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Latest Update

I’m back!  Not for good though.  School starts this Friday so… I’ll be busy again (before I even get rested arrrggg!!!). Worst (or best), I’m taking up my last subjects in MBA this term… strategic management & economics.  I heard they’re tough… so… I expect a pretty chaotic 3 months ahead of me!  Anyway, it’s good to be writing again!  I missed it actually!  So here goes… What has been happening to my dear life lately… 1st, we had our high school mini reunion last June 30.  Yup, finally after 12 years!  It was nice seeing old faces.  I wish more classmates came though… esp. my bestfriends (or at least 1 of them!  It pisses me off really when married people stop seeing friends just because they’re busy being married or raising a family?!? Hello?!? Look at me please… The heck, it’s their choice anyway.).  Things have changed a lot since then.  Most of us are of course a lot heavier than we were in HS!  Hehe  Anyway, most people have kids or are married.  Best part of the night for me was when we got to talk about real life stuffs— married life, raising kids, financial stresses, parents getting sick, etc.  I don’t know but I enjoy these kinds of conversations.  I feel a little wiser every time.  It’s like attending a seminar or support group session and learning from others, 1st hand.   Hehe  Anyway, I wish it happens again in December.   


Next, it was fiscal year-end!  And for finance people, you know what year-end means!  Longer hours, last minute adjustments, out of this world issues, people becoming more hardheaded and impatient… I’m glad it’s almost over (make Hussein finish his tax return TODAY for crying out loud!).  Interesting cause the last week of June has been really painful.  We had to finish up all requests in time for year-end and I had to hunt people down just so we can have a cl