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An afternoon dream (or was it?)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

it had gotten really warm out and i decided to start tanning on a lawn chair in the backyard.

but then i heard a car oull up.

Me: must be Chip being dropped off by his mommy *does in a annoying toddler voice*

???: Hi! i can’t believe i finally have seen you after so many years!

Me: *pulls sun glasses off and opens eyes* who the heck are you?


???:Why, it’s me.. Pam!

Me: *is drinking lemonade and spits it out* You?? PAM?? no, sorry, the only Pam i know is-

Pam: The penguin? why.. the problem is.. *looks at feet* i got turned human…

Me: How?? i want to become human and beat the living day light out-

Pam: Huh?

Me: nevermind.. *doesn’t want her to find out about Dear Daniel*

Pam:  if you don’t believe it’s me, i still have that photo of you and me in the starlight.. i sort of knew you would forget…

Me: *offended* Nah, i know it’s you… i was just..urm…making sure..

Pam:*giggles* you are so bad at lieing. and i knew you would try to make it up.


so yes.. HELP!