Yeah, sorry, I haven’t been on lately. Been doing some reading, haha. And now that the library’s opened, you can’t blame me. Well, anyways I’ll tell you about both days (if I remember the 7th day at all, haha).

7- Band room, did homework instead of playing. It seems like I have no friends I enjoy talking to in band now :\
8- Band room. All of us played Eye of the Tiger (SUCCESS!) It was so awesome for a 4 person band.

First hour.
7 - Worked on my stuff and talked to people. Fun, but boring.
8- Fundraiser day. Wow, the prizes are worse (if that’s even possible). But, the money prize is tempting me…

Second hour.
7- Took a quiz based on the homework while people who didn’t finish the homework finish it. Then we did that night’s homework. I didn’t finish it.
8- Drills. It was funny during the IOC drill because Grant was under a table and Virgil kept squishing a chair into him. I swear he could’ve died of suffocation xD.

Third hour.
7- Have you noticed everyday is getting more boring than the last? Or I bet you thought I’m just not really paying attention (which, I’m really not, but it’s kinda like you know what’s going around you while it’s happening, but a few hours later, you forget. Well, anyways, drew a suckish map.
8- Did vocab and a worksheet.

Fourth hour.
7- Um, what did we do? Oh, yeah! That picture thing! Basically we all drew some pretty cool pictures and we tried to guess the word they’re trying to describe. Like I drew the world in the shape of a peace sign. My abstract word was peace.
8- Graded the multiple intelligences thingy. So, apparently I’m a logical and mathematical thinker. Hahahaha. According to this paper the teacher handed out:
Logical/mathematical learners loves numbers of all sorts-numbers in math, naturally, but also the number associated with science, social studies, and language arts. The percentage of sea animals in each phyla, the population growth of the United States since the last census, the number of hours Americans spend watching television: these numbers capture the attention of logical/mathematical learners. These learners have the ability to think conceptually and to see patterns. They like to solve problems and reason things out. They learn best using numbers and analysis.
Hahaha, I laugh at that. Nothing like me at all.

Fifth hour.
7- Mr. P had us practice privately with him today. Just percussion. No winds. Woo! After a lot of fixing flaws, we rocked! It was so awesome.
8- Mr. M was here today. He’s from the Pride of *insert town initials here*. He came here a lot last year. He’ll be coming almost every Friday now. He’s always staring at me, maybe because he thinks I should be better at percussion, like my sister. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not my sister! Gosh. Needless to say, I don’t really like him.

Sixth hour.
7- Homework. What else?
8- Well, we worked on making our math folders. Mine’s very prettiful ^ ^.

Seventh hour.
7-We read The Sea Devil. It made no sense whatsoever.
8- We all met at the library today. Checked out some books, haha.

Bus Ride:
7- Absolutely nothing. Just thought about Ryan.
8- Well, um, Deanna was making fun of Grady, so he moved to the front, where I was sitting talking to Allie. He sat behind me. Then he asked to sit by me. Now, I’ve always noticed his actions when he edged a bit closer to me or stared at me like I was this strange animal. And when he was alone (though not really “alone” alone) with me, he’d tell these stories that aren’t really that funny or impressive. I’m so glad I’m good at faking laughter. But, while I was walki