I didn’t get to post yesterday due to playing the game and getting ready for the party event.

But I wanted to wish Hello Kitty and her twin Mimmy both a very Happy Birthday!

I’m now lvl 21 in HKO NA. I’m having trouble with a few things though. Since they made it harder to get pet cards I’m a bit stuck on the first pet card collecting quest. Over 400 creature stuns with no card drop is so frustrating. They went overboard making it all difficult. It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful.  :\

Oh I got a lvl 4 farm, but to build a house you have to do a game first. I just can’t pass that building minigame. Why didn’t they add an easier level/mode to it too? Ugh! I really want a house :( I fail so much at this game. *sighs*

 Of the good last night was Hello Kitty’s b-day party. It was fun. I got a plushy for my house (if I can ever get one built) of HK on a swan from the b-cake pinata. I really wanted the Hello Kitty plush wand some people got from it. Oh well at least I got what I did. It’s cute.

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