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 Ever heard of livelavalive on YouTube? Yeah, he got me into Owl City, so thanks Mitchel Davis! Owl City (a.k.a Adam Young)’s music is soo good, I always find myself listening to his songs. And my playlist on Gaia is mainly made up of his songs, lol. Only truly awesome people can write a song about fireflies (Fireflies), strange dreams (Strawberry Avalanche), sparkly cities (Designer Skyline), and going to the dentist (Dental Care) and make them sound amazing. My favorite songs by him are Fuzzy Blue Lights, Vanilla Twilight, and Designer Skyline C:

I’d put some of his songs on here, but I don’t really know how, lol.

*_* Must get his new album, nooowww!

Well, I was joking with my parents when I said I wanted a new bike, yet they still believed me and bought me one the day after. It was too high for me .__. So, my dad fixed it a little bit to lower it two or three inches. I tried riding it and the handle stem wasn’t tight and I didn’t know the brakes were different on this one. So, I crashed into my dad’s van, lol. No worries I’m fine. The bike. . . was not. Good thing my dad’s good at fixing thing, ha. . .ha. . .ha.


Oh, and earlier today, my dog found a nest of bunnies (unfortunately, she killed two of them) and my dad saved the last one before it was injured. But, it’s scared to death. I told my dad it’s best to put it back outside where it came from, because its mom will come back at night to feed it. He said no, because some other animals might kill it before then. So, now we are taking care of a little baby rabbit, but by the looks of this, it might die from being afraid.

Just a little poem I wrote for an old project for Language class.

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I lied xDDD. I didn’t update once a week. Is it my fault I’m forgetful? ;~~;

xDDD I love this video. Sorry, that was just a random thought xP.

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