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It all begins with an evening flight IMG_4392with EVA Air, where the boarding pass is covered in pink and the surface of the aircraft covered with Hello Kitty and her friends.

Yes, this is our Hello Kitty Ultimate Dream Trip to Taiwan earlier at the end of last year!

The flight from Hong Kong to Taiwan is relatively short for just an hour and a bit, but in an aircraft this cute, we wish we would have stayed inside for much longer!

Look, my baby wouldn’t take his hands off my Hello Kitty boarding pass! –>


The cheerful music, welcome screen with a video of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dancing on board, the special fruit platter meal and the baby changing kit which they have been so kind to prepare for us are way beyond words - not to mention the (free) baby bottle marked EVA AIR they provided to us as a souvenir.  And did I mention even the toilet paper, the aircraft safety card and the refuse/airsickness bag has Hello Kitty marked all over it?

IMG_4413  SL731167

IMG_4457And of course the Ultimate Hello Kitty theme trip IMG_4458won’t just stop here, guess what’s next after we arrive?   We are checking into a Hello Kitty room at Grand Hi-Lai Hotel!  Look!  Even the hotel room door is pink!

Come on in!    I am sure you are all curious what’s inside! –>



Your eyes hurting yet???  Everything is flooded with Hello Kitty in here, from the bedroom, to the balcony, to the bathroom, and even all the goodies around the room:


And we cakitty03nnot stop just here - the hotel has arranged a ride on the exclusive Hello Kitty car around town for us so we ask them to bring us to the local Dream Mall which has a giant Sanrio Ferris Wheel on its rooftop.

There was no line at the Ferris Wheel when we got there, but since we wanted the red Hello Kitty car and nothing else, we waited for a little bit for our turn.


<- This is the car that we got ourselves in with Hello Kitty & Hello Mimmy in the background!IMG_4544

The Sanrio Ferris Wheel is so high up we got a fantastic view of the Kaohsiung City while inside the car.

The next morning, we had a very satisfying HIMG_4600ello Kitty breakfast up on the executive floor.  And before we leave, we paid a visit to the hotel’s own exclusive gift shop kitty04to pick up some cute goodies, and have a picture taken with the giant Hello Kitty plush inside the cute little store.

Mommy can’t be happier at this point, until she hits the airport and saw a sign for the Hello Kitty baby changing room and we ran in immediately.  She screams - can we take this home with us???


And after kitty02dropping a few more dollars at the world’s only Hello Kitty  Sanrio Gift Gate inside an airport, we waited in a waiting area filled with Hello Kitty pink chairs for our flight back home.

This truly really is a dream comes true for our family - we hope you enjoyed reading about our trip!


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Blue and white have always been our favourite color - and to live a dreams of just blue and white, where else is better on earth other than the island of Santorini in Greece?




To make the blue and white adventure even more complete, we have decided to stay at a cave-style traditional house right by the cliff - where everything is in some shade of blue and white:



And the food is too good to resist here in Santorini:


And the sunset is to die for!


Can life get any better than this???!!!!  We only wish we would call this place "home"! 

This is an entry for the Sanriotown Travel the World Event at http://blog.sanriotown.com/traveltheworld:hellokitty.com/

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