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That can of worms

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Will you still have time for me when your friends start asking you out again every weekend?

Will you still have a short chat with me in the late afternoon when there is another ms. china or ms. god knows where, who likes to walk home with you, and have dinner with you?

Why am I worried about these things when you have been so nice to me in the last few weeks or even months, when you have booked a trip for us to Bali, and when I know that you love me and only me, at least in the last few months. I wish I know how to treasure you. I think I do, it’s just that when that can of worms gets to me, it starts to hurt all over again.

I hate myself for being a weakling in the past and for manipulating myself to live a life I despise for the sake of that few days each week when you splurged your attention on me and made me feel loved.