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Goodbye, H

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I know I will miss you very much when you are no longer with us at our work-place. I do not know if I am your best friend but I know you like me very much and have shown extra interest, care and concern in me. In the last two years or even more, we have grown closer and have had such a fun time working together at the same place and gossiping about every single walking body that does not make sense to us. You are such a fun person to be with and deep down in my heart, I really wish that you do not have to go.

So often, you brought smiles to my face when you told me where you were, what you were doing or when you asked me were I was, what I was doing. There was always something funny in our messages. You never stepped past the privacy line when you sensed that there was one and to you, I did the same. We were so comfortable being with each other I think I never had such a good friend like you for a long time. We never really dismissed messages from each other although at times, we might have delayed our replies. We had such a fun time just screwing up our mobile-phone bills by sending each other all the nonsensical messages, and recently, multimedia messages. It was all so fun. I wish I had the chance to tell you that my penguin is not real and that you should not believe everything I say….

….I wish I could stop tearing as I type this…. I have thanked you for being my friend… and I know I will always remember you and all the laughter we shared….


Enough of some s-hole

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

For calling me/colleague H/sgreans in general - STUPID SGPOREANS - when we did not do anything wrong to deserve that filth from your mouth. No, wait a minute. I did not do anything CLOSE to wrong. I did not join you for lunch. You joined me. I did not talk to you. You talked to me. When you asked me where colleague H is going to after leaving our organization, I replied that if you want to know, you should ask her, and then you gave me the FILTH OF YOUR MOUTH.

Hope you die a painful death. DAMN you, australian.

Throbbing with unhappiness

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Years of trying and yet I am not good enough. You can assure me a million times that I am this and that but your actions clearly show otherwise. It is almost impossible for me to believe anything you say now and even if I could, I wont. I refuse to let it happen to me a fourth time. Internet, forum, skype, pirate-bay, etc, they are always there for you and if I cannot fight them, I am giving up. Fact is, I cannot fight them and I am not even going to try anymore.

Baby Westie + 3 = ?

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

…BEAR! Seriously, look at the picture on the bottom right. That was me carrying my friend’s baby westie when he was a few months old. Prince was so small and cute then. Well, I cant say he is not cute now, three years later, but he is so huge and BEARish and his ears do not stand anymore! Does anyone know why this is happening to my beloved westie?! Are their ears not supposed to be permanently standing? I poked them up and they went down almost immediately!



Saturday, February 14th, 2009


A flash of x years

Friday, February 13th, 2009

My x number of years just flashed past me. I try to tell myself that it does not matter, it does not matter and it does not matter but it does matter and it matters a lot! I am really too old! Argh. Gone were the days when I could see myself as (x-10)++ years old, when I could see half of the people I know as the elder folks. I am one of them now! Argh.

Frankly speaking, I should not complain about life seeming to flash past me because it did not, especially not in the last five years. I was slacking and doing nothing much half of those time, waiting for the sun to set during the day and waiting for the sun to rise during the night. I have not achieved much in the last five years or so and I do not blame anyone for it. I just did not and still do not know how to move on to the next phase of my life.

Putting never-ending complaints aside, birthday celebrations started five days before my actual birthday, which is a really fun idea! I had planned for it to start earlier than the actual day and to end only 15 days after the first celebration. Long celebrations are love.

Blu, Shangri-La

La Nonna, Holland Village


Jumbo, Clark Quay

Celebrations were held at Shangri-La, Holland Village, Clark Quay and my workplace! I love my bf, my good friends and my little pig. Two more celebrations next week, one with my little pig, yes again, and this time a proper dinner, and one with my forever-cheating good friend. I really appreciate people who want to celebrate my birthday with me. You never know which is my last birthday.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Watch

Saturday, February 7th, 2009


The 2009 Hello Kitty Swarovski watches have arrived in Japan and each watch is priced at USD$580. The crystal-encrusted watches are available in white and pink. They were designed in Italy by Vabene and manufactured in Japan by Citizen. These crystal-encrusted watches are still cheaper than the Neiman Marcus diamond-encrusted Hello Kitty watches…


…but there is no reason to like them less!!!

Marié Christina Digby

Friday, February 6th, 2009



She is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist who is famous for her youtube video uploads of her singing the acoustic versions of cover songs from famous artists/bands like Linkin Park, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Nelly Furtado, etc.

This is her singing one of my favourite songs - All Good Things Come to an End - by Nelly Furtado. I am usually not a big fan of such acoustic videos of famous-wannabes but I have to admit that she is quite good. I like her voice and she looks like she has the potential to be famous. Perhaps every now and then, I might even prefer to listen to her singing this song rather than Nelly herself, and I listen to Nelly’s at least once a day!

I had intended to stop here for this post but I just found out that she had already signed with Hollywood Records and completed her first album of original songs before she started uploading to youtube, videos of her singing famous artists/bands’ cover songs. Thinking back, I had noticed several of her video uploads and even listened to one or two of them just to hear what she can do with the already famous songs. She had used the original artist/band’s name and the original song title as the title to her video uploads, so I do not have to explain how her video uploads in Youtube, and subsequently her name, became famous.

Frankly speaking, she sounds pretty talented but I think to be a famous musician, you not only need the talent, you need the right song/music and the right opportunity. Looking at what she had done to make herself more visible, and subsequently, her original and subsequent albums, I think she had kind of cheated.

[Seriously, I really like the dress she is wearing in the second picture]

Happy CNY!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Every year, the Chinese New Year celebration begins on the first day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar, and lasts for 15 days. Woots, 15 days of celebration but be envious of the Chinese not because not every day is suitable for partying. I read from Wikipedia, the following to-do’s and not-to-do’s:

1st day of CNY
To-do: to visit the oldest members of extended families.
To-do: to welcome the deities of heaven and earth.

2nd day of CNY
To-do: married daughters to visit their birth parents.
To-do: to pray to ancestors.
To-do: to be extra kind to dogs as it is the birthday of all dogs. (-_-”)

3rd and 4th days of CNY:
To-do: to visit graves of loved ones.
Not-to-do: to visit relatives or friends that are still alive.

5th day of CNY:
To-do: to eat dumplings.
To-do: businesses to re-open on this day as it is the birthday of the Chinese god of wealth.

7th day of CNY:
To-do: to eat yusheng as it is the birthday of everyone.

9th day of CNY:
To-do: taoists to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven as it is the birthday of the Jade Emperor.

15th day of CNY:
To-do: to eat rice dumplings to celebrate the last day of CNY.

Hmm, nothing is said about the 6th, 8th, 10th-14th days of CNY. I wonder if these days are meant to be free-and-easy. Anyway, CNY is a pretty big thing in SG. The first two days of CNY are public holidays and about a month before the first day of CNY, shopping crazes can be spotted everywhere in shopping malls and food markets when people start getting ready for CNY. Most businesses are closed on the first day of CNY and this is probably the one day on the calendar that sees so many businesses closed for an occasion.

A large part of my first day of CNY was spent at home with my laptop, my bed and my air-conditioner, and stuffing myself silly was what I did with all the CNY candies and cookies. In the evening, I visited my grandmother and had dinner at her place with my relatives.

The second day of my CNY was also spent wasted but still, in the good sense, of course. I was feeling so lazy and only visited my cousin’s family near evening time. I had dinner at their place and it was nice and quiet there as all their visitors had left.

I had to work on the third day of CNY and I visited my grandmother in the evening. My aunt was holding a birthday celebration for her and we had a good time. Before I went to her place, I had a hard time looking for a birthday present for her. It was the third day of CNY, and most flower shops were not ready to sell flowers and not a single Chinese herbal shop was open. I bought the last bouquet of flowers from the supermarket!

Oh oh, I had yusheng with my bf on the sixth and not seventh day of CNY. Being early-birds, we believe in being earlier than others so we had it a day earlier. The truth is, I forgot to check out the right day to eat yusheng. Oops.