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Paradoxically Beautiful

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Just ran into Rukia’s blog and she posted quite a whammy of a melon-scratcher (translation: a heavy and philosophical question). She asked her readers “How would you describe color to a person?”. Whoa, a question like that requires a lot of DEEP thinking. Sight is one of, if not the most abused sense. I mean, we take our sight for granted. We think that our eyes are immortal and immune to pain and suffering. We scoff at and shrug off warnings of our parents when we watch too much TV or spend a lot of time in front of the computer. We sneer when our parents tell us not to get our eyes wet after watching tv. We dismiss it as an old-wife’s tale. Oh no no no. Cherish your eyes kiddies. Rukia said that she would most probably describe it by linking it to another sense. Makes sense, no doubt. For me, I’d rather use emotion to describe color:


RED the feeling you get when you’re angry… the boiling magma rising inside your body. Red could also be the feeling of passion, the feeling of love that share for another - your parents, a significant other, your friends.. heck, even your dog.


BLUE tranquility perhaps? peace, harmony and all that goody-goody emotion. the feeling you get when the wind gently passes, cooling your face. Blue can also be related to admiration or even loneliness.


GREEN the feeling of crunching grass under your feet, the smell of dew in the morning. yeah, something like that. Green can also be related to envy. Well, if you’re a blind person and envious of a person who can see, then it’s safe to say you’re GREEN with envy.


Yellow sunshine! heat or….. cowardice.


Black black can signify empitness or finality, gloom or desolation. However, black can also mean rebirth, change or reform.


White this color can also define cold emptiness, like a barren tundra. White can also mean extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme heat. White is also related to purity and innocence.


Well, there you have it, a myriad of emotions related to colors. Emotions that any person feels no matter how lacking that person is.


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Friday, August 31st, 2007

Well, eventhough my little statement above says “we can always talk about something other than cats”, I’d like to give tribute to the Feline Form. This IS my first entry so I might as well pay homage to my gracious hostess, Hello Kitty. And yes, I know my blog theme is about an angsty penguin and not a cute little cat.

Let us remember the different cats that have charmed us through the years; cats that have made us giddy and laugh and feel exponential levels of excitement and glee.

1. Snagglepuss

Okay, we have to admit that this snazzy cat perfectly portrays suppressed flambouyance, this opera-going kitty charmed us during our vigil in front of the TV especially during saturday afternoons. Exit, stage left.

2. Top Cat

A cat that defies a cop and a throng of henchmen ready to do his bidding? Clearly he is Hanna-Barbera’s innocent portrayal of a MAFIA boss. come on.

3. Thundercats

Cool. I want to point out that even then, the concept of the “token black guy” was prevalent. Point him out. Here’s a guess…. it’s PANTHRO. Nevertheless, the Thundercats captured the hearts of many kids back then and made everyone want to own their very own sword of omens. Don’t deny it.

4. Tom

Cartoon violence at its best but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a grizzled old veteran like myself laugh my face off.

5. Garfield

The fat cat that loves lasagna. He could be Italian for all i know. It’s also funny the way he makes Jon Arbuckle feel like dirt.

6. The Swat Kat Universe

The epitome of cool cats. These guys are so awesome that a picture cannot even justify how ridiculously awesome they are. I have nothing but pure respect for them. T-Bone, Razor, General Feral, Mettalakats, Megakat City and all of that hoohah. ‘NUFF SAID

Honorable Mention:

1. felix the cat - he just doesn’t cut it. he doesn’t have enough flair and pazzaz to BE on this list. sorry, felix.

2. eek the cat - tom > eek

3. josie and the pussycats - well technically, they’re not cats but they’ve got the trappings down right. sorry, girls.

4. heatcliff - yeah… right.