Tuxedo Sam and Friends
The Interesting World of Tuxedo Sam

Disclaimer! (click here!)

Hey there! thanks for visiting my blog! for some of you know Tuxedo Sam’s actions are; He is in love with Kitty for a strange reason… And thus Kitty’s boyfriend (Daniel Starr) is in the way. so now Tuxedo Sam is jealous and will do anything to make Kitty not date Daniel anymore. and Tuxedo Sam’s Attitude is very spiced so he will make Daniels clock tick.

Tuxedo Sam’s actions are really violent for some strange reason. But inside he is a sweet penguin just looking for love! Tuxedo Sam has a friend that is a seal named Chip. There are also other characters mentioned but I can’t go on forerver.

Well thanks for reading the disclaimer.

-Tuxedo Sam’s Author