They’re in! They’re finally in! *tears open envelope containing results*

And the winners are

1st Place: HKO Founders, 20 shirts (of course)

2nd Place: Coffee Shoppe, 6 shirts

3rd Place: Misfits, 5 shirts, 1 bag

┬áHuh? Wait, what? I don’t see Tiger Melody on the Top 3? What?!? Oh, well, look at the bright side. At least this was for charity. At least my friends won! And at least we made two shirts and one bag, so that means we’ll donate six shirts and three bags to the orphans! Wow!!! Lucky them, they’re the real winners!

Anyways, altogether the guilds made a total of 61 shirts and 28 bags (We donated 183 shirts and 84 bags in all! Hope they won’t cause fights over the limited number of bags). Mostly because Sailoria guild only donated, not competed. And they were teamed up with Twin Starrs, Vampire Kittens, and Twilight. So, bravo to them! Bravo, bravo! And congratulations to