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Mega Marioman

If you’ve had a fantastic video-game experience when you were a kid, icons such as Mario, Sonic, Megaman (or Rockman if you’re a nitpicker) were mainstays in your video game library (or your friend’s).

Ever wondered who would win a match between Mario and Megaman? (my money’s on Megaman). Anywho, you know what’s better than pitting two video game giants against each other?


Megaman Mario’s sprites were created by Tron Knotts, who also created the Spartan Mario sprites. Megaman Mario has all classic 8-bit Megaman sound effects, including the landing sound after he hits the ground. He has a rapid-firing buster cannon, with each shot having the same effectiveness as regular Fireballs.

I love both Mario and Megaman! Together, then it’s one wanktastically, awesome, gaming juggernaut.

If you notice, Mario uses big, big, big, big guns! He turns into Master Chief as well! Mario Chief!

It makes sense for Mario to adapt to the ever so changing times: The bad guys get bigger and badder and meaner. So big and so mean in fact that stepping on their head and throwing puny fireballs at them just won’t work.

Adaptation is key.

Mario > YOU.

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