“High School life , Oh my High school life”  Don’t really know the song but these famous lines lingers to me as I write this entry. As we explore college, my Highschool friends and I rarely see each other, weren’t able to go out every so often and so it’s nice to be able to rekindle the friendship every once in while. Thus, we plan to go on a trip tp MACAU!

Why Macau? Well, we’ve heard so much about the place and I think it is the closest thing to Las Vegas we can get here in Asia. Not to mention a touch of Venice experience in Venetian hotel. So why not, right?

Macau is compose of 3 Islands - Macau, Coloane and Taipa.

Macau Island is more of the Busy place where tourist activities and business takes place, Taipa is more of a residential area, a more laid back place to stay and Coloane is more of a historical heritage site.( Thanks to a Semi- Macanese native Ate Vanj, Diana’s cousin for all these infos ).

Will tell you more about the places and my adventures with my HS buddies in the next entries, For now, I’d focus on one of bravest undertaking I’ve made. My Macau SKY JUMP EXPERIENCE!

The Macau Tower, is the tallest  SkyJump tower tower and is the 10th tallest building  in the world ( Up to date ).  Height measures 338 m (1,109 ft) from ground level to highest point.

( Info from - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau_Tower)

View of the tower from a far

Outside shot on the observation deck

Tower Entrance fee -  44 MOP

The Lobby of the tower going to the observation deck is also a museum that exhibits Macau history and artifacts

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Here I am waiting and ready to take my flight on JAL.


This is the Lobby of the Shiba Park Hotel I stayed at in Tokyo.


This is downtown Tokyo in the Ginza district, so beautiful!!


This is a temple in Tokyo, I paid and shook a wooden box to get my fortune.  Sadly I got bad luck and as we were leaving I suddenly had a nose bleed and my teacher had to find some tissue for me!! = o_o =


I am here with my host partner in our sister high school in Hitachi city.


I got to try on a traditional silk kimono.  It was very pretty, but VERY expensive.


With more school friends ^_^

And that was the end of my trip.  I had a very fun time but only stayed for about two and a half weeks.  Sadly I could not take my kitty with me, but hopefully I will go back again and she will come with me!  =^_^=







I was in vacation in Marrakech this summer and as always when i leave for a long travel i put kitty with me,as you can see she is all taned lol

lazy kitty

Maroco is a wonderfull country ,people are very nice ,the foos very great i’m as my home there i love it! And kitty too!We are excitate to return next year =)


Hénné draw on my hand,i havent make too some black starts on my food


Poor animal =(


My hostel since the room of a friend


Marrakech city


the katoubia ,very beautifull place





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Yay! Time to share my other travel tales!

Brought to you proudly as I participate in


SanrioTown Travel the World event - http://blog.hellokitty.com/traveltheworld

This time, i would like to share about Kyushu. There’s so much to do there! I spent a good 15 days travelling around the entire area. Thankfully i bought the 15 day pass that allowed me to take on any train to anywhere in Kyushu!


I took a flight from Singapore to Taiwan so that i could take the Hello Kitty Plane to Kyushu. Never knew there was a Hello Kitty Plane until i was randomly yahooing on the net, and yes, i just had to sit in it! It was really exciting walking into a plane filled with Kitty tunes and Kitty food and Kitty seats and Kitty toiletries! It was like OMG!




When i finally arrived at Kyushu, i headed down to Ultraman Land. My husband simply loves Ultraman! He had to stay just opposite the land so that he could conveniently enter it everyday for the next 2 days we are spending here.

untitled-3.jpgWe checked in here!

We didn’t really know the language well, but got some hints on the net on how to get to the place, and since it was raining, we took a cab to the hotel. And guess what’s next?

YES! Stood outside Ultraman land, waiting for it to be opened. It was about 1.5 hours! We hovered around the place and took lots of pictures. My husband even ran up the hotel again to take a pic of the entire area.


The wait was worthwhile though, the characters were really cool on stage. They had the fancy laser lighting, really good kungfu! Signature poses!


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my entry for travel the world:

http://blog.hellokitty.com/travelthe world


it all started as a gift…

now kitty has toured paris…


and vienna…     parlamentat

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