I shall hasten to clarify that I blog (almost) daily on another site, (http://www.shadowsowner888.com for those who want to know, it’s a site for writers/roleplayers/friends of the creator xD) . I copy and paste those blogs onto this one. Just so you know what’s with the UPDATE and any stuff you wouldn’t know about xD. On with the bloggggg.

~DAY 14~

Well, um…today was kinda strange. Today, Brad was acting like he did last year (which is a relief really, because this year, he’d been…kinda depressed). I played Gives You ‘Heck’ by All-American Rejects on the marimba, haha. My throat hurts (still does).

First hour. Worked on the broadcast, as always. Messed around with Aaron (basically we were beating him up with some mallets, because he said they didn’t hurt xD). I missed LOL.

Second hour. Worked on a graph, turned in our worksheets (that I didn’t finish o__e). We also have a project due in two weeks. Elemental box or something. She wasn’t done talking about it.

Third hour. Vocab. Michael was making Nick laugh SO hard, and I have no idea. It was like he was going to die of laughter or something, lol.

Fourth hour. We are doing this motion learning activity. Kinda boring, really.

Fifth hour. Finally, an interesting hour! Or maybe I’m just being biased, LOL. Game tonight. It’s gonna rock. THE TIGERS WILL BEAT THE REDSKINS (or whatever their mascot is…)!!! Anyways, practiced all of the songs, and we were awesome, as always. Can’t wait, cause Ryan’s going to be at the game, to play with us (:

Sixth hour. Err…Worked on multi-step equations, again. And then the assignment. I’ll just tell you that this class is usually the class that I fall asleep in, haha. That’s how boring it is.

Seventh hour. Annotations. Uggh…But, band students got out early to get their instruments, woo!!! While I was walking with Aaron, we were talking and he asked me why I didn’t carry the quads like I was playing them. “I don’t want to run people over :P” Wow, the irony. Usually, I’M the one being run over, LOL. A lot of random people tapped on them as I passed and were like, “Cool drums.” LOL! XD I’ll blog about the game tonight, so be patient, lol.

Song of the Day: Heartbeat by Stereo Skyline. My friend likes them (and we both like Metro Station and Owl City), so I figured, hey, why not try listening to something different? I loved it (:

Word of the Day: Awesometastical is what our game is going to be (especially the band ;D)

The football game was amazing. At least the music was. The real game sucked, apparently. We lost. But, I had no clue what was going on. No idea about football, haha. Maybe I should wikipedia it? XD Anyways, it was pretty funny because some of the guys were like “I SAY *something* YOU SAY *something*” “*something something*!!!” “GO MEAT!!!” And apparently it was off of a meat commercial. No idea, lol. And when Ryan and Casey came (they were late, oh and Casey’s a guy, by the way) a lot of people were like “WOOOOOO!!!!!!” and offered them high fives and fist bumps, lol. Apparently, according to M&M, Ryan kept looking back at the percussion section every so often. “I was like, ‘Awww, that’s so cute.’” I was THINKING, ‘You do realize he’s a high schooler, not a middle schooler, right? ^ ^;;;’ Didn’t tell her that though, haha. Half time was kinda awkward though. I wanted to hang out with my friends, kinda. But I wanted to be with Ryan, too. I honestly would’ve had more fun with my friends, haha. After half time, some old percussionists came, like freshmen now, like Ryan. Blake (I think his name was?) took my quads, so I had to play the cymbals with M&M. I moderately failed, haha. And after the game (Ha, you just lost The Game! Don’t hate me :P), I helped Mr. P and co. put the stands up in his (tiny) car. I had Ryan give me a hug ^///^. But, then, I also gave Casey one, so that didn’t really count, I guess.

~DAY 15~

*waits for a sneeze* *doesn’t sneeze* Dang it, I hate that feeling. I’ve got a runny nose. Ew, lol. Anyways, let’s get started, shall we?

I cut my hair a bit, myself. It looks weird, but whatever xD. My mom drove me to school today. Do you seriously expect me to carry that thing all the way up the hill, attempt to stick it in a seat of the bus, and try to take it off the bus quickly? Nah, didn’t think so.

Dustin has such a big mouth. “Hey, Lyly, did you tell Mr. P what happened last night?” “What happened last night?” “You know…with Ryan.” He just found out about me and Ryan and thought it happened last night, haha. I was thinking, ‘Errr…why would he care?’ But, instead I said, “Dustin! Shut up!” while laughing. Student council meeting was at 7:30. So, I am now a co-president (last year we didn’t really do the elections because not enough people showed up, LOL). WOO!

First hour. Broadcast. Errr…Molly is an idiot. If you don’t know how to use technology, why be in Tech Ed? Just so you could be on the announcements and with your friends? Seriously, what the heck. It’s not just about that. You can’t be an idiot and be in the broadcast team. If you can’t stand it, get out. Sorry, ranting xD

Second hour. Lab with chemicals, WOOOOO!!! One was blue, two were white. If you mixed them up, they make toxic fumes (so Ms. B says…). It was kinda cool, except my bangs kept getting in my face.

Third hour. Uuuh, vocab. It’s homework xD. I took a Sharpie (they’re not allowed in school…xD) and drew all over Michael’s binder. He lost The Game. And will lose it anytime he looks at his binder. Bwahahaha, I’m evil. Grant is annoying. What’s this Nick is saying about girls can’t be beast? We can be awesome!

Fourth hour. A test I’m sure I failed xD

Fifth hour. We were put on mallets today since we wouldn’t need our marching band stuff for a month. I’m good at mallets, I love it (: Yet some people totally hate them. I don’t see why xD

Sixth hour. In the hallway while we were waiting for Mrs. G to get to her room, Dustin said to Nina (who I was talking to),”Hey, you know, Lyly’s dating someone.” Gosh, tell the world why don’tcha? Luckily, Nina was one of the first people to know, haha. Did an assignment and err, uh…This class is ALWAYS boring.

Seventh hour. Substitute. He started by telling us what we were supposed to do. Except…he was talking about the first hour class. Do we really CARE what they did? No, I don’t think we do. JD keeps being mean about my height. He was telling Dominique about something and to describe her how tall it was, he said,”2 of us and Lyly.” Ugh, just cause I’m 4′ 7″ doesn’t mean you can pick on me DX He doesn’t pick on Chad…but then again, Chad’s taller than me now. I really think he likes Dominique. Because I asked him. And he hesitated. And said something about how she was funny. And never finished his answer, because Dom came back to her seat. And last year, Myles asked him if he and Dom were dating, he turned so red! It was hilarious. I asked him if he liked her then, he blushed harder and said no. Hahaha, he fails at romance.

Should I call Ryan? I’m bored.

Song of the Day: The District Sleeps Alo