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Hello everyone,

I’ve created my little Flying Ninja his name is Keiji and he is the pet of my dreams. Keiji is wearing a “shinobi” (ninja suit) which helps him to be protected and move slightly around Sanrio Land. His wings allow him to fly really high and watch over his master from the heights. :)

Keiji is carrying also a Hanbojutsu (a ninja stick) which he uses to defend his chosen master. The player who might gain his pet card must be someone strong and very faster, he likes that way.


He’s really a strong pet but not hard to get. In case Keiji gets to know you very well he might drop the card really soon.

Also he’s a special pet since Keiji gets along with cute pets and also mean pets. Regarding that as his main power.

[To be friend of anyone and any pets too ^^] I love my dream pet :D

And this is a mini-story about us :):

When I met  him I told him I was really afraid of those pets who appear in the picture.


They made me faint thousand of times. I was really afraid and I was crying…


All of a sudden my hero pet appeared !!!


Keiji taught me not to fear them anymore! And he showed me the way to see that pet as a cute one :D


Thanks to Keiji I’ve never feared anymore and I know by his side I’ll never be afraid forever…

Thanks for checking my blog ^_^

3 Responses to “HKO Offline Event: Draw Your Dream Pet”

  1. Cuteness!! Ninjas are rad, and Keiji’s no exception. ;D

  2. AMAZING!!!I love it,great job Trompina…..

  3. thx

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