Rules for Tiger Melody

Talkative - excessively communicative; Not required, but we don’t like the silence =). (Not the gossipy kind of talk, though)

Inclination - bow; Always bow towards Tigerlyly when she logs in (not required)

Good - kind, giving; I couldn’t find a G word, lol.

Encouraging - inspiring confidence or hope; Encourage others to do their best
Respectful - courteous, mannerly; Respect others.
Magnanimous - giving and kind; I’m not asking you to give away all of your belongings. I’m asking that you try to be kind to others and give them the advice they need when you can offer it.

Energetic - full of life; I couldn’t find any other E word =P. But, still not a requirement
Lively - energetic, active, busy; Not actually required, but we don’t like getting bored, lol
Obeisant - showing respect; Same as respect, I just couldn’t find a word for O =P.
Decent - respectable, appropriate; Please don’t use foul language as we have children (such as myself) playing HKO.
Year - At least get on 15 times a year =)