I’ve lost my interest in HKO. Really. It’s just not that much fun for me anymore. Sorry, guys, I’m quitting. Here marks the end of Tiger’s adventures in HKO. I hope you had fun reading about them. I know I had fun being in them. But, things have changed. Hey, let’s not be mushy! It’s not the last time I’ll ever talk to any of you! Just keep in touch with me! (:

Yahoo: tigerlyly419
AIM: tigerlyly411
MSN: tiger_lyly419@hotmail.com
GaiaOnline (thanks Victor, for reminding me)
LiveJournal (I don’t update it at all yet, but I am planning on it!)

Just sayin’ I use Yahoo more as an inbox than IM. And AIM and MSN more as an IM than an inbox.

If you decide not to keep in touch, have a good life.

If you do, I’ll talk to you soon (:

They’re in! They’re finally in! *tears open envelope containing results*

And the winners are

1st Place: HKO Founders, 20 shirts (of course)

2nd Place: Coffee Shoppe, 6 shirts

3rd Place: Misfits, 5 shirts, 1 bag

 Huh? Wait, what? I don’t see Tiger Melody on the Top 3? What?!? Oh, well, look at the bright side. At least this was for charity. At least my friends won! And at least we made two shirts and one bag, so that means we’ll donate six shirts and three bags to the orphans! Wow!!! Lucky them, they’re the real winners!

Anyways, altogether the guilds made a total of 61 shirts and 28 bags (We donated 183 shirts and 84 bags in all! Hope they won’t cause fights over the limited number of bags). Mostly because Sailoria guild only donated, not competed. And they were teamed up with Twin Starrs, Vampire Kittens, and Twilight. So, bravo to them! Bravo, bravo! And congratulations to the other runner ups:

Charmmy Kitties
Super Cute
I ♥ Hello Kitty
HKO Anonymous
Pirate Guild
(Hmm, that’s basically everyone, huh?)

Congratz, congratz to everyone, then. Congratz to the hosts of the event, the donors, and mostly, to the recipients.Everyone’s a winner!

So, I say, HAPPY HELPING HEARTS! This has been a great and challenging event, though a fun one. Though, I do wish I pulled in a little more weight instead of randomly visit people’s farms xP.

Hi, hi! So, we had this design event where we got to design guild outfits. I FINALLY finished my design (for fun ;)). I will show you this even at the cost of ridicule. It’s terrible. Here it is:

Tiger Melody Guild Outfit

Yueya, one of my guildies xD, made an even better outfit. I hope they’ll let us use it =). Here it is without the face:


 Here it is with the face xD


 Ahhh! They’re too cute! Great job, Yueya!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to pay, like $178,200, for the entire active guild to get these wonderful outfits. Pricey, eh?

Hi everyone! I made a guild of my own yesterday! If you want to join it, PM me in HKO!I’m on almost everyday!

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