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My diary of a weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


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I dont think I have done this before. I am going to blog about this holiday diarily.

Day 1 (Thursday):
Our flight was due to leave at 3:15PM at SG Budget Terminal. We had some good lunch at the airport before we checked in a suitcase. Everything was so neat at SG Budget Terminal. The flight lasted for 50 mins and before we knew it, we were at KL Budget Terminal. It was a very short and smooth flight, and we were happily getting out of the plane and looking so forward to life and such, and for a split second when I saw this long fat queue oozing out of the terminal entrance, I actually felt quite light-hearted about it. What is that? Queueing up for washroom? With passports in hands? LOL.

No. That was the queue for immigration clearance. We had to join the queue not inside but outside the terminal! Can you imagine that? It was so long, and so freaking slow! It took us about an hour or more before they were done with us. Fortunately, getting a cab at the airport was pretty easy and the flat cab rate that we paid before we got a cab was really cheap considering the more than an hour’s ride to our hotel. We were really glad that we got a cab that easily, that it was paid for at the beginning and so we didnt have to worry about extra charges if there was a traffic jam.

Tada! Traders Hotel from the outside of Traders Hotel…


…Petronas Twin Towers from the outside of Traders Hotel…


…Petronas Twin Towers from our cosy room…


…outside from our cosy room…


…and my lovely xxx.


After snapping all the necessary pictures of our room, we decided to go for their late afternoon cocktail. You see, there was this really cool deal. We only had to pay an extra RM$45 per person per day for the hotel’s breakfast, afternoon tea and late afternoon cocktail. That is equivalent to three buffets in a day for three days. Initially, I was not that keen on taking up this deal because I thought it would be a waste of money since we would be going out for food anyway. In the end, we had most of our meals in the hotel. Afternoon tea was our lunch and late afternoon cocktail was our dinner. There was just so much food in the hotel that there was no need to step out of the hotel for food! That is exactly what one should do to squeeze into all her tiny dresses! *winks at tiffy*

We were pretty late for the late afternoon cocktail. There wasnt much food left but we managed to get some sushi, some pastries, some cocktail and some fruit juice out of the cocktail bar before we headed out to KL city for some sightseeing and dinner. It was a long walk, and there were puddles of water everywhere. Sigh.




We were trying to look for a particular Chinese restaurant but we couldnt find it so we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant.


The noodles was tasteless, and it was not about the noodles. :(


Day 2 (Friday):
We woke up early for breakfast. I just love the yummy buffet spread at Gobo Chit Chat!





After our sumptuous breakfast, we walked to KLCC mall to get tickets to go to Petronas skybridge. To our dismay, all the tickets for the day were given out. So we walked around the mall, had coffee at DOME and walked back to our hotel. It was time for afternoon tea, our lunch!

I dont remember what else we did after the afternoon tea but I know we stayed indoor in the lounge for quite a bit. It was pouring outside and in the lounge, there was a free computer terminal for use. I facebooked, and watched my blog a bit, and soon it was time for late afternoon cocktail, our dinner!

Afternoon tea and late afternoon cocktails are served in their lounge.






After my 205th sushi, I decided to stop eating sushi for the day. We went one floor up to the skybar. It was so beautiful!



Day 3 (Saturday):
Such a shitty skybridge. We woke up really early, and went to KLCC mall to try to get tickets again and guess what? I thought we reached KL Budget Terminal. The queue was so freaking long. We decided to give up on it. Well, at least the way back to the hotel wasnt draggy because we had breakfast to look forward to. :)




After breakfast, we took a train to KL Tower. Man, I think they have sewage as air.



It was a long walk to KL Tower and the weather was so hot I really pitied those Arabic women. We had some cold drinks at the first cafe that came to our sight.



After we had our cold drinks, we bought tickets to go to the tower’s viewing mall. Woots.





In the last picture, there is this brown building with two towers. That is the Times Square mall. We took a cab back to the hotel and had afternoon tea in the lounge. We were late and I was expecting nothing much left for afternoon tea but that was not the case. The bar was constantly refilled in a slow manner. I like that.

We rested a bit and it was time for late afternoon cocktail. Manz. Why does my holiday seem a tad more fattening when I am blogging about it?




It was pouring outside. Look at this nice picture I took.


Oh. We had wanted to go to the revolving restaurant at KL Tower for dinner on this evening, our last evening in KL, but we were told that the restaurant was booked for the next three days. Seriously!

Day 4 (Sunday):
This was our last day in KL. Our flight was at 4:40PM and we were due to check out of the hotel room at 12:00. We had our last breakfast at Traders Hotel. :(

I ordered mee-siam from the guy behind the buffet bar. Can someone please tell me why their mee-siam looks like this?


So back to my favourites: Olives and salmon.


After breakfast, we went back to the room and started packing. We checked out at around 11:00AM and went to Gobo Upstairs Lounge and Grill. Seriously, what kind of a name for a restaurant is this?




We had our lunch there. Nice.


I like this thing they have in the restaurant to hold the wine bottles.


We left for the airport after our lunch. One last picture.


Man, this is the longest post I have ever written in the last ten years although I only started blogging two years ago.