Hello, hello! Guild members, if you would like me to add a link to your blog, notify me via email (tigerlyly411@aim.com or tigerlyly411@hellokitty.com) or PM in-game. This is the page where I will post guild events and news, closely related to the guild thread in the forums, except you can’t comment or chit-chat =). Here is the link to our guild forums (Thanks, Yueya for the help ^^).We don’t really need new members, but you’re more than welcome to join! So, if you want to join, PM me in-game or email me ;).

Guild Events: Design Event

The GMs allowed us to design our very own guild T-Shirts/Hats. Yay! Unfortunately, we have to pay crazy prices. CalypsoCafe and I stayed up all night and came up with a wonderful design, while Yueya visualized the next day (err…later that day) xD. Wanna see it? Here it is!

Without the face:


Isn’t it so adorable? Lol.

Here are the members that ordered them:

  1. Fei
  2. Blacklord
  3. tigerlyly
  4. Magic
  5. Luminous
  6. Yuuffie
  7. Leanne
  8. HunterHarlow
  9. Yueya
  10. CalypsoCafe
  11. Elise
  12. distrakt
  13. Tandicey
  14. Leafray
  15. rose
  16. ann
  17. wolfpup
  18. Ani
  19. sqolive
  20. KnoWei

Ordered: 20/62
Sorry, but if you were not notified of this event or were not in the Christmas Reunion, we cannot place anymore orders. Never fear, I’ve heard that the GMs will do this event in Open Beta! Hooray!


Shirt: 6655 gold each

Hat: 1430 gold each

I (tried to) calculate the amount of gold that we would need to order all 20 shirts/hats. According to my (incorrect) calculations, we needed 178,200 gold xD. But, we actually needed 161,700 gold. Either way, it’s pricey ;_;. (GMs are gold eaters). But, we managed to succeed!

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to CalypsoCafe, ann, and Yueya for your support of Tiger Melody guild!

CalypsoCafe sacrificed most of the items in her warehouse to cover over HALF of the (fake) costs. And she also stayed up all night with me to come up with the design! Thankies, Caly!

ann allowed me to borrow 50k (which I’ll need to pay back) to cover about 1/3 of the costs. Thankies, ann!

Yueya helped visualize our guild outfits, which by the way, are totally awesome! Thankies, Yueya!