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Bella celebrated her 2nd birthday in Hawaii, so we decided to make it a tradition. Thanks to frequent flier miles and my sister (Aiyi), the travel agent, we were able to visit the islands again for her 3rd birthday. The title of Bella’s blog is “It’s All About Me, Me, Me!” which seems to be a constant mantra and it is no different when we are on vacation.


Since my sister is a travel agent, she likes to photograph our hotel rooms. The Hilton Prince Kuhio in Honolulu was recently renovated. It is a very nice hotel with breakfast, afternoon pupus (hors d’oeuvres) and 24/7 business center.


We got an oceanview room! It was quite lovely. The weather was a little rainy.

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This was Kitty-Chan’s first journey ever and where did she get to go? To beautiful Maui, Hawaii!!

Wailea, Hawaii

Excited on the plane ride to Hawaii...

This was Kitty’s first plane ride ever!! Look how excited she is…

Thristy after the long flight...

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I have been travelling from cities to cities for the past 4 years, with the bulk of it due to my work. I have indeed explored many new things within these years and I will share with you the beautiful sights and the best stuffs I have encountered!

~North America~


It was cold in the winter and all of us had ourselves wrapped up, took a ferry from fisherman’s wharf to this Alcatraz island. We had loads of fun trying to pretend as inmates!


NYC is a huge city with BIG fanciful lights, numerous financial institutions, art theatres, and did I mention about the shopping? Its fantastic! Its one of the buziest city I ever been to.


These pictures were taken during my most recent trip to the strates. We drove up to Napa and Sonoma Valley and had our ultimate wine tasting tour.


Next, let us drive a little further…. and end up in Yosemite National Park(you can start driving from San Francisco). It was one of my best road trip when we had alot of laughters and fun throughout the journey. The views of the national park is really breathtaking!!

Other than this, I have also done other road trips to:


And before I forget… I was surprised to find this in America! (I always thought HK is more popular in Asia. haha.) And I have one kitty to accompany me on all my travel trips! :D


That’s all for Amercia. Next issue will be on EUROPE!!


Travel the World Event (http://blog.hellokitty.com/traveltheworld)



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November 11, 2008 (Tuesday)

We’re back in Universal Studios, this time my 2 nieces came along with us. They don’t have any classes that day because it was Veteran’s Day. Naturally the place is more crowded when we first went there. Lots of tourists and non-tourist roam the theme park. We first headed off to Krustyland. My nieces haven’t been on it yet so they were really looking forward to take that ride. The wait time was about 45 minutes or so. That’s how crowded it was. We then had lunch right after the ride. Next stop is the Studio Tours which Froggy and I weren’t able to do the last time. The queue was really really long. But still we waited patiently for our turn. When the time came for us to take the tour, I was really looking forward to what new changes or non-changes they had. The usuals are there, the flood machine, the broken down bridge, Bate’s Motel, Jaws, Earthquake, and the different studio lots. Missing of course was the big hulking King Kong, the studio where the big guy used to be got burned down and they are in the middle of rebuilding the studio and other sets that got hit by it. New on the tour are Fast and the Furious, The Mummy, Wisteria Lane, War of the Worlds and some sets used in other films. The tour ran for about 45 minutes. When we’re done the kids wants to take the plunge at Jurrasic Park and The Mummy ride. So we went to those rides again. We parted ways for awhile when they wanted to take the Simpsons ride again. And we waited for them in the Universal City Walk. Time flew by and the next thing we know we’re going home.



“Step on the star, that will be your seating arrangement for the Studio Tours.”


“The Tale of Desperaux, will be shown this December. I just finished reading the book the other day. Cute story.”


“The broken down bridge.”


“Fast and the Furious cars did a collision scene. It even danced to the tune of Gasolina.”

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November 7, 2008 (Friday)

The Frog and I were suppose to go home that very day. Since the Frog is really a big Houston Rockets fan plus he found out that they were coming to LA to play against the Clippers. We opted to stay for another week. And got ourselves a couple of tickets via Stubhub. It was both our first time to watch a live NBA game. So naturally we got a bit star struck with the immensity of Staple Center, where the usually basketball game is always in play. We really got a good seat for a good price too!!! I was snapping away most of the time especially at Yao Ming (the Frog’s favorite player) I always see him on sports channel but in person he is really huge!!! He towered above all the other players. Froggy also gave me a crash course in basketball 101. I was really not into the game. But live games I found can be really exciting especially if the scores are really really tight. In the end, even if I didn’t become a converted basketball fan. I am in total respect for the game. By and by. Houston’s won!!! It was 83 - 92!!!


“The Golden Ticket!”


“Excited to watch the game live!”


“A statue of Shaquille O’Neil”


“The Staple Center basketball court.”



“Houston Rockets are warming up before the game.”

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