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What’s in a name?

Don’t you hate it when people butcher and maim another person’s (especially YOURS) name? Be it spelling or even worse, pronounciation, the only thing that can be butcherd is MEAT. Let’s see:

John = Jan

Jeffrey = Jepri

Melvin = Melbin

Steve = Stib

Kev = Keb

Fruit = Frewt

Mufasa = Mupasa

Ernest = Ehrnest

Walter = Waltehrrrr

Or sometimes, parents just combine two names to form one ridiculously deformed name…

Willy + Jonavin (a combo in itself) = Wilvin

Jhoanna + Evelyn (a tita perhaps?) = Jhoannavelyn

Josephine + Eric = Joerhic

Jessa + Edmund = Jesmund

Larry + Susan = Larrisan

Jessie + Fely = Jesfel

But nothing can beat…


The most butchered of all names…

Murphy = Merpy

It’s perfect!

“San kayo galing?”

“Kina Merpy”

What’s worse is if they shorten it.

Merpy = Merp



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