…was forgotten xP *Note to Self: Remember to blog RIGHT after school*

But, in other news.

Remember when I talked about the double rainbow I saw before the storm? I figured out what it meant. The rainbow part was  Ryan and I getting together. The storm was my sister ruining it. Yeah….*does not like talking about this so I will move on*

I have a new music obsession! Boys Like Girls! Yeah, I love practically all of their songs. Especially Thunder (:

~DAY 19~

Ryan was sick on his birthday (yesterday), so we couldn’t do anything D: I hope he gets well really soon.

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I’m so freaking mad at my sister. She’s evil. She (somehow) found out that me and Ryan were dating (facebook is for stalkers > >;; I don’t even have her added as a friend!) and she’s using that information to blackmail me into doing whatever for her D:< She always belittles me and she’s the reason why I have such low self-esteem. She’s never there to help, only to annoy and anger. She’s so rude, even if I’m nice to her first, she’ll just be rude to me ANYTIME, it’s even worse when she’s in a bad mood. And all the tiny things I want to complain about too: She’s always waking me up in the morning when she uses my room, just because it has a mirror and a dresser (where she keeps all her make up). She’s always leaving make-up on my stuff and leaving her clothes in MY room. Why can’t she just use the bathroom or HER room?!?!? She has NO respect!! She’ll use me as her slave and use my unwanted pushover characteristic for HER advantage. She’ll even hit me if I make her mad enough. And she thinks she has ALL of the authority JUST because she’s older. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m SMARTER, I’m MORE MATURE, and I’m not a frikkin shopaholic that makes my parents mad all the time. And you know what? She annoys me FOR FUN. Because it’s FUNNY to see me be angry, apparently! Well, I’M NOT LAUGHING. She’s always making fun of me because I’m ugly, or I’m a nerd (and proud to be one!). She’s racist, saying Asians are better and she’s even insulting my boyfriend to my face!! Okay, so he’s white, so what?!? This is AMERICA. She ALWAYS kicks me off of the computer and never lets me back on, giving me the crappy one ALL THE TIME. And she’s always saying how I don’t have a life. Okay, well, at least a bajillion people don’t hate me. My 2nd oldest sister tells me about some girls in band who complain about her a lot. And I’ll tell you, what they’re saying, it’s not pretty. And don’t let me get started on my parents, uugggghhh….I freaking hate this!!! I freaking hate her!!!! I’ve no idea how I manage to keep a good mood most of the time! Help me deal with the witch?

I shall hasten to clarify that I blog (almost) daily on another site, (http://www.shadowsowner888.com for those who want to know, it’s a site for writers/roleplayers/friends of the creator xD) . I copy and paste those blogs onto this one. Just so you know what’s with the UPDATE and any stuff you wouldn’t know about xD. On with the bloggggg.

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Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to put 5 (this time is an exception) days together as one week (if anyone even bothers to read this blog) because I keep forgetting to blog daily on here, lol. On with Days 9-16

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