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Saturday, February 14th, 2009


A flash of x years

Friday, February 13th, 2009

My x number of years just flashed past me. I try to tell myself that it does not matter, it does not matter and it does not matter but it does matter and it matters a lot! I am really too old! Argh. Gone were the days when I could see myself as (x-10)++ years old, when I could see half of the people I know as the elder folks. I am one of them now! Argh.

Frankly speaking, I should not complain about life seeming to flash past me because it did not, especially not in the last five years. I was slacking and doing nothing much half of those time, waiting for the sun to set during the day and waiting for the sun to rise during the night. I have not achieved much in the last five years or so and I do not blame anyone for it. I just did not and still do not know how to move on to the next phase of my life.

Putting never-ending complaints aside, birthday celebrations started five days before my actual birthday, which is a really fun idea! I had planned for it to start earlier than the actual day and to end only 15 days after the first celebration. Long celebrations are love.

Blu, Shangri-La

La Nonna, Holland Village


Jumbo, Clark Quay

Celebrations were held at Shangri-La, Holland Village, Clark Quay and my workplace! I love my bf, my good friends and my little pig. Two more celebrations next week, one with my little pig, yes again, and this time a proper dinner, and one with my forever-cheating good friend. I really appreciate people who want to celebrate my birthday with me. You never know which is my last birthday.

Dinner with Lovies

Sunday, January 18th, 2009


The above pictures were taken in November last year! I just got them transferred to my computer from my handphone, and yes, I am that slow. We had a little birthday celebration for one of our close friends. The following pictures were taken last evening. Dinner was at Chijmes’ Sun with Moon. I love their salmon belly and fried prawns appetizers! We had Beef Sukiyaki for our main.


My dearestest friends…

Friday, October 31st, 2008

… thanks for bringing laughter to my sad life. Dinner was at Sakura, a Japanese-named restaurant which offers international buffet. I love the Japanese buffet spread, especially the salmon and the tuna. I love the Japanese dessert spread too. Mochi, mochi and more mochi, and they come in five different colours. In addition to the lovely looking mochi, and waist-threatening cakes, there are two freezers with a total of more than ten tubs of ice-cream of different flavours.

On this day, we celebrated the birthday of one of my dearestest friends. I am glad that she enjoyed the food. She is the youngest among all of us! :D


(I took this picture so I am not in the picture. Well, my friend tried to take a picture of me and the other two, but he got half of my head and half of the other girl’s head off the picture. BOO!)

Saint Pierre the restaurant

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Last weekend, it was at Saint Pierre, the French restaurant we had our dinner. It was French food for high dining. We ordered the Degustation Menu:


- AMUSE BOUCHE: assorted nibble platter

[slap myself, ok? I forgot to take a picture of this!!!] Next,


- TARTARE DE TRUITE OCEANE: organic herb scented ocean trout tartare with mirin marinated ikura, consommé of momotaro tomato and japanese cucumber foam


- ROUGETS EN TEMPURA: tempura of red mullet fillet with nori crusted tiger prawns, brunoise of basil scented matsutake and sesame-tomato dressing with charred late season edamame


- TERRINE DE FOIE GRAS: pressed foie gras terrine with confit of bresse chicken, salad of artichokes, grilled corn and roasted hazelnuts




- CABILLAUD LARDE ET GRILLE: home smoked salmon larded black cod with barigoule of tsukiji market vegetables, asparagus tempura and miso-champagne reduction


- ROTI DE BŒUF A BASSE TEMPERATURE: low temperature roasted wagyu beef rump with braised tender leaf of cabbage, black truffle essence, oxtail scented root vegetables and morel infusion




- TARTE FRAMBOISE-YUZU: sand crusted tartlet of yuzu lemon cream, fresh raspberry with wild berries espuma and sorbet of lychee, raspberry and rose


- PISTACHE, POMME ET CANELLE: green apple marshmallow with cinnamon scented green apple sorbet, pistachio cake and confit of fuji apple

Nice food and oh, we met the Chef, Emmanuel Stroobant. No, I did not go to the kitchen. There was this monument-look-alike piece of animal leg cuffed and placed on top of a table in the dining area beside our table! I thought it was a fake animal leg until the Chef came out from the kitchen to slice some meat off it for the kitchen. He did that a few times. It was a pretty amusing sight and I still do not know why that is necessary.

Saint Pierre is located at 3 Magazine Road, #01-01 Central Mall

Sistaz Wedding!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I am so happy for this cousin of mine. She got married last Sunday, and I find everything that happened to her, sweetEST. She is such a lucky girl! She has become thinner and more feminine, woots, and her guy is a good catch, rich and yes-wife type. HeHe!

Along with her elder sistaz, the three of us were really close when we were tiny. We were like real sistaz! We used to stay with our paternal grandmother over the weekends, and made a bit of a hell for all the neighbours. I remember us running all over the place screaming at the top of our voices and hiding behind walls and pillars and screaming even louder when found. We were like those annoying kids I dread standing near to these days. Anyway, those were the days! I am so happy for her, really!

Look at the vintage car! It’s their wedding car. Coolx!


I like her morning gown. Simple but nice!


This is her afternoon gown. I think one has to be really thin to wear this, if not one will look like a Chinese dumpling.


Then came evening, wedding dinner was at The Fullerton Hotel. It has a very nice ballroom. You enter the ballroom from here…


…go down the stairs and there you are, in the ballroom. HeHe!


Her cousins and me! Those are her cousins, not mine!


Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Yes yes! It’s my birthday today! *Giggles* I am really, really happy with my birthday this year. For one, I received more than 20 sms from different people like colleagues, old friends, ex-students and relatives, all wishing me a Happy Birthday. Not forgetting the birthday greetings I got from people I know via MSN, facebook, and friendster, I am really, really happy with everyone in my life. At least for today.

Bf and another colleague even stayed up till 12MN to sing me a Happy birthday song although they were so, so tired. I am so, so touched. :)

Actually, my birthday celebration started last Saturday! Bf and I went to Equinox, a restaurant on the 70th floor of Swissotel.

From the 70th floor, these were what we saw:




On the 70th floor, these were what we had:





Cool, right? I wish I get to go there every weekend!

Then yesterday, three of my colleagues brought me to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, for a birthday lunch celebration! Johor Bahru is the part of Malaysia that is nearest to Singapore, and the school which I am working at is just on that part of Singapore that is nearest to Johor Bahru. One of them drove all of us there and back during lunch hour. I was told to bring my passport to work for that day! So exciting! These are the pictures I took during the lunch:


And a slice of birthday cake which they thought, was too small. So today, one of them sent this to me via email:



Fries Birthday at Il Lido

Sunday, October 21st, 2007


Il Lido is an Italian restaurant and lounge bar situated at a golf club here. We went there for dinner last night and wow, I made the right choice. Yay! I chose this place for dinner and the food was great. The scenery was great too.


The first course on the menu was pan roasted goose liver with green apple, honey and hazelnut sauce. Oh, it tasted really nice but it was so, so oily. My stomach felt kind of weird after that. :(

The second course on the menu was home-made tagliolini with live lobster and green asparagus tips. I like this course most! The tagliolini was really good. :)


The third course on the menu was usda prime beef tenderloin with sweetbreads, asparagus and truffle sauce. The medium raw beef was one of the best but I didnt finish it thought because I felt that my stomach was full. Actually, I think it was because of the oil from course no. 1.


Last course on the menu was molten lava dark chocolate cake, white chocolate and coffee gelato, served with coffee. Dont you love the blue plate?


Why do I have this strange feeling that my blog is turning into a food blog? Seriously, I should start doing something else three times a day other than eating.