Yeah, sorry, I haven’t been on lately. Been doing some reading, haha. And now that the library’s opened, you can’t blame me. Well, anyways I’ll tell you about both days (if I remember the 7th day at all, haha).

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Okay, yeah, I forgot to post days 6 and 7. 7 will be combined with 8.

This’ll be pretty short. I’ve had a crappy day.

Bus. Check. Find out your neighborhood friend is a middle school drop-out. SAY WHAT?!? That’s right. Dillon dropped out of middle school (for reasons unknown) last year. No wonder I didn’t see him on the bus at all last year. So, he’s still in 7th grade, instead of 8th, and he’s actually supposed to be in 9th. Shocking.

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Okay, so I’ve been kinda braindead today, so I don’t quite remember everything, so…yeah. I stayed up late doing my homework, so as result, I woke up extremely tired. I need more sleep Dx. Anyways, got on the bus, didn’t talk at all really, just thought about some stuff. I’ll talk to you guys about that stuff someday, just not now.
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Saw a DOUBLE rainbow BEFORE the storm (is this a sign? o.o), before getting on the bus. Pretty cool, I wish I took a picture. I kinda felt lonely on the bus, Allie was late and Ryan, well, I just have to face the fact that he’s in high school now. He’ll forget me soon. Well, bad feelings aside, let’s start the day.
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Rode the bus again. Went to the band room. Practiced the quads again, WOOT! Finally I got that Tiger Pep down. But, I can’t play it at the speed I’m supposed to. Oh joy.

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I rode the bus to school today. It was late by twenty minutes. Yet, I got to school early. It’s funny how that works. Maybe because A. he’s driving a little fast (not over the speed limit though) and B. there’s only 8 (more or less - only like 10 kids on this bus) stops he’s going to. Most of the kids are pretty profane, so I don’t talk to anyone much, except Allie, but she’s pretty quiet all the time. I was waiting for Ryan’s stop to see if he was still waiting for the high school bus. He’s not, I should’ve known, since Anna was late for her bus and she’s in the 10th grade.

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School started today. When I was getting out of the car (my mother insisted to drive me on the first day), I realized I was behind Nina’s car. I waited for her to get out and we walked inside together. Nothing about the school changed…psychically. We went to the band room to put up our instruments we’d taken to practice over summer. I miss Ryan. It was fun to talk to him in the band room before going to class. *sigh* I’m in eighth grade now. And so far it felt weird - and not just because I was significantly shorter than many new sixth graders.

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Romance/Drama/Science Fiction
This is my first story in a while. It’s failtastic, but I hope you like it nonetheless. Chapter 1 is not titled…yet. Please read and review with constructive criticism! Read more »

I forgot to mention that yesterday was Anna’s birthday.

A.K.A. the sister who’s always booting me off the computer.


Moving along, I woke up at 8am today. I’m barely awake, and I started bumping into walls while I was walking here. The shower didn’t help to wake me up. If you’re wondering why I’m up so early (I’m not usually up ’til after 12) I’m going to help my teacher set up her classroom for school tomorrow.

Yep, school’s tomorrow. And I’m mad. Because MY LOCKER HAS TO BE NEXT TO MY EVIL DEVIL’S SPAWN ALGEBRA TEACHER! She’s going to ruin my school life Dx. And I’m just now talking about it xD. But, I did get most of the cool teachers (except in Algebra *cough* *cough*). But, then again, I don’t have a lot of classes with my friends Neutral. I’m not ready for school tomorrow Dx Someone make time go backwards. Please?

I finished the first chapter of Golden Hearts, Silver Stars (I dare you to read it!). I wonder how many times I’m going to recycle it . . .But, even if you don’t like/never heard of/never watched Pokemon, it really won’t have much to do with it (except at some parts, not all).

So, I was browsing around fanfiction the other day. And I found a story that, well, PRETTY MUCH STOLE ONE OF MY IDEAS!!! DX But, they don’t know what I was thinking, so, I guess it okay. Maybe I should just write my ideas out more often?

Can I go back to sleep now?

You will never believe what I just found out. Guess. I can’t hear you! Man, I still can’t hear you. Oh well, I’ll just tell you. I found out who sent me that “Saw” message. It’s a long story, so just sit back and read!

So, I was in a chatroom on AIM with my online friends. We named it shamwow (like that clothy thingy). And then 2 random people came in (we didn’t invite them). One was quiet, one kept correcting our minor typos (aka annoying us). So, we left that chat room, made a new one. The person who was correcting us kept IMing my friend. And then somehow they came into our new chatroom. We brought another friend in that chatroom to tell them off (xDD) and Linds (the one that was being bothered) blocked that guy. So, my online besty came to the rescue (lol)! And instead of rescueing us from the ebil people, he became their friend. And then a new person came. He said I was alright and wasn’t as annoying as my friend (the one that told them off). Later that day, I got that message. And just yesterday, I was talking to all of those people, plus more (by force of said besty). I found out their real names and BOOM, it came to me. The guy who sent me that message was, in fact, that one annoying guy. I called him a stalker because I never told him my name! D:<

Wow, that was confusing.

I’m doing my summer assignment. Yeah, I never read the book, it’s sooo boring. I mean, who wants to read about a guy who finds a pearl? Seriously? Skimming is enough for me. Less boring and you get all the facts ;D

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