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So my cousin Guillermo has been in Spain for the last couple of months or a year getting his masters degree in computer engineering.  So of course, like any loving cousin, I went to see him all the way in Spain (what a drag XD) lol.  So I have documented it for you all to see….HAVE FUN READING!!!

It took forever to get there, but we got there :D.  Day one was traveling!



Day Two:   So we first went to the beach on my second day there, since it takes forever to get there from New York, so I just HAD to go to the beach and relax a bit.  This is Barcelona…



Me enjoying the beach, trying to tan but I failed miserably, LOL!


Sea shells we collected…She sells sea shells by the sea shore…


My cousin by the water.


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my entry for travel the world:

http://blog.hellokitty.com/travelthe world


it all started as a gift…

now kitty has toured paris…


and vienna…     parlamentat

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Currently I live in Germany so the flight to London was not that long.  As an American that doesn’t speak German, it was nice to see English signs again! Although I could hardly understand the locals sometimes lol. British English and American English are very different, but it was fun to learn the terms.

I am posting about this trip for the Travel the World contest! (http://blog.hellokitty.com/traveltheworld)  My photo of me with a Hello Kitty item is in the last picture ^_^ teehheee

Here is a picture of the center square, it was so busy and busling with people! 3.jpg

Me and FISHAYS!! At the London Aquarium. I <3 fishies!! ^_^

We went to Leicester Square and saw the latest Superman movie (yes that is how long ago this vacation was, but it was a blast!). The sign outside was neat, we got to watch them put it up.  See the crane in the photo?


At one point we stumbled upon Chinatown. There was this GREAT punk rock bar there.  We went in and had a beer, and I wanted a shot of taquilla.  The bartender (A girl with a mohawk) said they had no lemon or oranges or anything like that, just streight taquilla. it was awesome! LOL

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Here are my favorite pics from my summer holidays in London, with parents and brothers Art & Herc.


The UK Parliament  is a very popular sight. You can also see the most famous clock in the world, Big Ben. (the picture has been taken from the London Eye, a huge wheel hovering above the Thames river)


This is the old Townhall of London. It is now converted to a tourist complex that includes couple of small museums and a faboulous Aquarium that I visited, full of tropical fishes, jellyfish even sharks! (photo taken from the London Eye)


A very weired coral at the London Aquarium that looks like a sunny side up egg. ;-)


Three little jellyfish. (London Aquarium)

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Gah, I can’t believe I forgot to write about Venice o:
It was the most amzing city, considering it really is on water. There are absolutely no cars, but people have little boats to go down on the canals instead :D
…I forgot to tell Ao-chan about the amount of water in this city. So when we arrived, he was pretty mad.
“Kasumi. WHAT. IS. THIS.”
“Uhhhhm. Water?”
“CORRECT! Water is the /face of evil/. Which means this is the city of evil. I WANNA GO BACK TO FLORENCE. NOW.”
…I ignored his sulking 8D

Venice’s biggest canal, the Grand Canal ;D
Ao-chan’s head is too big, so I put two pictures next to each other xD (Although both were slightly cut off…)

Yeah. This is Venice’s waste disposal system =D Hahaha. A dump boat.
This interested Ao-chan a bit, so he was getting used to being so near what he calls ‘death’.

I’m surprised i’m still alive after I told Ao-chan what we were doing later xD
You just /can’t/ go to Venice and not go for a gondola ride. That would just be… uh… un-tourist-ish. xD

Some guy was singing in Italian in the boat next to us, but you couldn’t hear him under all of Ao-chan’s screaming.
“Ao-chan, calm down, you won’t die!”
He didn’t hear me… -_-U

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