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Long weekends are loves, or are they?

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

With Good Friday falling on Friday - duh, we had a long weekend last week. I had a good time playing games and watching telly with my bf. Long weekends are loves, or are they? I suspect that they are evil. They make you think that life is better than it really is, and when the weekend is gone and you are being thrown back into the wells of horror, you feel the blow at double the intensity.

I was back at work on Monday, and after two meetings, I was totally wretched. My body was aching so much and my nose was starting to give me crap. I left my work place earlier than usual to visit the doctor and to get some medicine and a medical leave certificate only to have to spend the next 1.5 hours queuing up before it was my turn to meet the bloody doctor. In fact, there were four bloody doctors in the clinic but I guess there were just too many patients. After waiting for 1.5 hours, my number was finally called and I went to the room only to find that he was the doctor whom I gave a disgusted face to when he left his room earlier to go to the washroom. Anyway, he had the cheek to tell me that I was having a fever. Of course I was having a fever by then. I fell so much sicker just standing outside their rooms and waiting for 1.5 hours. I thought my ordeal would end there but nono. The facially and probably mentally confused clinic assistants were spending so much time just floating around and doing at most half a task at any one time, and I am not trying to be mean. After 15 minutes of waiting and seeing that it was not like they were busy giving medicine to other patients, I went up to them and asked them about my medicine. One fat-a-s-s finally squeezed herself into the drug room and got my medicine. I left the clinic in a condition worse than I was in before I visited the clinic. So Tuesday I was on leave and it was rest for the whole day.

I should really stop whining. Back to last long weekend, I made a nice dinner with my bf. I made a salad with lettuce, bell pepper, mushrooms, avocado, eggs and chicken. My bf made grilled salmon with carrots. It was a very nice dinner.


I made this salad but I have to admit that my bf stir-fried the bell pepper, the mushrooms, the avocado, and grilled the chicken.


Look at my bf’s sexy a-s-s.


It was a nice dinner. The salmon was so good and the chicken in the salad was so good too!


By the way, have you tried or seen Meiji’s Rich Strawberry chocolate bar? I bought one the other day and guess what?


My curtain is so pretty. Nono, the chocolate is in a dark shade of red. It tastes very strawberry, a bit too sweet for me. I still prefer the original milk or dark chocolate from Meiji. On the same shelf in the mart, I saw green and gold coloured wrapper Meiji chocolate bars. I think they are green tea and pistachio.

To Taipei and Back: Jioufen

Friday, April 10th, 2009

On the second day of our trip, we joined a tour that took us to various major attractions in Taipei, of which, one is Jioufen, a mountain town in Taipei County. Jioufen is my second favourite destination, after Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe. I love Jioufen’s Kyoto-like upward streets that take us to the top of the mountain, the red retro lanterns that are hung outside the shops, and the view from the top of the mountain.

This is where most coaches and buses would stop at. Most people start their journey to the top of the mountain by foot mid-way from here. On the way up, there are many shops that would catch your eyes and delay your time. Good delay, of course.







This is one of the pictures I like most. I like the retro red lanterns! Most of the shops sell interesting but weird-looking food and most of the food are made by the villagers of the town.







These pictures were taken at the top of the mountain, at the end of the streets. You have to love the view. It is so beautiful.







Lastly, this is a picture of me with my other boy.


Short story long, we bought many bags of mochi from a shop which was recommended by our tour guide, only to find out later that she has a share in that shop and all their mochi are brought up from Taipei city. I did not care that much when she first admitted it to the coach-load of us after we bought their mochi and were back in the coach for departure. When I came back home, my colleague said that I should have bought the mochi made by the villagers instead. That makes sense to the max. Why should I take care of the stupid tour guide’s extra pocket money when she and all her cunning accomplices are just big bullies to the villagers?

Hello, Nobody

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I think my enthusiasm at blogging has reached an all time low. Honestly, I love my blog, all my previous posts and all our existing exchanges of comments. I treasure all the fun I had with my blog. Every single post I have on my blog meant a lot to me, and they still do, and I cannot imagine losing them. I want to continue making a new post every now and then, just like before, but when I see the number of hits I get for my blog each day, I get very discouraged and then, I do not feel like writing anything for it anymore.

Sadly, my lack of enthusiasm does not stop at blogging. My enthusiasm for everything has reached an all time low. I am so lethargic these days I sometimes lose myself. I do not even feel like doing anything anymore. I am just waiting for each day to pass so that I can move on to the next day and then, I will be waiting for that day to pass. I guess I really need a change of life.

When I am online and have nothing important to do (which happens most of the time), I will just stare at Facebook and wait for any update from anyone, or play silly Facebook games. Life gets so much easier and more entertaining on Facebook. I do not know which is true, that I am bored because I am always on Facebook or I am always on Facebook because I am bored. I would usually not notice how time flies until the remaining evening reaches its end, and I would still be at it. Lying in bed after that, I would regret wasting away my day and in bigger pespective, my life, on nothing, but I would be relieved that the day is over, only to be up again the next day doing exactly the same thing. It is almost like I am looking forward to living in another dimension because I do not know what to do in reality anymore.

I am so tired of this.

M.A.C. Hello Kitty Cosmetics & Accessories

Friday, April 3rd, 2009


Manufacturer of Cosmetics, Make-up Arts Cosmetics (widely known as M.A.C), recently launched the limited edition of Hello Kitty cosmetics and accessories. They come in four categories: Hello Kitty Kouture, Hello Kitty Wild, Hello Kitty Mild and Hello Kitty Accessories. Check them out! Some of the items are still available!