I’m thinking about discontinuing posting School Daze. My memory is just too short-termed to tell you all what happened, and to remember to do that! But, do you guys still (if you even read it) want me to post them? xD Enjoy the show: Read more »

I’m so freaking mad at my sister. She’s evil. She (somehow) found out that me and Ryan were dating (facebook is for stalkers > >;; I don’t even have her added as a friend!) and she’s using that information to blackmail me into doing whatever for her D:< She always belittles me and she’s the reason why I have such low self-esteem. She’s never there to help, only to annoy and anger. She’s so rude, even if I’m nice to her first, she’ll just be rude to me ANYTIME, it’s even worse when she’s in a bad mood. And all the tiny things I want to complain about too: She’s always waking me up in the morning when she uses my room, just because it has a mirror and a dresser (where she keeps all her make up). She’s always leaving make-up on my stuff and leaving her clothes in MY room. Why can’t she just use the bathroom or HER room?!?!? She has NO respect!! She’ll use me as her slave and use my unwanted pushover characteristic for HER advantage. She’ll even hit me if I make her mad enough. And she thinks she has ALL of the authority JUST because she’s older. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m SMARTER, I’m MORE MATURE, and I’m not a frikkin shopaholic that makes my parents mad all the time. And you know what? She annoys me FOR FUN. Because it’s FUNNY to see me be angry, apparently! Well, I’M NOT LAUGHING. She’s always making fun of me because I’m ugly, or I’m a nerd (and proud to be one!). She’s racist, saying Asians are better and she’s even insulting my boyfriend to my face!! Okay, so he’s white, so what?!? This is AMERICA. She ALWAYS kicks me off of the computer and never lets me back on, giving me the crappy one ALL THE TIME. And she’s always saying how I don’t have a life. Okay, well, at least a bajillion people don’t hate me. My 2nd oldest sister tells me about some girls in band who complain about her a lot. And I’ll tell you, what they’re saying, it’s not pretty. And don’t let me get started on my parents, uugggghhh….I freaking hate this!!! I freaking hate her!!!! I’ve no idea how I manage to keep a good mood most of the time! Help me deal with the witch?

Hello, all! I’m here to say that I’ve made a facebook account specifically for my online friends. Feel free to add me on it, after all. I did make it for you xD. But, please tell me for username and what website I know you from before adding me. Thankies!


Lyly, out.

I’ve been so neglectful to this blog xD. Okay, now I’ll tell you what’s been happening recently. School’s out, I need to do 10 hours of community service for National Junior Honor Society, I need to read The Pearl for my summer Pre-AP assignment, and teen drama. Glad you listened to that mouthful and I’ll try to update once every week :D.


Do you like this cute little drawing I drew? It’s not like what’s been drawn here, but it’s still, okay, I guess. Anyways, I recently joined this school club, called Go Greeners. As you may have guessed, it’s an environmental club. Let me verify that I’m not a tree-hugger. I’m an animal-hugger. That’s the only reason why I’m in this club (cause pollution and all that stuff is bad for animals). But, since this month is a very special month (it’s the month that Earth Day takes place: April 22nd), I figure I should tell you guys some stuff about how to protect the Earth and whatnot. So to save some parts of the Earth…(the rain forest, mostly):

 In The Home

  • Recycle everything you can: newspapers, cans, glass bottles and jars, aluminum foil, motor oil, scrap metal, etc.
  • Investigate local recycling centers that take items your garbage hauler does not.
  • Try to use phosphate-free laundry and dish soaps.
  • Use cold water in the washer whenever possible.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances for things you can easily do by hand, like opening cans.
  • Re-use brown paper bags to line your trash can instead of plastic liners. Re-use bread bags, butter tubs, etc.
  • Store food in re-usable containers, instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  • Save wire coat hangers and return them to the dry cleaners.
  • Take unwanted, re-usable items to a charitable organization or thrift shop.
  • Don’t leave water running needlessly.
  • Install a water-saving shower head.
  • Set your water heater at 130 degrees.
  • Have your water heater insulated free of charge by your utility company.
  • Turn your heat down, and wear a sweater.
  • Lower your thermostat by one degree per hour for every hour you’ll be away or asleep.
  • Turn off the lights, TV, or other electrical appliances when you’re out of a room.
  • Get a free energy audit from your utility company.
  • Burn only seasoned wood in your wood stove or fireplace… and don’t light them as often.

Help save the rain forests and the world!

Go Green!


By the way, BC-Chan (Calypsocafe) needs some help. If you have some HKO screenies with basically anything, please email them Caly (pinknocorisu9789@hellokitty.com). More information here.

Spring break was actually last week, but it did break, like it’s breaking now. More snow in spring. And this time it’s not the snow that is all icy and you can’t do anything with it. And this time, the flowers are blooming. Snow with the flowers, winter mixed with spring.

Spring Broke

Here in this picture, you can see a small portion of my mother’s abnormally large garden (and our neighbors house). If you look closely, you can see that the cherry tree (or whatever kind of tree it is) is just starting to blossom.

Cold Weather + Blossoming Flowers = Wilted Flowers

Okay, I know this is a really old video, but I’ve actually only found out about it today (the video, not the event in the video). Broken Arrow’s High School Marching Band (A.K.A. the Pride of Broken Arrow) was invited to perform as one of the bands in the Rose Bowl Parade, which is a great honor. Now, since I’m not in high school yet, I’m not in this video. But, they sound really good and plus my sister is in it. So, yeah. Enjoy (:

I didn’t know if anyone knew this, but the reason my username is tigerlyly(411) is because the school district’s mascot is a tiger. And tiger lilies are flowers, so if you put tigerlyly together, it actually makes sense. I have great school spirit, huh? Lol. I just thought that was interesting for you guys to know.

Thanks to all of you of wish me well while I was sick. It was much appreciated =).

Well, today it’s snowing where I am. And it’s supposed to be spring here. Crazy, huh? But, then again, you know what they say (actually, I just heard this saying, but whatever xP) “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait 5 seconds”. On Monday and Wednesday the temperatures are supposed to be 80 degrees or close. That’s a drastic change, so the saying really fits.

Cliche new theme, but I like it.

*cough* I’m sick over the weekend T.T. No fair, no fun *cough*. Darn that JD, he made me sick, I bet. (Exhale through your nose, not your mouth! And cover every time you cough!) *cough* Why is it the only thing I can catch is a cold? T.T You won’t be hearing from me for a while. *cough* *cough* *gulps down a bottle of water*

“Are we human because we gaze at the stars. Or do we gaze at the moon, because we are human? But, do the stars gaze back?”

 That’s a quote from my favorite movie, Stardust.

A gap in the wall can be the passage to a completely different world. The only way to find out is to cross it…

Warning: You are about to read a bad summary.

Tristan Thorn has lost his heart to the wealthy, but cold Victoria. For the coveted prize of Victoria’s hand in marriage, Tristan vows to cross the Wall, retrieve a fallen star, and bring it back to his beloved. And so, Tristan sets out on a journey of a lifetime.

What are you still here for? Do you want to hear more? I think watching the movie (<—that’s a link) would be better than reading a few words about it, don’t you think?

 Don’t worry. There are no viruses in the link (if there were any, my computer would be unusable).

There is a book that this movie is based on, but I haven’t read it yet. I will start reading it tomorrow, though =). This is a awesome movie, so the book should be awesome, too.


New link banner!



It’s animated :3! Cool, huh?

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