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What is love?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

This used to be a hard question for me, or rather, I would have easily taken care of it with some widely acceptable answers. I might not have realized how it had affected my life, or the people around me. Or I might have, but did not bother to do anything. Or I might have tried to do something, but in a wrong way.

Recently, I find it so much easier to live with the person I love, for I have gained much insights to the answers for this question. Love is accepting him for who he is and not comparing him with others. Love is letting him know what I am uncomfortable with. Love is putting myself in his shoes before blowing matters up. Love is treasuring the time we have now and not crying over the past.

In case you are wondering if I am who you thought I was, yes, I am tingal. Perhaps it does not sound right here but well, it is just something I want to share with you, my dearest SanrioTown friends.

It has been a few weeks since my bf and I were not nice to each other. For quite a few months prior to these few weeks, we were doing such a crappy job as a pair. There were so much we did not understand about each other, and it just got worse month after month and sadly, year after year. I am glad we made some progress in the recent weeks, and I hope we continue to understand each other.

Paris est pour les amoureux - Paris is for lovers

Remember this post of mine? Now, guess what?

My latest addiction, still

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008





This is like the third time I am talking about my addiction in SanrioTown. She is Purplies, my Facebook pet. Recently, Pet Society, the group that manages this Facebook application, decided to segregate our pet’s house into different rooms. So there we have, several rooms in the house to doll up for our pet. It has to be the loviest application I have had, and by far, the best application in Facebook.

I love Pet Society!!!

Some people are just nice-to-know (full-stop)

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I know the title sounds mean. In fact, the post is not going to get any nicer. Let me know if I have overreacted - but not before you read what I have written. Argh, why am I doing this in the first place? I hate myself every other minute for publishing this post. What if she ends up on my blog some day!? On the other hand, if I do not publish what I have written, what should I do with the post?

Anyway, short story long. She invited me to her apartment’s gym for a workout session and I agreed without much thought, reasons being she mentioned that she did not like to do workout on her own, and my fat level was too high I did not think rejecting an invite to a workout session was an option. So that evening, I walked from my place to her apartment. Sweaty and tired, I reached her place about 10-min late, after a 15-min walk. She was waiting at the guardhouse for me, and the first thing I saw when I reached the guardhouse was her grumpy face and from it came a few strings of grumpy text. Okay, so I was late. I can take a grumpy face with some grumpy text. It is ok.

We headed straight for the gym straightaway and I started using the only treadmill in the gym. She had earlier mentioned that she did not like the treadmill. I jogged for about 10-min on the treadmill and from the time I started jogging to the next 180 seconds, she was going around the gym, spending about 20-sec at each workout station and the rest of the time trying to figure out how to use the equipment. When she was done, she told me that she had to the gym’s bathroom. The last thing I would expect a resident user of the gym to do is to go for a 20-min full shower in the gym’s bathroom when her apartment is just nearby. When I was done with my jogging, I did nothing but waited pathetically in the gym for her. She took so freaking long and it pissed me slightly that she came out with washed hair and washed everywhere, and took her own sweet time to put on her socks and shoes. I did not get why she went for a shower in the gym’s bathroom, and why she needed a full shower after a 3-min workout. I could not take the curiosity, so I asked her. She replied that she thought we were going to the next street for dinner, and she wanted to be clean for that. I was comtemplating whether I should just let it go, that she probably was just being considerate and would rather have me wait a lifetime for her to shower, when she told me that she needed to go back to her apartment before leaving for dinner because she wanted to swap her socks and shoes for comfortable slippers. Argh, I was so tired and hungry, and all I wanted was a dinner or maybe even no dinner, so that I could get on my way home for a shower and a good rest. She just had to live in her own life and made me part of it.

Dinner time was not easy. We went to Subway after what she wanted was not available. Argh, she did not want to take her own Subway sandwich because she thought it was too heavy, so fine, we ordered one and shared. Each sandwich meal comes with a drink and two cookies. She chose one cookie and I chose a different one. Once we sat down at our table, I started eating the cookie I chose with my hand, and she was shocked because she thought we were sharing half of each cookie we had chosen, and I was using my hand on the one I was eating! On top of all these nonsense, she was being grumpy and kept challenging me to what I was saying.

I was so glad dinner was over and I could walk home. She offered me a ride home but I was more than eager to walk home on my own.

I am Hello Kitty’s No. 1 fan!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

See what I found in my wardrobe?!

mckitty_season_1_malay_wedding.JPG mckitty_season_1_chinese_wedding.JPG
mckitty_season_1_japanese_wedding.JPG mckitty_season_1_korean_wedding.JPG
mckitty_season_1_romantic_wedding.JPG mckitty_season_2_china.JPG
mckitty_season_2_france.JPG mckitty_season_2_japan.JPG
mckitty_season_2_england.JPG mckitty_season_2_kingdom.JPG

Remember these? They are the McDonald’s Hello Kitty sets. They came from two seasons, and I got all the sets from both seasons! Hover over each picture to see its theme. The first season was in 2000, the Millennium year. I remember queuing up on the first day of the year to buy a normal McDonald’s meal and a Hello Kitty Space Wedding (Hello Kitty) since one was entitled to buy a Hello Kitty doll with the purchase of a McDonald’s meal. That day, I was there for a McDonald’s meal and for a long time after, that was the last time I was there for that reason. Anyway, it was only when I found out from the news that same evening that there was a craze going on and many people were queuing up for the Hello Kitty Space Wedding pair, and that McDonald’s might run out of stock for that pair before the end of the week, that I decided to join the misery the very next day to get the Hello Kitty Space Wedding (Dear Daniel). Thereafter, I was hooked to getting each set. If you had heard of people could not sleep well because they were worrying about not being able to get the new set, I was one of them!

I never thought I would keep them for so long. Then, I made sure I had a set of each, and I dumped all of them in my wardrobe. One day, many years later, e.g., yesterday, while cleaning my wardrobe, I decided to dump most of my stuffies except these because I want to have them with me when I marry my salmon!

What a way to die

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

He committed suicide by jumping into the white tiger enclosure and was mauled to death by the two white tigers. He is a malaysian contract cleaner at the SG zoo, and was seen behaving strangely before he left the zoo, bidding farewell to others and telling them that they will not see him again. He returned 5 mins later, jumped over the low wall, landed in a moat, and walked up to where the white tigers were.

Visitors who were watching the white tiger enclosure thought it was a show. He had jumped into the enclosure with a broom and a bucket, and had started provoking the white tigers by swinging the broom and yelling at them. As two of the three white tigers were approaching him, he pulled the bucket over his head and curled himself in a foetal position. On the first swipe taken by one of the two white tigers, he started screaming in pain and there was blood, and then both white tigers were mauling him while the third white tiger watched on. Visitors then knew it was not show and started screaming for help. Some tried throwing stuff into the enclosure to distract the two white tigers. Zookeepers tried to separate the white tigers from the man by opening the door to the feeding area but one of the two white tigers apparently continued to attack him for several minutes. Once the white tigers were all locked up in the feeding area, the zookeepers were able to get to the man but he was already dead. He was bitten in the neck and had a fractured skull.


The white tiger exhibit has been closed since last Thursday, the day of the incident, and the white tigers are now under confinement. Zoo officials said that once the police have finished their investigations, they would examine if there is a need to further enhance safety measures. I wonder what the third white tiger is thinking…

suicide_in_mandai_zoo_04.jpg …I didnt even do anything.

Actually, I saw the white tigers several years ago when I visited the zoo. The extremely rare white tigers are really a cute gem. I hope they re-open their exhibit soon and nothing happens to them.

Gong Li @ SG

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


Can you believe this? Gong Li, a chinese-born two-time Golden Rooster, two-time Hundred Flowers Award, Berlinale Camera, Cannes Festival Trophy, National Board of Review, New York Film Critics Circle Award, and Volpi Cup winning film actress, is now a SG citizen and for one to be a SG citizen, she has to give up her other citizenship. Like why did she give up her Chinese citizenship when she could just remain as a PR here? Unless she is staying here? Woots.

Actually, I do not remember watching any of her movies, and I am not a big fan of hers. I just remembered her as some long-ago actress and some girlfriend of Zhang Yimou. When it was announced that she has been granted SG citizenship on 10 Nov 2008, I wiki’ied on her to find out more about MY COUNTRYMATE.

Her relationship with Zhang Yimou was both professional and romantic and they created a scandal for being lovers during their long collaboration, despite Zhang having been married at the time. The couple eventually broke up in 1995.

In 1996, rumors began circulating that Gong had married Singaporean tobacco tycoon, Ooi Hoe Soeng, allegations she denied until a Singapore tabloid printed a copy of the marriage certificate. They eventually had a wedding reception that November at Hong Kong’s China Club.

On Aug 26, 2008, Gong Li was reported to miss a Singapore citizenship ceremony, where new Singapore citizens collect their new identification cards and formally become Singaporeans. On Nov 10, 2008, Gong Li attended a citizenship ceremony held at Teck Ghee Community Club and received her Singapore citizenship certificate from Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah.

HAHA! I am so excited about this when there is really nothing to be excited about. If I see her at Orchard Road, I will be sure to…

…leave her alone. Like hello?? Who wants to take pictures with her?

Marriott Cafe @ Marriott Hotel

Monday, November 10th, 2008

2008_marriott_cafe_01.JPG 2008_marriott_cafe_02.JPG
2008_marriott_cafe_03.JPG 2008_marriott_cafe_04.JPG
2008_marriott_cafe_05.JPG 2008_marriott_hotel_06.JPG

Hello, my dearest SanrioTown friends! I miss you so much! Wow, it has been ten days since I posted my last entry in SanrioTown, and it feels like ten years! How is everybody doing? Are you guys still busy with HKO? How is the game going so far? Argh, I hate myself for not even having started on it. The old me is so tired and too lazy to do anything significant with my life.

Dinner last weekend was at Marriott Hotel, and thank god that was no bomb. Someone has been promoted and he bought me a dinner. It was international buffet at Marriott Cafe. The ambience was perfect and we had lots of nice food. Crayfish, crabs, prawns, oysters, salmon, oh man, I worship salmon. I want to marry a salmon some day.

My little purplies…

Saturday, November 1st, 2008


… wishes all a Happy Halloween …

… a day too late …!!