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Things to do in Paris

Monday, December 15th, 2008


Two weeks ago, the bf bought a travel book on Paris but I have yet to look through it thoroughly so I do not know any other popular attractions in Paris other than Eiffel Towel, Musee du Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.

Then yesterday, I was told to look out for the places that I would like to visit. From the first few websites I visited, I gathered that the six attractions that are not to miss are Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Centre Pompidou, Cite des Sciences at de l’Industrie and Musee d’Orsay.

With more findings, other well-known places of interest are:
–> Palais des Congres
–> Champs Elysees
–> Champs Elysees Cinema District
–> Musée du Quai Branly
–> Bois de Boulogne
–> Palais de la Decouverte
–> Notre Dame
–> Botanical gardens Jardin des Plantes
–> Eurodisney

Frankly speaking, I do not know how to pronounce any of the above attraction names other than Eurodisney and ironically, we are not going to Eurodisney and that is for sure. Hmpf.

Talking about hmpf, I really hate this. I have been looking for cashmere/wool tops for the past few weeks but nothing of that sort came up. Then less than 3 days before I leave, I chanced upon these on some online website:




The prices are reasonable and I do not even mind paying the small delivery fee but guess what?! It would take 3-7 working days for the goods to be delivered to my place! Sigh, never mind.

hello kitty BRA shop

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I was contemplating between hiding the word or accentuating it, and decided to accentuate it. How did I know about this shop? I was not searching for hello kitty BRAs if that is what you are suspecting!! I am too young for BRAs!! Then how did I know about this shop? I heard about it from someone (of course!!) and decided to search for it online so that I can blog about it (that’s all!!). It turns out that there is only a Chinese website linked to it, or at least all the outlets seem to be in China:


Oh, I love this map which I got from the website!! Look at the labels!! Hello Kitty’s ribbon!! I am so fascinated by the idea and I wonder why default labels on maps are always inverted water-drop or some boring looking whatever. Every map should use Hello Kitty’s ribbon as their labels!! Okay, I am so random so back to my original topic. As I have explained earlier, I was not looking for hello kitty BRAs but guess what? I happened to chance upon these…




…while accidentally browsing the catalog on the website. I think they look nice. What do you think? Should I…eat broccoli tonight?

Seriously, I am so confused. What are all these doing in my computer?




Christmas in the air…

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

…even for my 2008_12_11_purplies.jpg !!!





10 days to Holland, 13 days to Paris…

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

…and I have not packed and am still lacking in stuff I would need. I did some shopping today and even with a checklist, I still missed out on a number of items. I hope I will not have trouble with packing as packing would require a significant level of brain power and physical power and I am seriously lacking in both. I also hope I will not get whirling spells during or after the flight. Sigh.

Thankie to all my dear friends, for your kindness and concern. I feel so attended-to in the past few days, and have rested enough to be able to start living my life normally again although I still experience the whirling spells, but less. I get it when I lie down and when I get up. Thankie WHJ, for sharing with me his own experience and even wrote me messages on MSN in case I was too slow to get the one he wrote on my blog. I would not have known that lying on my tummy would reduce the whirling effect. It works and now, I lie on my tummy before getting up from bed. It seems that I am not alone, not that I feel happy to know that I am not that only one suffering from this strange illness. I read the symptoms of Vertigo, the medical illness and I believe that they are the same as what I had experienced and am still experiencing. I know how to prevent the whirling spells from catching up with me but I feel disgusted by the fact that I have to go extra miles to prevent it from happening to me. I can get it by simply looking down at my feet while standing. How argh is that?

Oops, I think my story has moved away from the title of this post. This will be my second trip to Holland, and I hope everyone will be happier this time (with me around). Paris is my xmas gift for this year. I will share the pictures with you, my dear friends, as soon as I can.

Whirling (bad) times

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I am actually too sick to blog but I want to have this written down in case something happens to me and then I might regret not making use of the short time I had to tell the tale. Not that it is much of a tale anyway.

On Tuesday night, something terrible happened to me. I had a usual day at work and when I reached home, I spent some time in front of my laptop chit-chatting with my friends on MSN and playing with my pet on FaceBook. Reaching 11PM, I decided to call it a day so I shut down my laptop, switched off the lights and as I was lying on my bed, all ready to sleep, I decided to send a message to my friend via my handphone. As I was writing the message in the dark, I felt myself falling off the bed. It was all so fast and I was so shocked that I did not move. I was shocked because I did not remember rolling myself in my bed and I was even more shocked when I realized that I had not fallen off the bed, and had, in fact, not moved at all. It was a whirling spell that illusionalized me, and the first of all the subsequent whirling spells that followed. I lay on my bed for a minute, and decided to sit up but the moment I tried to sit up, I was pushed back to bed in such a great force I screamed aloud. If I were any more superstitious, I would have been scared to death thinking that there were some evil spirit in my bedroom. I do not believe in that, but still, I was scared to mute silence after hearing myself scream and knowing that everything was not a dream. I did not know what was happening to me. It took me a long time to gather enough courage to try to sit up again, but again I was pushed back in the same great force. I forgot how many times I tried to get up, but I remember telling myself that I had to get out of the bedroom and to aim for the couch in the living room. On my first try out of bed, I did not make it further than my bedroom door. I fell on the floor on my own because everything was whirling so badly my vision was toppling at fast speed. My body and my eyes did not know what was vertical and what was not anymore. I sat down on the floor and weeping with sheer fright was all I could do. After a while, I gathered enough courage to move to the couch in the living room. I spent some time there trying to sleep sitting up and hoping that everything would be fine when I woke up. It did not, and the same thing happened to me again in the middle of the night when I tried to move back to my bedroom. I was so afraid but I was also very angry with whatever that was. I wanted to fight it off. In all my pain, I sent a message to my brother using my handphone. I told him to give me a ride to the hospital the next morning.

My brother sent me to the hospital the next day and I must say that the doctors, or at least that particular doctor at CHANGI HOSPITAL A&E, sucked. I told him what happened to me, and he did not seem to find any catch in my story, like it is freaking normal for anyone to have such a whirling experience for the first time. He asked if I had it often, if I had fainted and if I had fits. I told him no, no, and no. If it was that serious, I would not have walked in on my own and be put on the least urgent queue, right? His dull expression irritated me and I still feel that he could have at least referred me to someone who knows how to check an eye or a half a head when I told him that my whirling experience could be caused by my right eye or the right side of my head because I felt numbness in those two areas since the start of the whirling spells. What he did was really a joke. He took me to one corner and made me read the numbers on a freaking eyesight-checking board, or whatever that is called. Then he told me there was nothing wrong with my eyes! Like, DUH!!! So I asked him if I should just ignore the numbness in my right eye and on the right side of my head. He thought for a while and told me to squeeze my eyes shut, then he tapped my cheeks, first on the left and then on the right, and asked me if I felt any difference. I said no, and he started to look like I was wasting his time, like he did not get why I was there. Then, he sent me for an ECG - some heart check, and that proved nothing wrong with my heart. He told me my blood pressure, my sugar level, my heart whatever are all fine and that I should just drink more water and have more sleep!!! I was happy to be ‘kicked out’ but not happy with his putting my pain off like it was nothing.

It has been more than 24 hrs since my visit to the hospital. Well, he could be right, thank goodness. I still feel numbness on the right side of my eye and on the right side of my head, and I still experience short whirling spells when I go from sitting to lying down. No matter how slowly I do it, I still get the whirling spell but now, I close my eyes to fight it off. That is about all I can do.

With less severe whirling spells came a migraine, what great luck I have. If you do not see my next post in 20 years, I am probably dead.

Learning Dutch 101

Monday, December 1st, 2008

My xxx bought me a Learn-Dutch book last weekend. It is my first Learn-Dutch book, and my second Learn-New-Language book. My first one is Japanese. I got through the first few chapters of the Learn-Japanese book but not using the language was a big minus point to my learning it because once I stopped revising what I have learnt, I forgot every single byte of it that had been in my head.

Anyway, I had my first formal Dutch lesson on the same day I got the book. It is definitely not easy for me for I am not good at learning languages. However, having a book helps, because I get to revise what I have learnt if I am not too lazy. My laziness rarely sets in, I tell you, unless when the bed is around. The problem is, the bed is always around.

A-ah, B-bay, C-say, D-day, E-ay, F-eff, G-HGay,
H-hah, I-ee, J-yay, K-kah, L-ell, M-emm, N-enn,
O-oh, P-pay, Q-kEE, R-air, S-ess, T-tay, U-EE,
V-fay, W-vay, X-iks, Y-ye???, Z-zett

Exercise 1 Read the following:
boer, peer, straat, boot, poel, man, pot, trein, tuin, leeuw, bus, buur, pen, poot, taai, aardig, nieuw, groei, mooi, nou

Exercise 2 Write down the plurals of these nouns:
trein-> treinen, leeuw-> leeuwen, boer-> boeren,
peer-> peren, poot-> poten, buur-> buren,
pen-> pennen, tuin-> tuinen, bus-> bussen,
boot-> boten, straat-> straten, man-> mannen,
deur-> deuren, maan-> manen

If the word contains a vowel pair (aa, ee, oo or uu), the plural of the word is obtained by removing a letter in the vowel pair and adding en to the back of the word. So the plural of maan is manen, the plural of peen is penen, the plural of poot is poten, and the plural of buur is buren.

If the word contains a vowel (a, e, o, or u), the plural of the word is obtained by doubling the last letter of the word and adding en to the back of it. So the plural of man is mannen, the plural of pen is pennen, the plural of pot is potten, and the plural of bus is bussen.

The plurals of all other words are obtained by adding en to the back of the word.