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A Perth Experience

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007









I was going through some old photos again and I saw my Perth photos. I was in Perth about two years ago. It was during September and I remember that the weather was still a bit cold and rainy but everything else was nice. Actually, the cold and rainy part was also nice. It was not winter cold but just cold and I love walking along the streets with a cup of hot coffee when it wasnt raining and having a fat sandwich when I felt like having one. They have nice sandwiches. :) The rain was quite unpredictable and when it rained, I just let my hair and feet go wet. It was fun. Okay, it is fun if you are not heading for school or work.

The first picture was taken somewhere near Miss Maud Swedish Hotel , the hotel which I was staying in. I had Smorgasbord breakfast at the hotel cafe every morning and it was just pure great. The second picture was taken at Kings Park and Botanic Garden overlooking the city of Perth. The third and fourth pictures were taken at some bay. The fifth picture was taken at Pinnacles Desert and the building in the sixth picture looks like a church. The person in the seventh picture is me stroking an albino kangaroo at Caversham Wildlife Park, and I am sure you know the character in the last picture. The last picture was taken at home! You didnt think I took him to Perth, did you? As much as he wanted to join!

Elmo: *Bleah*