and we both put our imagination on paper
smeared on the porcelain of my skin
is your thumbmark etched in lead
I will never erase this
In our canvas is a dancing soul, marveling
taking its form out of the nothingness we both have
an epiphany of dancing souls drawn on paper
Celestial reveries of a forlorn spirit
stars are meant to be wished upon
and I wish to know what am I to you
Am I another cosmic fantasy?
A stellar dream?
Or am I a star too?
Unlike them,
I don’t want to wonder
I want to know
Unlike them,
I’m not scared
I’m scarred.

In just a span of couple of months, the world does a 180 on me and I respond with this:

forget that I lived
that I ever existed
forget that I loved you
and love you yet
forget the bright moments
that we together feasted
forget one and all
even the place we have met
forget the lips
that were made for you only
forget the tears
that for you I have shed
forget the words
that were spoken so fondly
and think of them only
as words that are dead
and I shall remember my love in the darkness
that fell to nothingness
into the abyss below
oh yes, I know my love is a madness
and I shall cry for it when the lights are low


but nice.

A Throwback to "You’re Batman!"

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Remember my earlier post about the top 5 Seinfeld moments? Well, if it wasn’t for officer Bookman and the whale, Kramer’s immortal re-telling of the pinky toe would’ve been number 1. Nothing cracks me up more than hearing:

“You’re Batman!”

“Yeah I AM Batman!”

Anyway, if you ever bought a Seinfeld DVD collection, you would be also a proud owner of the Sein-imation DVD. What are they? Well, they’re animated versions of popular scenes such as George and the Whale and The Big Race.

Since Kramer’s story is TOO vivid and chocful of details, an animated version would just be DIVINE.

Here is an animation of The Big Race

HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! I love it when Jerry says “A myth grew about my speed”



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The Simpsons Top 10

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

I’m an incredibly huge Simpsons fan. They’ve been part of my childhood for as long as I can remember and they are one of the biggest influences on the formation of my sense of humor. What’s amazing is that they’ve been on air for almost 20 years now and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. As an homage, I would like to post my TOP TEN Springfielder here.

10. Mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby

The monogamous, corrupt and surprisingly funny Mayor of Springfield is at number 10. He’s in this list because he epitomizes what’s wrong with Springfield city. All he cares about is himself and getting more women. Which is funny.“Okay, today we will discuss what we will do with the ummm ahhh 2 million dollars”

“Don’t you mean 3 million dollars?”

“Of course….. how silly of me”
9.Waylon Smithers

The executive assistant and right hand man of Mr Burns, Smithers is like the textbook definition of the loyal follower. He does everything for Burns: cleans, cooks, shops, bathes… he even removes the skin of a spanish peanut for Mr. Burns. He’s in this list because his undying love for Mr. Burns is funny in its own way.

“But sir, you can’t block out the sun! Owls will deafen us with incessant hooting!”

8. Dr. Julius Hibbert

Julius Hibbert is the kind-hearted, genius doctor of Springfield. Hibbert is noticeably less dysfunctional than just about everyone else on the show, though he does have a bizarre tendency to chuckle at inappropriate moments. He also gives questionable solutions to certain medical problems. How can you not like that?!

“How can a baby save the life of a full-grown man?”

“It’s very simple. When an adult’s life is in danger, a child can summon superhuman strength!”

7. Police Chief Clancy Wiggum

He is an extreme stereotype: morbidly obese, dim witted, ignorant, grossly incompetent, and lazy, with a fondness for doughnuts and “Chintzy Pop”. He does have redeeming qualities though: he loves his family very much and shows great patience for his son, Ralph. His kind-heartedness and ignorance nets him a spot in this list.

“Can’t you people solve these problems yourselves? I mean we can’t be ‘policing’ the whole city. Geez, why don’t you just take the law into your hands?”

6. Carl Carlson & Lenny Leonard

Two of Homer’s best pals, Lenny and Carl are often portrayed being more than just friends… if you know what I mean but it’s more like Lenny just looks at Carl like this big hero because Carl is often referred to as one of the most goodlooking guys in springfield. These two are faithful buddhists and are rarely seen apart. In one episode, Lenny saw a version of his own heaven where all the angels were Carl.

5. Grampa Simpson

The senile, often inaccurate father of Homer lands at number 5. This guy is so funny because his stories are incoherent and don’t make sense. He finds himself in situation that he doesn’t know how he got there in the first place, not to mention the time when a turtle stole his fake teeth and he had to chase the turtle. Yay.

“We can’t bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways. One trick is to tell ‘em stories that don’t go anywhere—like the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ‘em. ‘Give me five bees for a quarter,’ you’d say.
“Now where were we? Oh yeah—the important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…”

4. Barney Gumble

Homer’s best friend and the town drunk. He was Harvard-bound until Homer introduced him to beer, sadly the night before the SAT. He has a broken voice and a very distinct belch but he possesses a fantastic Irish singing voice when he replaced Wiggum in the barbershop quartet called “The Be Sharps”. His addiction to alcohol and lame-brain schemes land him at number 4.

Moe: “You’ll be back! and so will you, and you and you” *points at Barney*

Barney: “Of course I’ll be back, if you never closed, I’d never leave!”

3. Moe Szyslack

“Kid Gorgeous”, “Kid Presentable”, “Kid Gruesome”, and “Kid Moe.” were the names Moe used during his stint as a professional boxer, but now, he’s just the only employee and proprietor of Moe’s Tavern. I love him because he’s constantly trying to steal Marge (whom he always refers to as Midge) from Homer. He is also Bart’s number one target for prank calls. Moe lands at number 3 because his in-your-face attitude and disregard for his patrons’ health makes people laugh all over the world.

“If I ever catch you I’m gonna pull your eyes out and shove ‘em down your pants, so you can watch me kick the crap out of you, then I’m gonna use your tongue to paint my boat”

2. Homer Jay SImpson

Ah, the big man himself. What would a Simpsons Top Ten be without Homer Jay Simpson? Well, this is pretty self-explanatory: this guy IS funny. Everything he does is a comic act. His idiotic comments and retarded actions and his surprisingly deep love for his family have found a place in each fan’s heart. Homer is here to stay.

“Look Dad, this dog can do everything: he can do backflips, save people from fire, use the toilet AND answer the phone!”

“Awww this dog has had more education than I did!”

1. Charles Montgomery Burns

He was originally slated to be a recurring villain, dropping by from time to time to hassle the Simpson family but fans liked him so much that he became a permanent part of the cast. The oldest man in Springfield (who has a social security number of 000-000-002) is also the richest. He is evil, cruel and loves to torment people. He has many traps in his office. The most wicked one would be a tube sucking people out of his room and brings them to a palace in Morocco where his victims are forced to dance. This man trumps Homer because he uses a more subtle form of physical comedy and his weakness is often displayed. One time, he drowned in his tub because Smithers accidentally left a sponge on top of his head.

“Look at all the wonderful things you have Mr. Burns: King Arthur’s Excalibur, the only painting of Mark Twain not wearing clothes and the first draft of the constitution with the word ’suckers’ in it.”

“Bah! Trash… I want my teddy!”

Whew, that was long. There you have it, folks: my top ten simpsons list. Who are your favorite characters? tell me!

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Birthday Pics

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Birthdays are great, aren’t they? You get to eat and be merry and spend time with friends and do things you don’t usually do during normal days. On birthdays, your tolerance is higher, your appetite is greater and your laughter is heartier. :D Here are some pics of one of the best birthday I’ve attended in while. The celebrant is the vocalist of Typecast - Mr. Steve Badiola.




















                                                                                                       The best thing about a birthday is the cake

Steve taking his love to her room ‘coz she’s tired





























                                                                       Lower East Side Splatter Punks

Onions, bagoong, green mango, adobo, caldereta, nacho chips, cabbage, peppers, and of course, fever.


I don’t think i can show the more ummm “adventurous” pics, so if you want more, visit,



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