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Here I am waiting and ready to take my flight on JAL.


This is the Lobby of the Shiba Park Hotel I stayed at in Tokyo.


This is downtown Tokyo in the Ginza district, so beautiful!!


This is a temple in Tokyo, I paid and shook a wooden box to get my fortune.  Sadly I got bad luck and as we were leaving I suddenly had a nose bleed and my teacher had to find some tissue for me!! = o_o =


I am here with my host partner in our sister high school in Hitachi city.


I got to try on a traditional silk kimono.  It was very pretty, but VERY expensive.


With more school friends ^_^

And that was the end of my trip.  I had a very fun time but only stayed for about two and a half weeks.  Sadly I could not take my kitty with me, but hopefully I will go back again and she will come with me!  =^_^=



I was in vacation in Marrakech this summer and as always when i leave for a long travel i put kitty with me,as you can see she is all taned lol

lazy kitty

Maroco is a wonderfull country ,people are very nice ,the foos very great i’m as my home there i love it! And kitty too!We are excitate to return next year =)


Hénné draw on my hand,i havent make too some black starts on my food


Poor animal =(


My hostel since the room of a friend


Marrakech city


the katoubia ,very beautifull place

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