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My pictures of Kowloon, HK

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Welcome to the dark, dark side of Kowloon:





I love the first three pictures most, especially the dark clouds. Actually, I love my photography skills mostEST. HAHA!! *slap-myself* I was on Kowloon side when I took these pictures. What you see opposite is Hong Kong Island, which I will write about in my next post. Next, pictures of the famous Tsim Sha Tsui:




In Kowloon, we stayed at Kowloon Hotel, which is in Tsim Sha Tsui. On the first evening, we went to Ladies’ Market at Mong Kok. We took a train from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok. To be honest, Ladies’ Market was a bit boring and quite a letdown. There was nothing much to see or buy there. It was very, very crowded though:


We had our first HK dinner at Ladies’ Market. We didnt really look around for food. We just went into one small eating place that didnt look too occupied and tried to order some food for dinner. We didnt know it can be so tough! Everything on the menu was written in Chinese, and there was no pictures on the menu. We had some difficulty ordering something that was not spicy, and not some impossible-to-imagine part of a duck. I was going to order this item that read “YA”, Chinese for duck, but soon realised that it was actually duck shoulder or something like that. Ducks have shoulders? Anyway, we decided to just settle for dumpling and noodles:


Hmm, it was not that nice. HeHe, on the second evening, we walked from our Kowloon Hotel to Harbour City. It was a long walk but a fruitful one. We bought a lot of stuff on this trip!




The next picture was taken at The Window Cafe, which is a restaurant in our Kowloon Hotel. See how far more real my picture is, as compared to that of the hotel’s.


Sistaz Wedding!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I am so happy for this cousin of mine. She got married last Sunday, and I find everything that happened to her, sweetEST. She is such a lucky girl! She has become thinner and more feminine, woots, and her guy is a good catch, rich and yes-wife type. HeHe!

Along with her elder sistaz, the three of us were really close when we were tiny. We were like real sistaz! We used to stay with our paternal grandmother over the weekends, and made a bit of a hell for all the neighbours. I remember us running all over the place screaming at the top of our voices and hiding behind walls and pillars and screaming even louder when found. We were like those annoying kids I dread standing near to these days. Anyway, those were the days! I am so happy for her, really!

Look at the vintage car! It’s their wedding car. Coolx!


I like her morning gown. Simple but nice!


This is her afternoon gown. I think one has to be really thin to wear this, if not one will look like a Chinese dumpling.


Then came evening, wedding dinner was at The Fullerton Hotel. It has a very nice ballroom. You enter the ballroom from here…


…go down the stairs and there you are, in the ballroom. HeHe!


Her cousins and me! Those are her cousins, not mine!


Our second Disney hotel…

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

…Hollywood Hotel, Lantau Island.





I have to admit that Hollywood Hotel is less classy than Disneyland Hotel, which is our first hotel in Disney. From our room in Hollywood Hotel, we could see Disneyland Hotel…



How about some night pictures of Hollywood Hotel…



How about some dinner at Chef Mickey? Are you reminded of the pictures in my Pre-HK Diary?










If there is one thing I get to eat a kilogram of before I die, I will choose raw salmon. I simply love it!

Sigh, I am not feeling well today. My head is spinning and my nose is having a party. My arms and legs are lethargic and I hate it! I hope I get better before the weekend starts! My cousin is getting married this Sunday and I am one of her ’sisters’!!

Prepare to be enchanted by…

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

…Disneyland Hotel, Lantau Island.











This was our cosy room…


Look what we found in our washroom…


How about some night pictures…





I miz you, you and you!!!

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Yes! I miz my blog, all my sanriotown friends, and my goofy!!!




These pictures were taken in a restaurant, called Enchanted Garden, at Disneyland Hotel. Our original plan was to stay in Kowloon Hotel for three nights and in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for one night. Till the second day in Hong Kong, that was still our plan but in the late afternoon of the second day, we did a last-minute change in our plan. We felt that we have done enough shopping both in Kowloon and in Hong Kong Island, and there was nothing much to do if we were to stay for another day, so we decided to cancel our third night stay in Kowloon and move to Lantau Island where Disneyland is, a day earlier. We called up Hollywood Hotel to ask if we could check in a day earlier but they told us that the place was FULL! Can you imagine that the whole hotel was FULL!? So we checked into the other hotel on Lantau Island, which is Disneyland Hotel. It is much more expensive than Hollywood Hotel, but we decided to go for it, and man, the service was really good. The place was so magical-looking and everything, yes, I mean everything, was so cool! The other thing that motivated us to go to Lantau Island a day earlier, is that Disneyland was having some kind of a promotion. Stayers of both Disney’s hotels get a second-day pass to Disneyland free when they purchase a day pass to Disneyland.



So, after our first day at Disneyland, we had dinner at Enchanted Garden, back in our classy hotel. The dinner was buffet-style and there were so many cute-looking desserts! I had planned to try them all before I started eating but once I started, I got too full and too excited.





Too full because I accidentally ate too many slices of raw salmon, raw tuna and crayfish, yummy! Too excited because there were several famous Disney mascot characters walking around and they were all available for phototaking. HAHA!

I think Goofy likes me. He kept coming back to me to sit on my chair’s armrest. He is a very naughty dog! Okay, enough of Goofy. These are pictures of other Disney characters. I love Minnie’s dress! She was wearing big yellow shoes! Cute!











I think I completely overreacted there. I am not really a fan of Disney characters although I dont dislike them. I didnt even know of Pluto’s existence before this dinner. I would have thought that this is just another version of Goofy, or Goofy’s brother? Until my friend told me that the smaller dog is Pluto, and Pluto is Mickey’s dog!! That mouse has a WHAT?!

Better in Time

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Pre-HK Diary

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

We will stay in Kowloon Hotel for three nights (8Jun-10Jun). This hotel was recommended by Fairlady, and it is also one of the selected hotels on the itinerary that I had wanted to go for a few weeks back. Well, I waited too long and there were no more tickets left by the time I decided to go for it. Anyway, I booked the room directly from Kowloon Hotel, and I am flying Cathay. My first time on Cathay. I am excited.

kowloon_hotel_5.jpg Kowloon Hotel

The Middle Row Bar

The Window Cafe

Loong Yat Heen

Am I losing it?! My life is all about food?!

The places that I would like to visit are TST, Mongkok, and Causeway Bay. I hope to take a lot of nice pictures, really! After the third night in Kowloon Hotel, we will move to Disneyland, Lantau Island. Move as in, MOVE. Yes, we will not go back to Kowloon Hotel after Disneyland. We will stay in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for a night (11Jun) before going to the Airport the next day for our flight back to SG. I came out with this plan after I learnt from the map that Disneyland is so much nearer to the Airport than Kowloon is from the Airport so it doesnt make sense to go back to Kowloon and then to Airport.






My friend is mad about Disneyland. She is a big fan of that blue donkey, whatsthename. She told me that she is planning to take a lot of pictures with whatsthename but I remembered that there are no four-legged mascots in Disneyland or in any land so I told her to forget it.

All I wana do…

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


…right now is to hug my fries till sunrise. I miss him so much. :(

I feel so shitty right now because I got so frustrated with some bus drivers (for some school camp) just now, and I screamed at them and also at some other people who have been so nice and patient with me all these while. I treated them like dirt because I was so flustered. I hate myself. I hate my temper. I hate my jealousy. I hate my patience, or my lack of it. I hate my inability to stop disappointing people!

If I can hug my fries till sunrise, I hope the sun will never rise.

tingal :)

Monday, June 2nd, 2008


I am happy and I love myself~

6 more days to HK~

I will miss you, baby~

LOL, you know who you are~


Sunday, June 1st, 2008


…and me?! Why does that sound so ridiculous now? It wasnt so when I was waiting to sign up for it. It is organized by my school and is meant for staff. My colleague and I actually signed up for it. -_-”

I dont know if I can take it. She likes climbing mountains so I suppose she is strong enough. I am just a bed girl. :(

Anyone tried KickBoxing before? What kind of shoes are we supposed to wear for KickBoxing? Are the normal running shoes good enough?