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I have been traveling to my  parents home town since I was young.  The island is beautiful and it’s found in the Carribean Sea.  It’s called The Dominican Republic.  I usually go every couple of months or every year.  But this time around I didn’t go for almost 3 years.  It was still as beautiful as I remember.


I not only stayed in the resorts of The Dominican Republic’s famous Punta Cana, but I also went to visit my family members.  While I was in the town where my summer home is located, I noticed that many dogs were strays and were affected by some sort of polio that had their limbs almost hanging off their bodies.  It was awful! I have two dogs of my own and these images of stray dogs with no food or even water tore my heart in tiny little pieces.  I couldn’t save all of them, but I brought some of them to my summer home, even if my parent were a bit surprised and not really into it.


That there is Bethoven aka Toby.  I found him in an abandoned construction site.  I kept feeding him food everyday until he felt confortable enough to come in my home.  He was covered in flees and ticks, and was in need of a couple of shots.  I took him to the vet where they gave him a flee and tick bath and gave him his needed shots.  He was such a good boy, in search for affection.  The day I left I gave him to one of my neighbors who promised to keep him and take of him.

I also found two girl puppies thrown out in a dumpster.  I was told by the locals that people there usually throw any female puppies out because they have no money to get them spayed, and they don’t want to go throw the trouble of a menstruating dog or a dog in labor.  But I couldn’t resist.  They were just soooooo cute!!! And so small.  It looked like they were not waned so I had to go buy a bottle  to feed them milk.  And I soaked bread with the milk and feed it to them.  They were so cute!!!


I named them Layla (left) and Lila (right).


That’s me with the puppies.  I left them with my grandmother, since she has a big house with a huge backyard for them to play and grow in.


And this here is Vick, another puppy I found in my father’s construction site.  I couldn’t stand to leave him there so I also brought him home.

I plan to sometime in the future get my dad to invest some money into me making some sort of animal shelter and hire some vets to help the stray dogs in the area.  No dog should go on without at least water, and I hope to educate people on spaying and neutering their dogs.  It’s not really right for the dog, but if you cant sell the puppies and you throw them out to the streets you make the problem worse.  So to help prevent dogs from becoming strays we have to make people understand that they cant have their dogs running around making puppies.

There were also very nice scenery.  As my dad was driving by I took some pictures.



That’s the view from my house of the neighborhood I live in.

I also got the see the horses my cousin owns.  They were very beautiful.  Not big like the ones I see in Central Park, NY, but still very beautiful.


This one afternoon, in my grandparents farm, I was ordered by my grandmother to get water from this big blue tank for their dogs.  I look in the tank and I see many little things moving.  Then I realized it was like a million tadpoles.  I asked my grandfather how on Earth did those tadpoles get there.  I was about to accuse him of catching all of them to feed them to the dogs when he told me it seemed like a frog had gotten into the water and laid some eggs, which then hatched into the tadpoles.  I was so amazed at this.  Me already at 18 amazed at something so normal.  It was cool.  If I lived there I would actually keep one or two.  Here in America we buy them. LOL.  So i took some pictures of these magnificent tadpoles.


I was still curious about these tadpoles, and I couldn’t resist, I had to put my finger in there.  It felt very ticklish.  Like when you put your hand in the fish tank when your a little kid.  It was cool.


Yes that is my finger in there, LOL!!!

After I came back in August, I had to start school right away.  I plan to go back and start my animal shelter in the summer of 2009.  I want to help the animals in any way I can and try in some sort of way to bring animal rights and awareness to the community I have my summer home in.  I don’t plan to change everything in a year.  I just want people to know that they are alive and have feelings.  They bleed when you hurt them, they are happy when they are loved, they are sad when scolded.  They need a home, and if I can slowly bring people to realize this then I would feel like my efforts are not for naught.

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