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Hello 2012!

February 26th, 2012 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

How is everyone @SanrioTown? Sigh, as if there is anyone who still bothers about this poorly maintained blog. As un-original as this post title of mine, is my first question to you dolls. How I miss this blog and no, I did not start blogging somewhere else and no again, I did not forget about this blog. I am just so attached to my iPhone and Facebook that I cannot seem to find any motivation to blog about anything. I still love this blog and I love all my previous posts, so I do not want to start blogging somewhere else, never!

A short update. My darling and I were in Spain last year from March to April. We spent three nights in Madrid, three nights in Barcelona, and three nights in Seville. We were also in Holland for a short while before and after Spain. It was a fruitful holiday. We visited many places and took so many nice photos - all on my Facebook.

On 9 September 2011, my darling and I got married at a nice beach hotel. It was a very memorable evening and I hope it was as memorable for our 30 invited guests as it was for me and my darling. Our guests were invited to witness our solemnization in the sunset, and then have buffet dinner with us in the ballroom. All went well and it was really a great relief for us when it all ended and we could finally go back to our room. We spent so much time and effort to make that day possible and we chose 9 September because in Chinese, 9 9 is pronounced the same way as Forever! Romantic us, huh? We hired a photographer to take photos for us and I took quite a number of photos too - all on my Facebook.

A week after the wedding dinner and celebration in Singapore, we flew to Holland to have another wedding dinner with my darling’s family and friends. So actually, we had to plan this while we were planning the Singapore one. It was really amazing we made it. It was a nice dinner and I had photos taken too - all on my Facebook.

While we were in Holland, we visited Delft, Den Haag, and Rotterdam. I have been to Den Haag and Rotterdam before this trip, but it’s nice to see all again in September. Photos and all - all on my Facebook.

It was great to be back home again after the trip, to be alone again just the two of us, to not have to please anyone for a while. We were so tired from all the preparation work, the countless uncertainties, the endless anxieties, the up-and-downs of being together, and not to mention, the unnecessary stress from the families at certain points.

Back to work and to surprise colleagues, was what we actually did for the first week or so after we came back from Holland. It was fun to get well wishes from shocked colleagues and strange at the same time as I did not really know what to say to them. You could have guessed it, no?

In December, we made a short trip to Kuala Lumpur and were there for five days. We stayed in the hotel we love most, Traders Hotel, and most of the time, we literally stayed in the hotel. We had breakfast buffet, afternoon tea buffet, and cocktail buffet in the hotel every day and when we were not eating, we went to shopping malls quite a bit. We met up with two friends to have dinner one evening and spent the rest of the evening at their place after dinner. It was a quiet holiday with Christmas joy in the air and Christmas trees everywhere. I did not take a lot of photos but still, I am happy with those I took - all on my Facebook.

I was planning (still am actually, if I am positive enough) to upload my Facebook photos to this blog. Hope I will do that soon. You can also add me on my Facebook. Email me!

Harrods Hello Kitty - did you know?

May 29th, 2011 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

That over at Harrods, our beloved feline has started endorsing some of their products? While waiting for my flight at the Singapore airport two months ago, I walked past Harrods and was caught by surprised when I saw this:


Not that I have an issue with Harrods engaging the almighty’s help but how do you think the trademark mainstreamly bear is feeling?

Centuries later, she’s back!

April 13th, 2011 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

Hah! Yes! I am back, after more than half a year! Oh, more like ‘back’ because I was around most of the time. It’s not like something happened and I was away the whole time. Between October and December of last year, I was struggling to juggle my silly job and my dad’s heart problem. Silly job got sillier, but thank goodness, my dad’s heart got better. On other aspects of my life, nothing much actually happened. I was away for two weeks in March this year. I went to Holland and Spain for a holiday. It was great fun! I really enjoyed myself and was totally drained after that.

For more than a year, I have been looking for another job because I am so sick of the current one. So far, no good news. I feel like I need to attend some interview courses before I can get a job and get out of here.

Hi, Hello Kitty Paradise

September 11th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

I have been a real slacker for months. Okay, to be fair to me, I was really more tied up with work and even had to think about work after work. I spent most of my time after work either working, watching tv, or on facebook playing silly games and reading sillier updates.

Well, vacation is finally here, and I see myself writing more often again. I should do that and I would. Firstly, I should update my blog and my blog friends (if they are any left) on where I have been to for holidays in the last few months. I was in Bali in June and Japan in August. Holidays are always great! I have lots of pictures and they are already on facebook but I will post them here too - soon.

That’s all for now! See ya!

That can of worms

May 27th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

Will you still have time for me when your friends start asking you out again every weekend?

Will you still have a short chat with me in the late afternoon when there is another ms. china or ms. god knows where, who likes to walk home with you, and have dinner with you?

Why am I worried about these things when you have been so nice to me in the last few weeks or even months, when you have booked a trip for us to Bali, and when I know that you love me and only me, at least in the last few months. I wish I know how to treasure you. I think I do, it’s just that when that can of worms gets to me, it starts to hurt all over again.

I hate myself for being a weakling in the past and for manipulating myself to live a life I despise for the sake of that few days each week when you splurged your attention on me and made me feel loved.

Dying to be well

April 30th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

It has been such a long time since I last posted something on my blog. I have been lazy and taking all my free time for granted. Not that I would have known how to make better use of it anyway except wasting it away every evening on facebook posts and games, and sometimes on office work when I feel like it.

On Tuesday evening, I had a very bad case of food poisoning. I believe it was caused by either a combination of drinking old milk tea and eating raw fish, or one of these. Anyway, I was feeling very uncomfortable in the stomach and very nauseous throughout Tuesday night. I vomitted once and another time on Wednesday morning, followed by a bad case of diarrhea. At 10am, I went to see a doctor, got some medicine and assumed it was all going to be fine within the same day. Sadly, it was not meant to be. My diarrhea continued and even worsened, and I vomitted a few more times even though there didnt seem to be anything left in my stomach for that disgusting act. I felt so sick and was running to the washroom every 10 mins. I was so tired of having partial shower after each diarrhea but I had to do it because I felt so freaking cursed and dirty. On top of that, I was either running a fever or just suffering from yet another symptom of food poisoning. I was sweating so badly and my head and my hair were so wet from sweat. I could only lie in bed in pain and sweat, and only getting up to go to the washroom. At 3pm, I knew something was not right because the medicine, though was helping slightly in the nausea part, was definitely not helping in the diarrhea part. I rang up the clinic and checked with them and as much as I had expected, I was not given the medicine to stop diarrhea, only the medicine to stop vomitting. Shxx you, doc. You wasted my first trip. The clinic assistant didnt seem too cool about it when I told her my situation. She urged me to go to the clinic as soon as possible to get the medicine to stop diarrhea and told me that I had to be there not later than an hour’s time because the clinic would be closing for the afternoon break at 4pm. After she hang up, I was really lost. Here I was so freaking dependent on the washroom, and now I had to walk to the clinic which is easily 20 mins away by quick stroll. I hate my life. I hate it that I could not just ring up someone to help me get it. I really hate it that I was all by myself. After 30 mins, I decided to give it a… run? It was not as if my situation got better and I could go out for a lala time. I know their break time is from 4pm - 7pm so if they had closed on me before I got my medicine, I would have to wait until 7pm for them to open again. So I left my place wearing a pad and started walking hastily to the clinic. It was such a torture and as I was walking there, I was trying to control my bowels and my tears. It was such a painful experience and I wish I never had to go through it again.

Of course the diarrhea medicine didnt help too much. In fact, I wasnt sure what caused my next wave of pain. From 5pm of Wednesday to the next morning, I was drifting between my bed and the washroom, with constant but milder cases of diarrhea and vomitting at least once every hour. I tried to reply to some sms on my mobile phone but it was just so hard to focus and to hold a phone. My back or whatever was behind and inside me was hurting so badly that every angle I tried to sleep in gave me tremendous pain. I moaned to relieve some pain. If the last moments of most dying people are worse than this, I hope I die quickly. All that went through my head were the happier moments I spent with people who are important to me. I wish I had another chance to be with them again. I wish I could watch another football match with my fries. I wish I could drive around happily in my car. After a while, the pain got so dreadful that I even considered people or situations I didnt like. I was thinking, actually they arent so bad. Like getting stuck in a major traffic jam for 2 hours is still 100 times better than lying in bed writhing in severe pain. That moment, I missed crawling in a traffic jam. I was really at the verge of asking someone to send me to the hospital. I thought my kidneys were going to explode. Whatever it was, it was really painful! On top of that, I was also very stressed by the fact that I had some materials to upload to my school site which had to be done by Thursday morning. I tried to sit at my laptop and managed to do some of the uploading but when I reached the last part, I really felt like I could do with a collapse. I struggled to my bed to lie down and managed to send a sms to a colleague to help me do it. He gladly agreed. I was so thankful.

I was feeling slightly better on Thursday although the diarrhea continued disgustingly. I am really tired of it. I wish the virus in me would spare me and leave me alone.

Throughout the times I was sick, I received many concern messages and I am thankful to all those who asked. Special thanks to my fries for constantly sending me messages and calling me to talk to me.

Special poem to my bird:
You were so near
That I saw you the moment I opened my eyes
Yet so far
That I could not touch you


My Italian Dinner

March 28th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com




It was a lovely dinner. We had decided to made an Italian weekend dinner. Actually, I only helped to cut the tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and lamb. LOL~


A weekend escapade to Kuala Lumpur

March 13th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

We left in the morning of Friday and took a 5-hour coach ride that brought us right into the city of Kuala Lumpur.



We arrived at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and walked to our hotel at Traders’.


We got a great room, again! After leaving our stuff in the room, we went for our afternoon tea at the lounge. Pastries and cookies, we relished!


After a short rest in the hotel room, we had our cocktail in the lounge. Lovely snacks were served.





I had a sip of this strange thing and I didnt like it. It was coffee and whiskey, I think. I had a fruit punch instead, and truly enjoyed the sweetness more.


We went for a walk at Petronas Towers shopping mall, also known as Suria KLCC. We saw this setup at one of the floors. Alice in the Wonderland!





We turned in early for the evening following the short shopping trip at Suria KLCC. In the morning of Saturday, we had international buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. It was nice.



After breakfast, we walked to KLCC Aquaria, which is an underwater park located about 50 steps from our hotel room. There was a queue and a lot of noisy kids. Pff.










The underwater park was smaller than I had expected and before we knew it, we were at the souvenir shop. I was a bit disappointed that there was no real penguin at the underwater park and the disappointment lasted for as long as it took to find a fake one. Tada~


Look, a sad turtle…


We went to Pavilion shopping mall for a little tour. It is located about 100 steps from our hotel.






I love the purple lion. It must be one of those rare colours for a lion because they are usually red in colour! It was a pretty tiring day for us. We went back to our hotel for our afternoon tea at the lounge, and later, our cocktail at the same place.




On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the lounge instead of the hotel’s restaurant.


After breakfast, we walked to Times Square shopping mall. That was my first time there.



The place is so huge. I am really amazed by the endless shopping stores in there, and guess what? There is even an indoor theme park!





We had a relaxing afternoon sipping coffee at the Starbucks cafe in the shopping mall, and on our way back to our hotel, we had lunch at A&W’s.





We skipped afternoon tea on that day and proceeded to rest in the room, watching tv and reading our books. We could have kicked up some fuss and argued as per holiday normal but we were good and we didnt. It was a lazy afternoon. We went to the skybridge for a while before it started raining heavily. I hadnt noticed earlier that the pool at the skybridge is not sheltered.



The rain was getting heavier and we could feel it on us even though we were away from the pool. It was cocktail time so we decided to go to the lounge instead and had a slow afternoon enjoying the snacks there.


In the evening, we did a bit of shopping at Suria KLCC before we called it a day. On the morning of Monday, we had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant before we left for home.




Oh did I mention that we had a great room, again? I simply love the view! Check out the pictures I took of Petronas Tower at different time, from our room!









That’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post!

See also KL 2008.

A new realization: Life is a decision tree

February 21st, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

Strangely, it never occurred to me that life is one gigantic decision tree. I have always lived life as it is and each set of actions I take is normally a result of some decision made by me or by people who have a certain kind of influence over me at that point of time, to achieve optimality based on the current scenerio coupled with some foresight of future scenerios.

Strictly speaking, it is almost impossible to include all possible future scenerios in a foresight made at one particular point in time. At time t, you may be able to predict what will happen by time t+1 hence you can certainly take a set of actions such that optimality can be achieved by time t+1. It would be very difficult to achieve the same level of optimality beyond that at time t.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like now if you had stuck by someone else instead or had chosen a series of different decisions? You will never get the answer now and guessing based on what you had believed in then has its downtime. Well, the worst guy could have changed for the best for some reason which I cannot think of at this moment, the best guy could have died while waiting for you near your place when a flower pot fell on his head, you could have slipped and fallen into a drain and broke a leg while going to your new work place, etc. You will never know.

If only we could see at the end of our lives, all the possible outcomes, and be able to choose the one that we like most. That is impossible because backward induction does not apply.

My new realization is quite useless.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday. I bought a bag, a pair of slippers, a top and a dress. Like my dress?


Of birthday treats and ♥ 11Feb-16Feb 2010

February 17th, 2010 by tingal79:hellokitty.com

It was one of the greatest weekends! I had my birthday on 12Feb and Chinese New Year celebrations and holidays from 14Feb-16Feb, which amounts to three days of public holiday instead of the usual two for CNY, because the first day of CNY falls on a Sunday for this year.

My birthday treats started on 11Feb! I had lunch with an ex-student of mine who came to visit me at my work place and to pass me a present. That was so sweet of her. In the evening of the same day, I had a great seafood dinner at Fish and Co with my two of my good friends.


After dinner, we had ice-cream desserts at Swenson. We had so much fun snapping away pictures of ourselves that we were kind of late for our ice-cream desserts. They melted quite a bit before we started eating them.


On 12Feb, which is also one of the greatest days on the calendar, I mean, my calendar, I was on  leave and stayed at home the whole morning and early afternoon. It was kind of relaxing to do nothing for most of the day every once in a while, especially on your birthday. I had a good rest and in the evening, I had Italian dinner with F at Folino. It was a great dinner!






In the midst of our quiet dinner, we were suddenly serenaded by fireworks for CNY! We could see it from the glass panes of the restaurant. It was so cool, yet astonishing!



Thank you for arranging this, and thanks for the present!




Everything in the box is so cool because everything in there has a part of Hello Kitty on it. The back of each tile is PINK and has a Hello Kitty’s face on it! Totally cute!

On 16Feb, I met up with another group of friends for my birthday treat. We had lunch at Secret Recipe and then a coffee at Coffee Club. All was nice!


After lunch, we visited a friend at her place. It was crazy time with the little ones. I mean, I wouldnt think of making all the funny faces for the camera but that was exactly what they were doing the whole time. It was pretty entertaining and I joined in the fun after a while although I just had my birthday like four days before and should have attempted to grow up a bit, but well. Check out the pictures:




My friend has a very nice place! It’s one of the nicest cheaper units I have come across. I think the previous owner paid for the design and such and did not really charge her for that. Cool!


The day was supposed to end here. I was so tired and all ready to go home, get a shower and hug a bed but then I decided to join my friend and her family for dinner at Sakae Sushi. Little boy has grown up a bit and is such a good boy. He had some quiet time of his own while we had dinner.


Check out the tiger costume I bought for him last year. He has finally grown enough to wear it. Oh, the tiger costume comes with a tail at the back. ZZzz!


Isnt he mad cute?! I gave him a red packet since his mom wants me to be his godma! So sweet, huh?



That’s all for celebrative good times! I wish it is my birthday every day!


Right, duck?

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